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I deconstruct how leading companies & individuals leverage marketing & psychology to grow exponentially. VP Marketing @CareGuide. Previously @KPMG and @Nestle.
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27 Sep
Every time we follow someone on Twitter, we hire them to do a job for us.

For example, I don't have time to research what lifestyle choices I should be making.

So I follow folks like @foundmyfitness and @PeterAttiaMD to do the research for me.

This is pretty crazy (cont. 🧵)
Think about it:

I've just "hired" two world-class professionals to help me figure out what I need to eat and drink to stay fit.


In the physical world, they'd charge me thousands of dollars for that research and advice (they probably do).
This is historically unprecedented:

You can hire world-class pros like:
- @balajis to teach you crypto
- @tylercowen to teach you economics
- @MacaesBruno to teach you history

And money or geography are no longer a constraint.
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20 Sep
Google Chrome has 2.6 billion users.

But most of them don't know how to use it effectively.

Here are 8 tips to upgrade your Chrome experience today:
1. Use Chrome as a calculator:

You can do quick calculations without leaving the Chrome browser.

Go to the search tab at the top and type in your numbers.

Here's an example 👇🏼
2. Watch videos ad-free:

Tired of annoying ads popping up when you're watching a video?

Install an ad blocker from the Chrome store to make ads disappear.

You can find several free ad blockers on the Chrome store website 👇🏼
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14 Sep
The right marketing tools give you superpowers.

But 90% of marketers don't know about them.

Here are 10 marketing tools to help you master marketing:
1. Facebook Ads Library

What: Ad Research

•See ads from any company that advertises on Facebook and Instagram.
•Use it for competitor research and inspiration for your own ads.
2. SparkToro

What: Audience Research and Insights

• See what your audience reads.
• What they watch.
• Who they follow.
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11 Sep
Twitter won't replace your marketing degree.

But it's unquestionably the next best thing.

Here are 10 Twitter accounts to help you master marketing:
Who: @stephsmithio

What: blogs, content, SEO

What you'll learn:
Who: @amandanat

What: content marketing, threads

What you'll learn:
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7 Sep
Apple, Nike, Coca Cola.

3 legendary companies. 1 common marketing trait:

Great copywriting.

Here are 10 copywriting tips to help you master marketing:
1. Nail the headline.

5x as many people read the headline vs the rest of the page.

Make your headline:
• Short
• Punchy
• Eye-catching Image
2. Don't sell features. Sell superpowers:

Great copywriting isn't about what your product can do.

It's about what your product can help the reader become.

Example: Nike doesn't sell you sneakers - it sells you greatness. Image
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4 Sep
Think buying NFTs is too complicated?

Here's a simple 4 step guide to buying your first NFT (for absolute beginners):

Buying NFTs is pretty easy and straightforward.

You'll need 4 things:

1. An account with an exchange.

2. Where you can buy some Ethereum.

3. Which you will transfer to a wallet.

4. That you can then use to purchase an NFT on OpenSea.

Here's how to do all 4 👇🏼
1. Open an account with an exchange.

In order to buy an NFT, you need a cryptocurrency called Ethereum.

The easiest way to purchase Ethereum is an exchange app.

You can download an exchange app like Coinbase to get started.
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1 Sep
10 mental models to master marketing:
1. Jobs-to-be-done framework:

What job is the customer trying to achieve with your product?

Use the answer to create marketing that communicates that outcome. Image
2. Activation energy:

What is the minimum amount of time and effort required to see a desired result?

Example: It usually takes at least 1 year for content to rank on Google. Image
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26 Aug
Performance marketing is dying.

And Marketing Twitter is in suicidal denial about it.

Product-led growth is taking its place.

I've talked to several VPs & founders who are making this shift - I am too.

A short thread on what this means for your career 🧵
Skills like:

• Traditional SEO
• Paid Ads
• Email

are fast getting commoditized, productized, automated and outsourced.
The next generation of distribution is product-led.

SEO is now exclusively owned by product teams at some of the biggest tech companies.

Search and social ads are also being automated at scale by product teams.
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24 Aug
Most advice on negotiating is useless.

90% of negotiations are won before they even begin.

I went from 0 to VP in 3 years.

Here's what you need to know about getting your next raise and promotion 🧵
1. Every negotiation is won by the side that has less to lose by walking away.

If you're easily replaceable, you're at the mercy of your employer.

If you're not, your employer has more to lose - you have leverage.

But how do you make yourself hard to replace?
2. By making your skillset valuable AND rare.

Most people focus on building a valuable skillset.

But just because you're valuable doesn't mean someone else isn't willing to do the same job for equal or less pay.

Your skillset also has to be rare.
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17 Aug
Nobody cares about your career.

People are too busy with their own careers to worry about yours.

THREAD: 7 brutal truths about career success.
1. You haven't done a great job if no one knows you've done a great job.

It's your job to communicate your impact and make people take notice.

Your work is your product.

Your advocacy for your work is the distribution for your product.
2. In observing the most successful careers of our time:

Their consistency is their biggest differentiator.

They're not outworking everyone.

They're outlasting everyone.

99.7% of Warren Buffet's wealth came after the age of 52.
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11 Aug
10 threads to master landing pages:
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9 Aug
I've grown 5 products to 7 million+ users.

These are the 5 core principles of growth every marketer should know:
Growth is a system with 5 key parts:

1. Acquisition (channels)

2. Activation

3. Engagement

4. Monetization

5. Retention
Most marketing teams focus solely on marketing channels (aka acquisition).

But acquiring new users isn't enough to sustain growth.

To grow, you need new users to:

A. Use your product

B. Pay you

That's why the best marketers understand all 5 inputs to growth:
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2 Aug
If you suffer from low motivation..

I eventually overcame it.

How to fix low motivation:
Motivation depends on 2 things:

1. The effort required to do something.

2. The expected reward at the end of it.

High effort + low reward leads to low motivation

Low effort + high reward leads to high motivation.

So how can we use these insights to increase our motivation?
1. Writing things down is a magical hack:

Remembering things requires a lot of mental effort.

It also makes it hard to focus & prioritize.

Take 5 minutes at the start of the day to write down what you'll do today.

Less effort remembering = more effort executing.
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26 Jul
10 principles from psychology to master marketing:
1. Reciprocity:

We feel obliged to repay people who have done us a favor.

Example: When waiters gift free mints with the bill, tips go up by 14%.
2. Mimetic Desire:

People have a desire to be more like their role models and copy them.

This is why athletes like LeBron and Ronaldo are paid so much to wear Nikes:

People want to wear what their role models are wearing.

h/t @lukeburgis
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20 Jul
Over 1.2 million people have seen my tweets in the last 4 weeks.

The crazy part? I only started tweeting 6 weeks ago.

Here are 6 lessons on writing effectively:
1. Write simply and clearly.

The best way to write simply and clearly is to use fewer words:

In the event of → if
All the time → always
Along the lines of → like
Due to the fact that → because
In spite of the fact that → although
2. Optimize for emotion.

Good writing makes you think.

Great writing makes you feel.

Before you write, think about what emotion you want every sentence to invoke in the reader's mind.
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14 Jul
I've spent over $8 million on paid marketing ads.

These ads have generated over 1.5 million users across 6 different products.

THREAD: How to build paid marketing channels that create millions in revenue:
1. The 4 steps of building a paid marketing channel:

A) Buy ads. For example, spend $1,000 on Facebook Ads

B) Acquire users that generate revenue

C) Measure your performance (more on this later)

D) Re-invest the revenue generated from users back into purchasing more ads
2. Remember: Paid ads can't be your main acquisition channel.

Startup history is full of companies that went broke after overspending on paid marketing.

Paid ads are the most dangerous channel in the world.
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6 Jul
10 years ago I dropped out of college.

Today I'm one of the youngest VPs at a venture-backed company in Canada.

Here are 10 lessons on finding success your own way:
1. Unconventional success requires an unconventional path.

Most people would rather be wrong with the crowd than be right alone.

Remember: the social rewards of conformity exceed those of isolation.

If you can avoid seeking the approval of others, your power is limitless.
2. Goals are bullshit.

Successful and unsuccessful people have the same goals.

You never rise to the level of your goals. You always fall to the level of your habits.

Goals are just dreams. Habits make them a reality.

h/t @JamesClear
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15 Jun
Every year over 2.5 million people read emails that I write.

Here are 7 tips to help you create emails that generate millions of $ in revenue.
Tip 1:
A killer subject line is half the battle.

Your email can't convert if no one clicks on it.

80% of readers skim through their inbox.

Make your subject line stand out by keeping it short, punchy and to the point.
Tip 2:
Make it visually appealing.

Our brains process visual information 60,000x faster than text!

Simple images and a compelling CTA are the difference between an email that gets opened, and an email that gets readers to buy.
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