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Lead Animator @ Sony Pictures Imageworks #SpiderVerse 🇦🇷
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28 Jan 19
I didn’t get much of my #SpiderVerse work released online but I did get to animate this Gwen drumming shot SO! here’s a very long thread about less than two seconds of #IntoTheSpiderVerse
Julie Bernier Gosselin was the lead on the sequence and offered the shot since she knew I play drums and would love to animate it (and because she’s awesome)
Side note: Julie is not on Twitter but Twitter should still know her work on #SpiderVerse was KEY. Seriously, it’s insane.
As a drummer myself it was amazing to get to animate this. I also though hey! I can play drums, I can animate, this shouldn’t be too hard!
But then it was. So hard. Animating drumming is SO hard. Ugh. Why did I even like drums in the first place?
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23 Dec 18
More #SpiderVerse fan art. This one’s a bit older, made it before production started ramping up and it’s the only one I could finish before the movie was done. We had a print of this up on one of the anim sweat box’s walls :)
First thing I made in @Procreate too!
Time-lapse! 1/2:
Time-lapse 2/2 —I had totally forgot what those framed ads were 😂😂😂
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