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Old Narnian in hiding from Miraz. "Only the Real counts." I should be painting or praying right now. Or un-packing a box.
Jan 22 13 tweets 4 min read
Narni, like all Italian towns outside the three cities, is declining. It's not so dead as it's immediate neighbour, Amelia, but if you look closely you'll notice the signs. There's a university outpost that draws a student population, but mostly the Narnese are elderly... their adult children live elsewhere for work (the previously mentioned cities) and when they go those children will need to sell the family homes they grew up in. Italy taxes heavily on a second home, even one that was built by one's direct ancestors, and the next...
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The title for Mary, "Our Lady of Victories" came after the Battle of Lepanto turned back the menace of the Ottoman Empire from Europe. The problem with the image though is it is chronologically immersed in the Baroque, with its exaggerated poses, hyperactive naturalism... The naturalism of the period has a very this-worldly idea of sacred art: a mere visual representation of immediate physical appearance, attempting to create an illusion of what you might see with the eye. But sacred art in the traditional sense is about the complete reality...
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It's always funny to me when people talk about their "reverent Novus Ordo" but when asked they cannot identify the sources. How do you know your NO Mass is "reverent" if you've never known the true liturgy from which our standards for liturgical reverence comes? The standard is totally subjective and a matter of personal taste, but the "reverent Novus Ordo" is, apparently, a NO Mass dressed up in Traditional vestments, noises, smells and bells. I think people are unconsciously judging their NO as "reverent" based on movies they've seen.
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Reminder: a lot of people knew what he was and tried to warn us.

14/03/13: "Of all the unthinkable candidates...Bergoglio is perhaps the worst. Not because he openly professes doctrines against the faith and morals, but because faith and morals [are] irrelevant to him." However, it could certainly be argued that this indifference to the Catholic Faith makes him the ideal leader of the Novusordoist New Religious Paradigm, since it describes his coreligionists perfectly. Novusordoism = religious indifferentism

Nov 25, 2021 13 tweets 3 min read
I was talking to a friend last night (vaxed, lives in Rome) about what I was going to do when the merda impacted the ventilatore. The news was full of speculation. Today the government has decided to kick the unclean off all public transport, including local buses... I live about here:
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@DamianiPetrus @M_P_Hazell It's computers and the internet that really did them in. They just don't use them at all and so can't grasp how things have changed so quickly. I'm not kidding: they send each other *telegrams*. @DamianiPetrus @M_P_Hazell If you send an email to a Vatican office the person who receives it will type it up and send a runner to the V. post office to get it made into a telegram to be sent to the person addressed. I'm not making that up.
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Little drip-feed of evil for yall...
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"Take my wife... please"


“Good evening and welcome! Thank you for this visit. I didn’t know there were so many Jesuits here in Slovakia. The ‘plague’ is spreading everywhere.” The group bursts into laughter.

laciviltacattolica.com/freedom-scares… "But what will save us from falling into stupid ideologies is closeness to the people of God."

Except those Traditionalist perverts. Those guys can f--- right off.