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May 6 7 tweets 2 min read
Thoughts on the @gospelrefnet conference:

The men in attendance were JOYFUL. I love them dearly.🥰 They are the brothers I never had, dorky dads, masters of puns, complete goofballs who give me hope for the PCA. They love Jesus, the Word, Christ's Bride, and they love to laugh. There is a misconception that the "confessional side" are mean, nasty, spiteful people just waiting to pounce on every controversy. And there are people like that, but they wouldn't be welcome at the GRN.

These men want peace and purity in the church won with gracious behavior.
Nov 20, 2021 5 tweets 1 min read
When Jon Payne wrote "Should We Stay or Should We Go?" and mentioned bringing up charges against those who violate confessional standards, I'm pretty sure he meant churches like Trinity Church PCA in Metro NY prebyerty who recently invited a female Episcopal minister to preach. She delivered a sermon during a communion service on Reformation Sunday. It was called a sermon. Pictures on the church's website also show that this church practices intinction. Rev. Rutledge's sermon apparently had a universalist spin to it and lamented limited atonement.