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They're not our dogs anymore.
14 Oct
One favorite bit of namespace pollution is "CBT."
To many, it stands for the "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy" that helps us learn to see how badly thoughts and emotions can distort our understanding of our identity and the world.
It's a powerful idea for identifying and addressing the perceptual errors that amplify our darkest fears and suspicions about who we are.
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13 Oct
"Moving Pictures" is almost definitely Rush's _best_ record.

But "Permanent Waves" is my sentimental favorite, and this is as good a time as any to remind you that I recently perfected it.…
I totally get what they were going for, and it is terrific.

But, I feel like this one normie tweak makes for a two-sided record you can just hand to someone and go…

"This. Just trust me. This."
Viz: "If you don't like side one of this, Rush may not be the band for you."
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