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Associate professor of otolaryngology/facial plastic surgery. The physics of breathing and flow. MD. The conventional narrative does not reflect nature.
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May 16 6 tweets 1 min read
Imagine you are a coastal biology researcher, and you have been plotting tidal patterns on a beach for many years, some higher or lower than others. Suddenly, there is a spring or peak tide and an “expert” with a films crew appears and shouts that the tide will cover the earth If we don’t “do something”! He puts on a headdress and coat, builds a shield and lo and behold the tide begins to diminish. He becomes a celebrity and the world cheers. You open your mouth to explain but the cameraman kicks sand in your face and a cop says you better watch it pal
May 13 10 tweets 2 min read
Sometimes the smoking gun is hidden in plain sight. In the case of covid, most damage was done by a Lancet article distributed to MDs around the world 2/20 which I found in my email. This distorted article will likely be considered by historians to be the source of the purposely deceitful Information that caused the West to collapse its own economies and leadership, causing far more damage than the Kido Butai (task force responsible for Pearl Harbor). Next is the article, and I will discuss the fallacies in it that Fauci etc completely bought