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3 May
"Recuperation," "coopting," "lip service" - this is the vocabulary of simultaneous denial & self-flattery. Denial that their ideology is hegemonic, insistence that it was truly a threat to power and so the elite desperately cynically hijacked it.
Reality is that this was always the ultimate destiny of woke politics because it is immaterial, it's a politics of recognition and respect, and therefore always was elite-friendly/capital-friendly.
If a politics isnt explicitly class based then in a neoliberal system it is inevitably a politics that will thwart materially redistributive policies. At best it's a lame distraction; more usually it's a deliberate & effective wrecking tool.
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2 May
This was right when I posted it, which is why so many irony guys melted down over it, and time has proven me even more right. An update:
"Sam Pritchard" is in this context twitter shorthand for mentally ill wokepoisoned radlib sex creep. Cf., this recent bit of news Image
"Movie Bob" is twitter shorthand for genocidally vindictive incel lib who openly wants to persecute "chuds," justified by any available rationale. Cf, this recent bit of news and enthusiastic leftlib embrace of this policy ImageImage
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16 Jan 20
Just gonna start adding to this thread again, because she's really on a roll lately
Even for her - and she is among stiff competition probably the dumbest AWFL in media - this is some massively stupid shit. Wow
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