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20 Aug
So, I promised an exciting update from Emerson - my 11 year old - and today is the day.

Many of you know the back story, but in case you don’t...
Emerson likes to write letters. Lots and lots of letters. And, she likes to decorate the envelopes so people know how much time she puts in.
She decided to send a letter to Doug, our mail carrier, just to say thank you. She included a joke about elephants and mentioned her love of Taylor Swift.
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31 May
White friends & family.
Step 1. Amplify voices.

Here are some strong, wise voices that will always say it better than you or I. There are many, many others. Find them and share them. @nhannahjones @ava @amelielamont @TatianaTMac @IjeomaOluo @MsPackyetti Image
Step 2. Read & Learn. It’s time for us to do the work, not verbally process. (Again, Step 1. Amplify stronger, wiser voices.) @IjeomaOluo’s book was recommended awhile back (by @vcastillo630.) It’s a good place to start. There are many, many others. Find them and share them. Image
Step 3. Invest. If you truly want a more just and equitable world, put your money to work with orgs run by BIPOC. Our family invests in a better future through The Creative School in SE DC. There are many, many others. Find them and share them. Image
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13 May
The past couple days have been beyond our wildest dreams, but today was a fairytale. I’m not sure I can fully capture what we just experienced, but I’ll do my best.

…ready for it?

This afternoon, we received two packages in the daily mail. One a bundle of letters from postal workers around the country.

The other box was oversized and covered in “Please Handle With Care. Thank You.” stickers.
I’ll be honest. We didn’t think too much about it. There have been so many letters this week that the most unlikely scenario didn’t even occur to us.

I cut the box open while we sorted through some other mail. And, then...
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9 May
Emerson and I have been reflecting on the past seven days and decided that we want to start a new Saturday practice. Your notes through mail & social media have been overwhelming and we want to return the favor with #WeSeeYou shoutouts. Feel free to join us.
To our friends at the @USPS: You are sacrificing your health and well being to ensure the world stays connected and #WeSeeYou.
To family and friends of @USPS employees: you shared heartwarming & heartbreaking stories of your loved ones. We are so grateful for the work they do & the sacrifice you’re making. #WeSeeYou
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4 May
Crazy idea alert: we’ve had more kind notes than we deserve or can respond to. So, in the tweets below, we’re going to try to do some global letter match making. Read the prompt carefully & retweet so the people that need some human connection via mail can receive it! ❤️
IF YOU’D LIKE TO WRITE A LETTER, reply here. Share your name, the city you live in & a fun fact about yourself.
IF YOU’D LIKE TO RECEIVE A LETTER, reply here. Share your name, the city you live in & a fun fact about yourself.
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2 May
Emerson, my 11 year old, is on a bit of a wild ride with the @USPS and our local mail carrier, Doug.

And, I think there’s a deeper message to it all.

First, the backstory...
Em has a serious letter writing habit. She maintains active correspondence with over a dozen of her favorite people. And, if you’ve been the lucky recipient of one of Em’s hand decorated letters and envelopes, then you have a pretty good idea of the joy they bring.
A letter from Emerson is likely to include some art, a joke or two, a mention of her younger brother, confessions of her love for Taylor Swift and enough questions to guarantee a response.
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15 Mar
To creatives whose @greatdiscontent is currently a lack of work/income:

We’re working on a way to create efficient exchange between brands and creatives.

But we need to connect where the jobs and dollars are...dare I say it, LinkedIn. Please connect.
Drop me a message with your connection request. Include where you are located and the type of work you are uniquely skilled to do. Put links to your portfolios and social profiles in your bio.
And, if you don’t have a LinkedIn page or have refused to have one, now is the time. Drop me an email if you need help. If we get enough requests, we’ll do a workshop and create resources.
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21 Jan
When I decided to leave politics over a decade ago, it was with hopes of finding a home where my skills could contribute to a generative rather than divisive future. Yet, I never could have imagined today. Image
It’s both humbling and exhilarating to join @DesignObserver, the space for intimate and influential conversations that @jessicahelfand, @MBierut & so many others founded and stewarded over the past 17 years.
From climate change to social equity to inclusive and sustainable business practices, Design Observer has never shied away from difficult conversations. I believe that humanity’s shared future is reliant upon this sustained inquiry and meaningful debate, followed by bold action.
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29 Sep 19
Dear @nytimes, I know you’ve got a lot on your plate, but I need your help. For years, our relationship was just so easy. You’d deliver - to my beloved bright red state - a dispatch from the world beyond. And, I would autopay you for this lifeline.
While I was traveling for work this spring, that all changed. Now, each and every week, I’m forced to take a Sunday morning walk of shame to grab my newspaper in my neighbor’s driveway. Image
This sounds like a minor inconvenience, but it’s one that requires shoes (and snow boots in a couple months) as well as a series of inconvenient and unnecessary discussions and apologies that I won’t delve into here. Subscribing to your newspaper is a political act in this state.
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12 Sep 19
I’m on my way to Boston tonight for the @DesignObserver conference this weekend. Last year, this event was a catalyst for a personal creative renewal for me. I’d like bring your voice to my talk on Saturday and bring some of the inspiration and insight back to you. #DOConf19 Image
To do this, I have some questions to ask: so, Creative Professionals of all types - designers, illustrators, filmmakers, photographers, writers, etc - what is the greatest challenge you’re currently facing in your career?
What is the greatest challenge you’re currently facing personally?
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1 Aug 19
What three creatives would you most like to read a long form profile featuring? I’ll go first: @AkilahObviously, @ten_ten & Monica Padman of @ArmchairExpPod
Just a couple more: @marshallpollard & The Creative School, @schmoyoho & @AshleighAxios!
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27 Nov 18
Today is the first statewide giving day @forsouthdakota. I hope you’ll consider giving a donation to a charity or cause that is meaningful to you. Nearly 400 charities are participating - you can give to one of them here:
We’ll be supporting a number of our personal favorites @forsouthdakota including @bobbiebohlen and her work at Grant Count Development Corporation. #IBelieveInMilbank…
As a family, we believe the most important way to help our community is by making sure that kids get enough to eat. Because of this, we support the work of @FeedingSD. Perhaps you’ll join us as we give @forsouthdakota.…
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10 Nov 18
Excited to share that I’m working on a weekend mastermind retreat for a dozen designers focused on getting a ‘seat at the table’ in 2019 (as freelancer/independent or in-house designers) If you’d be interested in a small, high touch 2-3 day session to kickoff 2019, drop me a DM.
I’ve spent the last 18 months talking to dozens of designers around the country and as I roll out my Creative Counsel practice in 2019 (more on that soon!) it’s clear there’s a lot we can do together to build design-centric businesses and define fulfilling career paths.
Topics will include developing Relationship of Influence networks, origin and outreach story discovery, self definition of habits and goals for professional thriving and personal wellbeing, systems & processes for success, & an evening w/ a noteworthy designer and more.
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7 Nov 18
Hundreds of thousands of Americans will look at the results of yesterday’s elections and decide that next time their own names will be on the ballot.

For those brave souls & committed citizens, I have a small gift. Feel free to share it.
Ten years ago, I had had enough of the rough and tumble political world, so I retired from active campaigning. But, I still wanted to support the brave folks who committed to public service.

So, I began counseling and advising candidates before they ran for office.
Over the past ten years, I compiled & curated ten questions that I believe candidates at any level should ask before they announce their candidacy. They’re not partisan in nature & simply seek to ensure that a candidate enters the public arena with clarity of purpose & intent.
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12 Oct 18
I’m confident that the @DesignObserver
Conference this November is going to be one of the most significant gatherings of business + design since the 1st Int’l Design Conference in Aspen back in 1951. It’s an experience I’d love to share with you. Join me?
@DesignObserver And, I’m not just saying this because my dear friend, @ellmcgirt of @FortuneMagazine’s #raceahead, is going to be there. But, she’s a pretty good reason to go if you need one.
@DesignObserver @ellmcgirt @FortuneMagazine Wait, you need more reasons? It’s being planned and hosted by @jessicahelfand, @michaelbierut & @DesignArnett. Three design luminaries, AIGA medalists and quality human beings.
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28 Sep 18
I was in my early 20s before I ever felt the sting of real disappointment. I had been a golden boy. I had been lavished with scholarships to the country’s best schools. I had been buried in awards for accomplishments. And, when disappointment - accountability, really - came...
I lashed out. I yelled. I cried. I blamed everyone else. And I pointed to my accomplishments - arguing that I alone had created them - as evidence that I couldn’t possibly be responsible for the disappointment. But, this angry response wasn’t a one time occurrence.
I really wish it had been. I wish that I had recognized that my own privilege - in my gender, my race, my opportunity - had ill-prepared me for this disappointment and tried to be better. I wish I had learned the lesson with one shameful series of responses. But, it took years.
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13 Apr 18
I shared the idea of “What Matters Most: A Call to Connection” for the 1st time today. The act of speaking it out loud was liberating and empowering. Thanks to @heyamberrae for listening. And, to the rest of you, if you have a dream that you need to speak into existence, call me.
In meantime, I’m going to be talking and writing about how the myth of solo genius, rugged individualism and digital hyperconnection are actually undermining our communities, diminishing our creativity, and limiting the scope of our collective possibility for something bigger.
This is a unique moment for radical acts of connection and engagement in our country, for our most selfish and selfless hopes and dreams. We cannot be fully human or whole except through connection with others and higher aspiration. I want that for you and for me.
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29 Jan 18
Don’t mind me, sitting in this coffee shop, listening to Mr Rogers and crying softly.

“All of is have special ones who loved us into being...”

Come back, Mr Rogers!

“But, how do we make goodness attractive?”

Today’s Mr Rogers’ binge was sparked by reviews of @MrRogersMovie, which I desperately want to see.
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8 Nov 17
I’ve been a consumer of your work for many years, @donaldmiller. So, I say this with respect & affection: This is a false view of design. Image
@donaldmiller If this is a genuine perspective based on horrific experiences, I’d love to have the opportunity to introduce you to the real designers. Image
@donaldmiller More importantly, I’d love to introduce you to @AIGAdesign. It’s the organization that sets the standard for design excellence in the US.
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29 Aug 17
This morning, I published the latest episode of the #PotluckSociety featuring Chad Pickard of @spokensport.
@spokensport I love how Chad talks about the role that bikes played for him as a kid. They were "freedom" to he and his brother. #PotluckSociety
@spokensport I also love the genuine joy he finds in his customers' success. Whether you're a kid on a @StriderBikes or a new adult rider, Chad cheers!
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