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12 May
These scumbags begin their videos by saying, "hey we're giving only centrist views based on facts", but end up peddling what the government says.

I do admire that they are among the smarter propagandists—like Swati Goel Sharma—who cloak themselves in "facts" and "civility".
Over here, the tweet is essentially saying "why all people only look at the negative things in India". First part is government stance of being positive. Second part is invoking nationalist sentiment but very subtly.

"I've not seen it anywhere else" is very interesting though.
I have a confusion in understanding this part.

Is the argument saying that other nations are better than us because we're not "positive" like them? Or that we're better than other nations, and yet we see only the negative part?


Propaganda peddlers is who they are.
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11 May
Please enter this space and REPORT.

Requesting women to NOT go in, there is unbearable amount of Islamophobic and sexist gaali-galuch happening.

Sorry I have to share this. Again requesting only men to just go in and report.…
After I put the tweet, they realised I've tweeted after ten minutes.

Then after discussing, they first switched his mic off, and kicked out the guy.

Then they got scared that they got reported.
Now they're discussing that he was Pakistani and deranged. And we were only defending ourselves because he was troubling us. They are speaking as if they are the victims, and THAT guy has harassed them all.
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9 May
Instead of maskhari on Suhaagraat Doodh waale spaces, listen to the insidious and slick hate-peddling by Swati Goel Sharma, that sounds like thorough reporting.

Serious suggestion.
Swati Goel Sharma and Sanjeev Nehar community profiled Muslims as rapists, groomers, kidnappers in the ENTIRE SESSION.

And when Yousuf countered them, they flipped saying they are NOT doing that at all. Suddenly became innocent sheep that were being hounded.

Aur suno doodh.
Swati Goel Sharma is clearly understanding very intelligently that now it is being heard by all, and that may hurt her "credibility" as a "thorough journalist".

She is very smart. Pushes communal agenda in a very assertive and legal-factual sounding tone.
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8 May
The radicalised misinformed unemployed people of this country await just this lovely sermon to spread peace and harmony on the streets after the pandemic ends.

P.S. What this country suffers from as a humanitarian crisis is called Majority Radicalisation, not "Hindu-Muslim hate"
This reminded me of the first time I saw posts like, "This pandemic is an equaliser and will bring everyone together irrespective of caste, religion, class, etc."

Same feels of maaro mujhe maaro.
This country will see a storm of communal hate through sarkaari media and social media after this pandemic ends. In the coming year itself there's UP elections. How will we prevent one violent incident after another, is the question one must be tackling on an urgent basis instead
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3 May
Spaces of RW tonight are cloaking their words as they express desires of violence in WB: "We need someone who can get their hands dirty". Apart from that, few said, "people and party members to get armed; militia like VHP, BD is weak there".

Oh, the sweet radicalisation :)
There is no doubt that TMC workers need to stop the violence. STOP IT IMMEDIATELY, IT IS BARBARIC!

But listening to this sounded like they are sad that they cannot plan a riot and unleash violence, unlike in other states where they can.
Unlike most left-liberal or Muslim spaces (Twitter and physical), violence is NEVER discussed. I have seen a total of ZERO discussions in my life where violence is a positive suggestion.

Here, I heard Dharna being mocked at, and be called as leepa-poti. "We need action."
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1 May
I just want to say that this looks like bullying, and the language and RT quotes have disturbed me.

These are respected and senior professionals. And yet, instead of dialogue and discourse with a young activist, they chose ad hominem to RT quote and call him a "terrible person".
Here, I am not commenting on what Sharjeel said. What genuinely scared me here, is that someday I may lose my cool and say something haphazard on Twitter, and I will be pulled down by respected senior progressives of the majority—who have more social and financial capital too.
That no one will initiate a dialogue or discourse with me and simply attack as a "terrible person", means that my life's work, credibility and demeanour as a well-meaning person will come crashing in a day. That if I have a strong "disagreeable opinion", I may simply be quashed.
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27 Apr
Last year lockdown mein, khaana dene waale NGOs ke saath volunteer karke bhi yahi samjha tha.

10 ko dene jaao, 100 rah jaate hain. 100 ko dene jaao, 1000 aa jaate hain. 1000 ko dene jaao, 10000 ki zimmedaari ki fikr ho jaati hai...

Hindustan ek andha kuaan hai ghareebi ka.
Aur ye andha kuaan civilians nahin bhar sakte hain.

Haan, saamaanya log donation de kar zara-zara sa paani jod sakte hain. Zyaada samarth log, tanker se ek dafa paani dalwa sakte hain.

Lekin iss kunve to Sarkaar hi phir se kaam ka bana sakti hai. Usi ke paas saadhan hai.
Aap civilians ke taur par khaana ya bed ya oxygen—ya kal kuchh aur—arrange karte-karte marr bhi jaaoge, to samasya khatam nahin hogi.

Aap bas khud ko "chidiya chonch mein paani bhar ke aag bujhaati hai" waali kahaani suna kar dilaasa dete rahoge. Lekin aag sab kha zaroor jaaegi.
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22 Apr
For three years of my job in the healthcare sector I looked at the infinite shortage of beds as nothing but government apathy and the possibility of a great business model. It took this absolute hell ride to truly understand what a thin rope we were all dangling on since forever.
Make no mistake, this is still all government apathy. They are not mismanaging it; the not doing anything and not letting it out through media IS the management of it. This is how it's done year after year after year.
This is not a collapsed system.

This is a single broken teacup that is being made to serve a party of a thousand guests with gallons of wine.

Also, not an exposed system.

The margins who've seen it have always known it is where they always end up, and many times only to die.
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11 Feb
When one attacks a person as a Muslim, what happens is reduction of identities to merely that of a Muslim.

The attacked can defend as a Muslim. But the many communities that the person belongs to—that sees the person in different identities—can remind all of the other identities
For instance, when an Irfan Pathan or a Wasim Jaffer is attacked as a Muslim, the cricketer community can remind the world of who they are professionally: Cricketers. The college friends can remind of who they are educationally: Alumnis. And so on.
This not only balances the fight—which is initially many against one—to many against many, but also reminds the attacked person to not lose sight of who they are in entirety as a person: a sum total of many different identities. And addresses the core issue of reduced identity.
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1 Feb
Individuals whose Twitter accounts have been withheld.

1. @sushant_says (Sushant Singh)
2. @imMAK02 (Asif Khan)
3. @HansrajMeena (Hansraj Meena)
4. @sanjukta (Sanjukta Basu)
5. @salimdotcomrade (Md Salim)
6. @aartic02 (Aarti)
7. @shashidigital (Shashi Shekhar)
8. @EpicRoflDon
Individuals & Orgs whose Twitter accounts have been withheld in India. (2)

9. @JarnailSinghAAP (Jarnail Singh)
10. @ajit_ranade (Ajit Ranade)
11. @manavjivan (ManavJivan)
12. @Kisanektamorcha (Kisan Ekta Morcha)
13. @Tractor2twitr (Tractor2Twitter)
14. @thecaravanindia (Caravan)
Individuals & Orgs whose Twitter accounts have been withheld in India. (3)

15. @Bkuektaugrahan (BKU Ekta Ugrahan)
16. @inc_aditi (Aditi Dahiya)
17. @Sandeepnewsman (Sandeep Choudhary)
18. @jatt_junction (Jatt Junction)
19. @pycpim (CPIM Puducherry)
20. @shanti0207 (Shanti N)
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1 Sep 20
Many of my CA and MBA batchmates who are BJP supporters have been silent on the GDP shrinking massively this quarter.

They have been silent on the economy for a good two years now.

They are smart enough to have been seeing the decline in our economy from the last eight quarters. They know that Corona has aggravated the economic slump, not caused it.
In fact, they even know that the starting point of this decline is Demonetisation. A catastrophe that they all thumped their chests on. A financial fraud that our economy never really recovered from.
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30 Aug 20
We should have probably recognised the Radicalisation of Indian Society as a humanitarian crisis long ago.

The progressive sections of the society—with all noble intentions—can keep beating drums of truth or keep filling buckets with tears of compassion, but what will remain unshaken in the regime’s mass support is the foundation of it: the nakedness of the rot in the Indian society.
One must also humbly recognise that this rot is more channelised and deliberate, than it is accidental and exploited. That it is a conscious pandemic of the minds. That governance, since a long time, has had little to do with blind allegiance towards the regime.
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