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"Once telling the truth has become a crime, while the powerful enjoy impunity, it will be too late to correct the course. We will have surrendered to tyranny."
Sep 24, 2021 63 tweets 657 min read
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'And I’m interested in understanding not only the role of interest rates, but people’s buying decisions that would create inflationary pressures, given that we’re now coming out of this pandemic state'
Transcript included… @wbmosler @PhilArmstrong58 @AnalyticD @battleforeurope @SamHLevey @andrewrawnsley @RichardJMurphy @MMTScotland @StephanieKelton @cepr_org @rethinkecon @patternholding @billy_blog @John_T_Harvey @PeterBofinger @ptcherneva @NickHanauer @PitchforkEcon @RLS_dakar @nssylla @oeufling @AlanKohler @ellenmfanning @RaulACarrillo @ModernMoneyAus @andresintheory @rohangrey @Stf18 @RebuildMacro @_ClaireConnelly @Greg_Palast @tymoignee @chrislhayes @GeorgeLakoff @martinwolf_ @LarsPSyll @fflorescpa @rcbregman @JosephEStiglitz @PEGSInstitute @TravisMenard00 @afshinrattansi @Picss3o @EricLevitz @edwardnh @TheStalwart @RepJohnYarmuth @ProfSteveKeen @mattybram @JoelSitty Identifying a widespread and fundamentally corrosive error in voters minds, that leads to all sorts of fruitless debate/discussion. And ultimately results in bad policy-making
Jun 28, 2021 65 tweets 659 min read
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@StanleyCohenLaw @VaslavOldBean @DerbyChrisW @alanmaddison20 @YourPalZippy @AliAbunimah @Thehopper7 @AsaWinstanley @972mag @Nasimbythedocks @Jonathan_K_Cook @OwenJones84 @michaeljswalker @Jackiew80333500 @AyoCaesar @ToryFibs @TonyGreenstein @counterfireorg @TariqAli_News @johnpilger @JVoiceLabour @medialens @TheMendozaWoman @raymcgovern @GarethPorter @theintercept @jeremyscahill @Jaimesw @Obscure_Rebel @Tracking_Power @PiersRobinson1 @haaretzcom @truthout @Rachael_Swindon @afshinrattansi @witchhuntfilm @pappe54 @intifada @nookyelur @MaxBlumenthal @jsternweiner @KelvinBSP @rosendo_joe @dancohen3000 @BDSmovement @declassifiedUK @kennardmatt @theCCR In more twisted logic, those Jews who condemn the oppression are smeared also. Though it's especially inconvenient that there are Jews prepared to stand up against Zionism and the ethnic cleansing it presupposes is required for its 'aims'
Mar 21, 2020 87 tweets 130 min read
@GowerInitiative @PhilArmstrong58 "For 3 years, the economy expanded until the US central bank intervened in 1937, repeating its mistake of only a few years before to increase interest rates and trigger another recession."
Remember the Nazis were popular because they ditched austerity..… @GowerInitiative @PhilArmstrong58 💡👇🏻

Some reality at last.. "Tlaib proposes to pay for the cost of the program by calling on the Treasury to use its authority under federal law to issue two trillion dollar platinum coins. The move would not add to the debt." Indeed it would not..…
Jan 31, 2020 74 tweets 28 min read
"A made-up rape allegation and fabricated evidence in Sweden, pressure from the UK not to drop the case, a biased judge, detention in a maximum security prison, psychological torture – and soon extradition to the U.S., where he could face up to 175 years"… "Suddenly, someone shines a light on the elephant in the room – on war criminals, on corruption.... The governments are briefly in shock, but then they turn the spotlight around with accusations of rape. It is a classic maneuver when it comes to manipulating public opinion."