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21 Jun
Only 1% of the 2M+ podcasts in existence get more than 3K downloads in the first week.

Many of the other 99% have solid content & production.

Many of them feature the same guests as the top 1%.

So what gives?
We can talk about the marketing and content strategies top podcasters use to create and grow compelling shows.

But there's something deeper, more foundational that those strategies are built on top of:

To grow a successful show, create the show that only you can make.
Of those 2M+ existing shows, tens of thousands of them are simply poor imitations of more popular established shows.

⛔️ Same topic.
⛔️ Same format.
⛔️ Same guests.
⛔️ Same style.

But despite all the similarities, these imitations differ in one key area.

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21 Jun
Creative work requires a consistent supply of new inputs.

We usually think of those as articles, newsletters, podcasts, etc.

But what about our environmental inputs?

Here's how following the 20-5-3 rule of time outdoors boosts your creative output 🧵

via @Michael_Easter
Why Time In Nature Matters

In nature, our brains enter a mode called “soft fascination”

SF is a mindfulness-like state that restores & builds the resources to think, create, process info & execute tasks.

Ie. everything we need to do creative work.

But there's a catch.
In nature, our brains enter "soft fascination" mode naturally.

But studies have shown that as soon as we pull out our phones, all of the benefits of time spent in nature disappear.

So how to we build these benefits into our lives & capitalize on them?

Enter the 20-5-3 rule.
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13 Jun
Let's talk adolescence.

Often embarrassing

A time many of us are glad to have put behind us.

Except that when it comes to our work, we haven't.

And it's in this awkward, in-between stage that we're most likely to get stuck as creators.

Our work’s adolescence mirrors our own.

When we first start creating, we’re aware our work isn’t all that good.

Like toddlers we find our feet, playing with the basic building blocks of our craft, doing our best to piece them together.

With time, our work improves, but...
While we've outgrown childhood, we're nowhere near mature.

In adolescence, we may have mastered the tools of our craft, but our immaturity still shines through in ways we might not realize.

Others, however, certainly do.
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12 Jun
5 things I learned this week to be a better creator.

1. The Overjustification Effect - @KateBour
2. Selling To Your Audience - @jspector
3. 5 Step Storytelling Framework - @growthcurrency & @RobbieCrab
4. Technical Debt - @jayclouse
5. Compassion - @AniPemaChodron & @holstee
1. The Overjustification Effect - @KateBour

The tension between doing things for intrinsic vs extrinsic reasons.

Why it matters:

When incentivizing our audiences to take action, we risk incentivizing things they would have done for "free" & now expect rewards in the future.
2. Selling To Your Audience - @jspector

- 3% are ready to buy now
- 7% need a bit more info or love to get to the point where they're ready to buy
- 60% need some nurturing
- 30% will never buy

Why it matters:

Too often we focus on the bottom 30%. This is wasted time & effort
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11 Jun
🖐 5 Things You Might Dig

Here are the 5 top links from last week's Creative Wayfinding Newsletter.

I hope you find something here that helps you make and market better work.

1 / Inspiration: Best First Lines

Best First Lines, by @TeamJohnH is a living database of sentences that grab your attention, pulling from books, speeches, screenplays & more.

This has already been added to the top of my writing toolkit.
2 / Tool: Super Portfolio

Linktree's great. But sometimes you want more flexibility than its design allows for.

@super_portfolio by @onurgenes & @fers4t allows you to add a bio, videos, public content calendar, Q&As & more to your portfolio page.
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10 Jun
What does it take to create a top-5 podcast?

@theSamParr and @ShaanVP are on pace to hit 800K podcast downloads in June with My First Million & are aiming for 3M/mo by December.

Here are 3 takeaways on growing a top-ranked show.

1. You Need A Unique & Compelling Concept

Sam & Shaan could've started yet another interview show dissecting successful businesses that already exist.

But shows like this are a dime a dozen, with little to differentiate them & nothing new to offer listeners...
Concept (Cont.)

Instead, they developed a show concept & format unlike any existing shows.

In each episode, Sam & Shaan brainstorm new business ideas based on their in-depth research & analysis of trends & opportunities.

You don't reach the top doing what's already been done.
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1 Mar
Most podcasters think they need 1000s of listeners to land high-ticket sponsors.

You don't.

You can land 5-figure podcast sponsorships w/ 1000 listeners.

Here's a step-by-step guide to how niche shows can land high-paying sponsors without a large audience.

1. The Goal Of Any Successful Podcast Sponsorship

Understand that the most lucrative sponsorship deals are those that are a genuine win-win-win for your audience, your sponsor & you.

You're not aiming for a quick cash grab, you're aiming to build a long-term relationship.
2. Understand Your Audience

Before you can write a compelling sponsor pitch, you need to learn everything you can about your listeners.

Sponsors will want as much detailed info on who they're paying to get in front of as possible before even thinking about committing.
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