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4 May
🙏🏼 Konstant Kreative April Update 🙏🏼

Sticking to building in public and to thank the Twitter #DTC world that is allowing us to build this company.

Here’s what to expect in this update


Trends - Requests / Analysis

What's Working

What's Not
Content Drop
I shared back on April 25th that we just crossed the 100 partner mark!

Which has a code to try us $100 off ;)
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20 May 20
Thread -

about why brands or personal brands should always be putting out deliberate content if the goal is more awareness > eventual sales.

I’ll explain a comparison of how scaling both a personal/ecommerce brand are exactly the same:
The three focal points / arguments will be the following:

Choosing Channels
Testing Messaging / Campaigns
Content Creation

- 🚨also here’s the final tweet in the thread in hopes you’ll be so confused but interested that you’ll have to read it all. ImageImage
Choosing Channels:

Both Brands - relate to a demographic that - often times - overwhelms a specific platform.

FB - a little older
IG - a little even
Twitter - a little older
Pinterest - a little older
Tik Tok - a little younger
Snap - a little even

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