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8 Apr
Two weeks ago, Arizona, to overwhelming local criticism, removed all county level mask mandates and rolled back nearly all restrictions on businesses. Nevada and California didn’t, and yet their numbers are the exact same.

How many more times does this need to keep happening?
In response to seeing packed bars in Old Town Scottsdale, near Phoenix, the Arizona Democratic Party tagged Governor Doug Ducey, as he would obviously be responsible for the immediate surge in cases
The Mayor of Phoenix did some excellent gaslighting by saying that the “horrible surge” was “only curbed by masking”, ignoring, of course, that the surge in fall/winter was much worse even with masking. Echoing experts, she said it was “like spiking the ball on the 5-yard line”
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2 Apr
It’s now 2 months since @CDCgov mandated masks be worn over the nose & mouth at all times on public transit...and cases are rising again

I really thought this would be the time…masks would finally end Covid due to federal leadership clearing the way for science

To be fair to @CDCgov, an incomprehensibly dumb organization, and to the masks, there are a few exceptions to the mask law that our gracious moronic overlords of pseudoscience have allowed us. Let’s examine them, shall we?
Exception 1: “While eating, drinking, or taking medication for brief periods of time”

For brief periods, ok? No enjoying your food or taking long bites, peasants. Brief eating ONLY. How brief? Don’t ask questions. Brief.
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26 Mar
Four US states are 3+ weeks removed from lifting their statewide or county level mask mandates.

Not one has seen an increase in Covid hospitalizations since.

Given what we’ve been told by experts about the importance of masks & mandates, would you think that should be possible?
I myself am extremely confused, since I’ve heard it said by many, many experts and politicians that masks are the most important public health tool, that mask mandates are effective, that they’re a “game-changing scientific breakthrough”, that they’re like a vaccine, etc.
I’ve been told that masks are science. They’re incontrovertible science. Inarguable science. Questioning how important or effective they are is equivalent to questioning gravity. Experts have said they work. And we must always trust the experts and Believe in Science™
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24 Mar
No one, I repeat, NO ONE, does a better job of spreading unnecessary panic than Austria’s own @DrEricDing

He’s made it his personal mission to spread variant panic around B.1.1.7 in Florida over the past month+, only to be proven, unsurprisingly, wrong again.

⚠️ Thread time!
Eric, who is not an epidemiologist, said he didn’t want to be “that epidemiologist dude” who has to remind Ron DeSantis “that he has a civic responsibility to stop the outbreak of #B117 in his state & ints spread to rest of 🇺🇸”

Cases in Florida are down -31% since this tweet
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24 Mar
The blue check meltdown over Texas removing its mask mandate was so extensive, I literally couldn’t fit all of the insanity into one thread

So this is Thread #2, The Celebrity Edition!

Do we think any of them know that cases are down -29%?

Lol that was rhetorical, come on now
Gotta start it off on a high note with @BradleyWhitford coming in hot with more “GOP is a death cult” loveliness
I will say, I admire the simplicity of this one. I mean sure, it was completely wrong, but it was brutally efficient in its inaccuracy.
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24 Mar
It’s time. It’s time for Texas.

It’s now officially 2 weeks since blue check media, experts & politicians absolutely lost their minds about Texas removing their mask mandate.

Unsurprisingly, cases are down -29% in the two weeks since.

They were wrong. Again. As always.
This thread is going to be obscenely long, and there’s a second one coming, but trust me, it could be so, SO much longer. The amount of devastating idiocy, deranged hyperbole, gaslighting and incompetence we’re all about to experience together is just…beyond description.

Let’s start with your favorite Governor and mine, Gavin Newsom, who went for the simple, superior: “Absolutely reckless”.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles has some of the worst numbers in the country, despite following all of Newsom’s rules.

Someone’s reckless Gavin, but it’s not Texas.
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21 Mar
Israel’s another fun example of the comprehensive failure of masks

Back in June, experts from Cambridge said “routine face mask use” from only 50% of the public could flatten “future waves”

In EVERY SINGLE SCENARIO, 50% compliance worked to flatten the curve

An Oxford professor praised their conclusions and said masks “are likely to be an effective population measure”.

It is a masterpiece of expert failure…their unbelievable ignorance, incompetence, groupthink, and an inability to acknowledge their own mistakes.
Here’s an article summarizing their unwavering commitment to pseudoscience.

Not since World War I have we seen this attitude so prevalent among the ruling class; a fundamental dissociation with reality in order to avoid admitting they were wrong…
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6 Mar
So ignoring that the CDC’s latest “study” is a trainwreck, their assertion is that mask mandates are associated with a 0.5% increase in the rate of decrease in Covid cases

Have we checked with Redfield if that still qualifies as better protection than a vaccine?
Seriously though, masks were sold as the single most important intervention, the single most important public health tool, and the best they could do is torture the criteria to a 0.5% increase in the rate of decrease?
Really though, the @CDCgov got what they wanted, headline news in the media saying masks work and restaurants are dangerous. It’s never about accuracy or detail, just about graphics they can use to sell their failed policies
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5 Mar
On 11/22, Fauci went on CBS (shocking) and said mitigation measures “can blunt curves” into the colder season. What measures? Mask wearing, closing bars & capacity limits, of course.

LA County had already done all of that and went even further.

It did not blunt the curve ImageImage
You’d think at some point, he’d have to make something remotely approaching an accurate statement, but he just never does and he’s never called out for how demonstrably wrong he is.
You heard him, look at the numbers, look at the facts

The numbers and facts are that he was wrong. Again. As always. Image
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5 Mar
Of all of the misinformation the devastatingly incompetent @CDCgov has posted, this might be the worst. Unsurprisingly reprehensible behavior.

Beyond everything else, they associated statewide mandates with County level data, which makes zero sense.…
For example, in California, counties like Los Angeles had mask mandates starting in early April. But in this horrific “study” they wouldn’t start their “reference” period until the middle of June, with the statewide mandate.

It’s just flat out dishonest.
The time periods they used are just…unbelievable. For masks, they say cases and deaths slowed within 20 days, for restaurants they used 41-100 days for cases and 61-100 days for deaths. Why? Because they’re trying to sell an agenda, not tell the truth.
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4 Mar
I want to remind everyone that The Science™ that masks save lives is crystal clear.

Just ignore that we went from this headline: “Czech Republic has lifesaving Covid-19 lesson…: Wear a facemask” to them having the highest death rate of any major country

They just work, ok?
So this…this is lying to you. Imagine how much worse it would have been without masks, they might still be the country with the worst death rate in the world.
But don’t worry, at least the website founded by one of the biggest frauds of Covid, @jeremyphoward howard, celebrating the Czech Republic for saving lives with masks, is still up and running:
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3 Mar
I want to apologize. I’ve been saying masks don’t work, but I was informed by a number of blue checks today that they work.

Got it? They just do, ok? It doesn’t matter if cases skyrocket w/mask usage. That just means they were working, but in mysterious ways.

So my apologies.
It literally does not matter what the data shows, because they work. You know it, I know it. They just work. Someone from the CDC decided they work a year ago based on nothing, and now they just work. They don’t have to prove it with data, or actually useful studies. They work.
How could they be working when all of these areas saw gigantic increases even after masks were put into place?

Doesn’t matter. Here’s a link to a compilation of useless lab studies from UCSF or Nature
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27 Feb
When the Governor of Nevada mandated masks, he said that “infection disease scientists & experts advise that masks indisputably protect individuals against airborne transmission of respiratory diseases".

5+ months later Nevada had the highest hospitalization rate in the country
His experts also said “universal masking at 80% adoption flattens the curve significantly more than maintaining a strict lockdown”

Here’s compliance in Nevada from October-February w/the 80% target

For most of December, Nevada had the highest hospitalization rate in the country
Here we have a politician saying masks are “indisputably” proven to work. He set out a specific target of 80% compliance for it to be more effective than ANY OTHER INTERVENTION. That target was easily exceeded.

It did not work. Because masks do not work.
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27 Feb
There are four counties in four states that share similar climates in the desert Southwest. Clark, NV, San Bernardino, CA, Mohave, AZ, Washington, UT.

They all had different mask requirements at different times with different compliance

Didn’t really seem to matter, did it?
San Bernardino mandated masks very early on, reinforced with a statewide mask mandate in June, strict business closures, curfews, etc. They’ve done the worst, naturally.

Mohave has had individual cities mandate masks and then removed the mandate. Didn’t matter.
Washington, UT had a large anti-mask protest, and has followed the same curves as the rest, but done significantly better than San Bernardino.
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27 Feb
Hey guys remember when the CDC recommended masks as source control to stop Covid, they completely and utterly failed, and instead of admitting it, the CDC said they provide protection for the wearer too and then after they failed some more, said two masks are better?
Remember what a big joke that all was for society that we had to deal with a devastatingly incompetent organization whose pseudoscientific misinformation caused even more incompetent local health officials to mandate masks for kids playing football?
Masks have been one of the least successful policy decisions in the history of the United States and our most influential “experts” have refused to admit it because it gives them and politicians a way to blame the public for their own failures.
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23 Feb
It’s important to point out, that among many other things, Fauci has repeatedly lied about his stance on masks

He claimed he said masks didn’t work on 3/8 to protect supply for healthcare workers, but also said to “skip” them weeks earlier while saying Covid risk was “minuscule”
If the risk was “minuscule”, why would he say to skip masks to protect supply for healthcare workers? They’d also not have to worry about Covid, considering the “minuscule” risk.

The real answer is that Fauci, accurately, knew that there was no evidence masks work
Once it became politically expedient to change his mind, he did, to go along with the CDC’s evidence-free recommendation. There was never going to be a supply issue of masks that healthcare workers would actually use, based on the CDC recommending cloth masks or bandanas.
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22 Feb
For much of last year, Georgia was a popular target for media criticism, with outlets like The Atlantic accusing them of experimenting in "human sacrifice"

So I thought I’d check in, and it turns out they’re 23rd in deaths per 100k & right at the national average. Confusing!
But don’t worry, it wasn’t just The Atlantic, CNN’s @ChrisCillizza asked in July just “what the heck” Brian Kemp was doing by not permitting local mask mandates
Chris was following up on this gem from April, saying re-opening the state was a “high-stakes coronavirus gamble”
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21 Feb
We’ve heard countless times from media & experts that large maskless gatherings are going to be superspreader events, with no follow up after they’re proven wrong

Well here’s a mass, fully masked gathering on 11/7 in Times Square. Two weeks later, cases in NYC were up 72%

Now, we know why this mass gathering wasn’t criticized by the same CBS correspondent who called Tampa celebrations a “super spreader after party”…this NYC group was, of course, wearing masks, being good followers of The Science™, and supporting an approved political ideology
But here we have a correlation between a large, masked gathering and a huge increase in Covid cases two weeks later. And no one cares.

Why hasn’t this been looked at? Why don’t have we have CDC studies on the impact of masked celebrations in early November and increased spread?
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21 Feb
Well everyone. It’s time.

It’s officially been two weeks since the single worst thing that’s ever happened to experts & media…maskless Super Bowl Celebrations

They’ve been wrong SO many times…surely THIS is the time a huge maskless gathering becomes a “superspreader”

This one is just too spectacular to not do a full thread on, so let’s have some fun shall we?

NY Post: “Maskless revelers”

Quelle horreur!
An “MD MPH” from UCLA who combined UK variant panic AND even used a hashtag to designate the Super Bowl as the “#SuperSpreaderBowl
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19 Feb
Members of the Mask Religion arguing with me: “No one is saying masks are that effective, they’re only one part of Covid strategy”

Former CDC Director & other experts: “I might…say…this face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against COVID than when I take a COVID vaccine”
Current CDC Director: Masks are “one of the most effective tools we have against COVID-19”
Former CDC Director: “Cloth face coverings are one of the most powerful weapons we have to slow and stop the spread of the virus”
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19 Feb
If you want to know how intellectually dishonest the mask religion is, just imagine their reaction if my graphs showed the opposite of what they do

If similar locations showed a large difference w/masks or if maskless gatherings actually mattered

They’d never stop posting them
Even when the CDC has tried to do the same thing that I do, they’ve had to cherry pick dates to fit their agenda, or specifically ignored the control counties, like in Arizona…or come up with mind boggling, misinformation level criteria like their most recent embarrassment
If masks were so effective, why doesn’t every graph I post look the opposite of the way that it does?

And most importantly, just imagine how the religion would be using them…endlessly…as proof of masks working.

It’s not science, it’s a cult.
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