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A CA who quit his Big 4 job to pursue his passion of trading the financial markets.
6 Apr
People often ask "how do I setup a workout routine?", "what exercises should I begin with" etc

I always say - Can you take out just 5 mins a day to workout?

The answer: YES.. but what will 5 mins do? I can take out 30 mins, no problem

.. And that precisely is the problem (1/4)
That 30 mins continues for a day .. 2 .. a week .. and then starts going down .. 20 mins .. 10 mins .. off day .. 15 mins .. off day .. Then bye bye .. (2/4)
The thing is we've to make a task so small that it seems effortless to do. Once we get into the habit of doing that effortless task for a few days, it's easier to push ourselves a little more. With time, the task automatically starts appearing effortless, even if it's not.. (3/4)
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11 Jun 20
While building and trading systems, here are some things I've found helpful:

1. Keep it as simple as possible. You do not need fancy indicators/ charts to make money. Simple works the best. (1/4)
2. There will always be trades which would've worked better had you used some other indicator/method - but that's okay. Don't let it become a reason to tweak your system too often. (2/4)
3. Look at the larger picture - 100, 500 trades - then make an assumption about the performance of one indicator/method vs. another. Never base it on that one trade which is in front of you. (3/4)
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