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20 Mar
Are you giving a presentation over zoom?

Here is how to make it great, without spending $$$ on great gear...

1. Make your camera eye level.

Looking up at the camera makes you look small. Looking down on the camera gives you jowls.
2. Have one bright light on your face.

Ideally, it's a single source of light. A window works well, but a good lamp is fine.

Keep in mind your monitor is a source of light (and often unflattering)
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20 Mar
Today is YC Alumni Demo Day!

It's a marvel at how good they've made remote pitches. The software team is excellent
Once again, my demo day feature requests for YC:
- Invite alumni to be YC's LPs.
- Setup an SPV for small checks for each company
- Let people commit to the SPV right when they pitch
Live 2X speed pls
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20 Feb
I don't understand NFTs.

Bits are inherently copyable freely.
Fair use is quite liberal.

What is the high utility use case I'm missing here?
I ask similar questions of what distributed systems actually mean to those of @tylercowen

How do you, for example, run a distributed company?

Even partially? Like I have a task on my roadmap. How does a blockchain get that feature built for me?
If only I had bought a share of nyan cat, I could have shared a funny set of pixels.

oh wait, type 4 char and get a deluge
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20 Feb
Related tech idea: solar propane.

- Remote locations are expensive to service with powerlines
- Most already have tanks for gas like propane
- Most have ample space

Create a box to convert atmospheric CO2 to propane using excess solar.
Does the math work at all?

We can check by estimating how much solar we'd need to match the energy released in burning methane.
P(watts) = Energy(Joules) / time (seconds)

52 kJ/g * 761kg (in 400 gal tank) / 1500 sun hours =
7.3kW system.

Solar fits in 20X20 square
You'd probably want more than this in a personal solar farm anyway, but the match checks out for roughly the power you'd need.

Design the system so your winter peak daily usage is met, keep battery storage for night, and use propane for long term storage.

100% off grid.
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