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12 Oct
That fake RCE con artist blocked me after I asked him a legit question😂. Please be aware that this person is a fraud and don't pay him money for any services or "hacking courses".
@Shib_Jitsu sorry to drag you into this, but I strongly believe you are Jonathan Villarreal's cousin-in-law whom he has sued. He is spreading a lot of false information, so I'm wondering if you'd be willing to publicly tell your side of the story if it differs from his.
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11 Oct
Telling people about fake RCE is one thing. Selling it for $1.5 million is quite another. (Thread)
He describes a process of remotely executing code, which can only be performed from a trusted device. The term RCE pertains exclusively to flaws/vulnerabilities. So when a user explicitly chooses to trust a device and has to enter their passcode, it's not RCE.
Jonathan Scott is actually Jonathan Villareal (he also called himself Jonathan Lee). Read how he sued his former business partner and what he claimed in court…
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