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8 Jul
BREAKING: #SCOTUS upholds Trump-Pence rule, dismantling no-cost birth control coverage. TL;DR once again, this is about control — they are seeking to control ALL aspects of our lives. From birth control coverage to abortion access to LGBTQ+ rights, all freedoms are at risk. /1
The result of today's #SCOTUS decision? Countless people who need it will now be unable to afford contraception. Because the Court just decided that the whims and beliefs of their employers super cede the very real needs of their employees. Think about that for a minute. /2
For the Trump Admin, it's a feature not a bug that this ruling will impact those who already face the biggest obstacles to care — including Black, Latinx, and Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, undocumented people, and LGBTQ folks. This is discrimination. /3
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26 Mar
Because there's literally not one single moment when these radical ideologues aren't obsessed with how to control women--especially poor women and women of color--they found a way to use the #COVID aid package to expand the unjust and discriminatory #HydeAmendment. It's sick.
This whole experience watching these people deal with #COVID is that those of us who deal with reproductive freedom and justice have seen this coming a mile away. You have a GOP entirely co opted at this point by a radical right for whom fundamentalism--religious and market-- /2
has completely supplanted any rational thought or science and data-based policy approaches. Medical disinformation and anti-enlightenment thought is core to their identity. Add Trump's peculiar mix of narcissism and megalomania, and it's a truly toxic brew. #COVID /3
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5 Mar
That sound you hear is hearts are breaking all over as @ewarren drops out of the race. They break for her, for @KamalaHarris, for @amyklobuchar and for @SenGillibrand. They break for the mountains we still have to climb to confront real obstacles women face in achieving power. /1
Our hearts break at the media erasure, the snake emojis, the voices who claimed in 2016 "just not that woman" when we all knew better, the hope and opportunity that our experiences and perspectives would be represented at the very top. /2
Hearts break for the distance we thought we had traveled since 2016 and the distance we still have to travel to able to be judged and received equitably. They break for the women who kept the men in the race accountable but will not reap the rewards. Our hearts break. /3
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27 Jan
Much to unpack regarding the abortion question that Kristen Day asked @PeteButtigieg tonight on Fox News. Let's start with the massive applause in the room when Pete says he's pro-choice and a woman should make that decision. Way more than Kristen got:. /1…
The question is a good reminder to differentiate between people who feel personally pro-life and those who are anti-choice like Kristen Day. The latter category believes its fine to force their beliefs on others through law. The former does not /2
Anyone, regardless of personal beliefs is and always has been welcome in the party as long as they are not trying to exert control over others, with massive damaging effect. Pete said as much in his answer. /3
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24 Jan
𝗧𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱: Now more than ever, we need to recognize and call out the nefarious anti-choice movement's underhanded tactics to spread disinformation. Our expert research team is here to help. Check out our guide to the anti-choice movement’s tricks and traps.
Tactic #1: Co-Opting Feminism. Anti-choice leaders in 2019 increasingly tried to co-opt feminist language to deflect criticism of their extreme attacks on reproductive freedom—and they’re already back at it in 2020. Case in point: this anti-choice lit:
Tactic #2: Working Social Media Refs. Anti-choice activists typically work the refs at social media companies by falsely claiming that they intentionally censor anti-choice content, while citing instances of content removal due to accurate fact-checking of medical disinformation.
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2 Jan
Breaking 👇👇👇 Yet, we were the “hysterical” ones for saying they were coming for #Roe during the Kavanaugh fight. 🙄 This is the list to beat in #Election2020
If you want to help us replace every person who just signed on to sink #Roe, here’s a link. Every penny will go to electing #prochoice champs.
Also, two people with Democrat next to their names signed this brief. Time for Dan Lipinski to go, people.
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28 Dec 19
Unnoticed in the chaos of the last month: Trump officials went to Intl Conference on Family Planning where they praised Hungary's "procreation, not immigration" policy openly promoting the "white replacement theory."… /1
Trump is not the first. The historic foundation of the anti-choice movement is an unwavering belief that white Christian men have a right to rule unchallenged -- family and government. Paul LePage used this as a reason to pass abortion laws in Maine when he was governor.... /2
Claiming that there were not enough people left in the state to allow women to terminate pregnancies. Steve King has been spouting this BS forever and people write him off as an outlier lunatic rather than someone who just says the quiet part out loud. Like Todd Akin. /3
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2 Dec 19
Some context for the NYT piece on the state of abortion. Anti-choice movement is not and has never been an honest broker. Leaders of the movement have always known they are on the wrong side of public sentiment so they have resorted to undercutting democracy to get their way. /1
Article spotlights gerrymandering, voter suppression and stacking courts to seize power for an unpopular agenda, but stops short of discussing the disinformation and intimidation that are also hallmarks of anti-choice campaign designed to silence 77% of us who believe in Roe. /2
Anti-choice groups know Americans aren’t divided on the question of whether politicians should determine the fate of families or women should be free to do so ourselves. So, they rely on dangerously absurd allegations and deliberate misinformation to maintain power. /3
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16 Oct 19
THREAD: Let's talk about why what Tulsi Gabbard said last night is so deeply problematic and plays into right-wing tropes and disinformation about abortion. #AskAboutAbortion #DemocraticDebate
No one works harder than reproductive freedom & justice advocates to make sure people who want to prevent pregnancy have the information & resources to try to do so. We work for greater contraception access, better sex ed, and more while the right fights all of those efforts.
Still, life happens & for different reasons, unintended pregnancies occur. Always have & always will. There will always be a person who needs to end a pregnancy. Talking about making abortion "rare" casts judgment on someone else's life choices without walking in their shoes.
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19 Aug 19
7 years ago today, MO Senate candidate Todd Akin's statement about "legitimate rape" cost him his race and put the war on women front and center in the 2012 election. Today, multiple rape allegations doesn't disqualify you from occupying the White House. Wrong direction, folks.
I wrote this for @thenation after Akin was widely mocked for making those statements. He was an early experiment into normalizing misogyny in a political setting. Since then, far more elected are willing to come out against rape exceptions to abortion.…
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15 Aug 19
Thread: Learned this morning that CVS Caremark is cutting reimbursement rates for mail order birth control pills, making it more expensive and potentially out of reach for tens of thousands of women who for many reasons cannot get to the pharmacy every month. #CVSDeniesCare
Women need birth control delivered for many reasons--physical challenges getting to the pharmacy, living in very rural areas, simple privacy concerns, or something else-it really doesn't matter. What matters is that they should not be financially punished by CVS. #CVSDeniesCare
Trump and Pence have already made birth control harder to get and a little digging shows that CVS Health Pac is a big giver to Trump's reelection campaign and to GOP electeds who have voted time after time to limit women's reproductive freedom. Shame on CVS. #CVSDeniesCare
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29 Mar 19
The Georgia House just voted to pass the Senate version of #HB481. Now it goes to Brian Kemp's desk for his signature. He should know that women in Georgia and around the country are watching and we will not forget.
The entire debate was terrifying to watch and a glimpse into a dystopian world. #HB481 But thanks to the leadership of so many including @SisterSong_WOC @NARALGA and so many others, we are watching and we must watch.
Rep Setzler said they listened to women's concerns and decided to move anyway with a demeaning and dangerous bill that threatens the public health and enshrines a non-medical definition of when life begins to cements individual women as second class citizens in the law. #HB481
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25 Mar 19
Brian Kemp could sign #HB481 in the next 24 hours effectively banning abortion in the state of #Georgia. This bill makes women who seek abortion criminals facing jail time. Women could be investigated by the police for miscarriages. Watch Sen. Jen Jordan:…
Women could be imprisoned for the use of drugs--even legal, prescribed drugs--while pregnant. This bill is moving while bills to address maternal mortality, rural access to pre-natal care and more languish. The hypocrisy goes on and on and at times leaves me speechless. #HB481
This bill moves while bills to address record high maternal mortality and rural access to pre-natal care languish. Make no mistake, this bill will further criminalize and endanger women of color, low-income, and rural women mostly. Our support is mandated right now 100%. #HB481
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1 Mar 19
Over the last few weeks, we've heard nothing but #FakeNews and lies from Trump and the @GOP on women's rights and reproductive health care. You know what we've heard nothing from them about? Combating staggering rates of preventable maternal deaths. #HowDareYou
FACT: states with the most anti-choice restrictions also have the worst outcomes for women’s & children’s health:
#HowDareYou call yourselves the "pro-life" party, when you've shown time & again that you don't value our health or lives?
On the same day Trump was spewing lies about doctors and women, an immigrant woman went into premature labor and had a stillbirth four days after being detained by ICE? Their silence, in the wake of such personal and calculated tragedy, speaks volumes. #HowDareYou
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31 Jan 19
We know is that the anti-choice movement LOVES to talk about later term abortion because they know they lose on more common place abortions that women experience. So, no wonder they are leaning into the policies this week that safeguard this right and undo an historic wrong.
But the misinformation being spewed by anti-choice politicians, right-wing media, and Trump around VA and NY’s abortion bills is egregious and we must set the record straight and remember the anti-choice movement has one goal: ban abortion and criminalize women and doctors.
To work towards this goal, they must deceive the public and twist the facts, especially when it comes to women who need abortion later in pregnancy. They are fine to jeopardize women's lives and make them relive the worst moments of their lives to do this. Don’t take the bait.
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26 Nov 18
.@politico story this morning on @SenGillibrand is such a classic move to shoot the messenger. People can disagree with Franken's decision to resign, but several facts remain true: 1) there was no "rush to judgement" -- this situation played out over literally weeks /1
2) the claims of damage done ignore the immense leadership that @TinaSmithMN has shown in her time in the Senate, a job the voters just handily endorsed her to continue doing. Ignoring that is ignoring women's leadership. /2
3) this occurred against a backdrop of a special election in Alabama where the leading candidate was accused of sexual harassment and assault. He lost. People cheered. /3
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6 Oct 18
If you are like me, this morning is hard. To throw yourself so fully into something, you must believe that victory is possible. And with Susan Collins speech on the floor yesterday, we now believe that Kavanaugh will sit on the Supreme Court. And that hurts. But...
We now see clearly what we are up against, and we also know the power we have. They said this outcome was inevitable. They said he would sail through. We made them fight every single step of the way to accomplish a task so unjust that they have had to unmask themselves to do it.
They have clung to this nominee, despite the track record of lying, extreme views, lack of judicial temperament and hostility towards women. They have done so over the pain of millions and at he expense of the legitimacy of the Court and their own honor.
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12 Sep 18
This is an obvious ploy to distract from Senator Collins weighing a vote that her constituents are against and put all Americans in peril for generations. The only question is why the press is giving it credence or airtime. #StopKavanaugh…
Duh. Profanity and threats are not cool. But what's worse is cherry picking those to dismiss tens of thousands of unanswered calls and desperate attempts of Mainers and people around the country to stop the Kavanaugh freight train headed directly for our lives and rights.
People like Michelle:
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15 Aug 18
This morning's @washingtonpost piece lays bare the raw power grab by Trump and McConnell over the Courts, noting that their legacy's will live on long after both men are gone from public office. #StopKavanaugh…
McConnell's final chess move: “....this is the culmination of a years-long gambit that started with stymieing President Barack Obama’s judicial nominees, most notably Supreme Court choice Merrick Garland, and creating a backlog of vacancies on the nation’s highest courts.”
The Right understands that elections are a means to an end, and the end for them is cementing their unassailable control through stripping women, people of color, religious minorities and working people of fundamental freedoms and rights currently protected by the Courts.
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6 Apr 18
.@nytimes on @TheAtlantic decision to fire Kevin Williamson.… #FireKevin Let's explore some of the outrage on the other side about this, shall we? /1
Free speech is a constitutional guarantee and it guarantees that the government will not jail you for what you say. It does NOT guarantee you to a job ever, and certainly not when your employer is losing readership and therefore money bc of your bigoted views. #FireKevin /2
Consumers also have free speech to voice their opinion of your speech to those who decide whether you stay employed (see how those rights work? everyone gets them. yay democracy!) More people spoke against your bigotry than stood up for it. Fair and square. #FireKevin /3
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