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Imam at Middle Ground. Formerly worked in IT/web dev, chaplaincy, photography, culinary arts, and Yellow Cab. Aspiring to maybe shoot a film someday.
4 Jun
I'm tellin' you man, black folks, black Muslims, Arabs, Desis, Mexicans, etc., are out in the streets dancing to a tune so loud, they don't even know what key it's in. Because of this, many are unwilling and unable to acknowledge the main reason why
the death of #GeorgeFloyd has gone global, has gone viral, is because Chuck authorized it to go viral. The liberal wing of Chuck has authorized outrage over the death of a black man even though we've been dying at the hands of white cops and black hoodlums for decades!
The question I have is why did not white liberals authorize riots and protests when they killed #CliffordGlover, #ClaudeReese, #RandyEvans, #YvonneSmallwood, #AmadouDiallo, #SeanBell, #OscarGrant, #TrayvonMartin, #JordanDavis, #JonathanFerrell, #AiyanaJones,
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20 Apr
In our reading tonight of Sūrah al-Qiyāmah with Imam Imran Salha the topic of practicality came up in terms of how some people today do not want to hear about The Fire or even The Here-After because such topics have been deemed “impractical”
and that what we need today is a “practical Islam” for the here-and-now. And while there are elements, important elements of Islam that are highly practical, we must remember that practicality in Islam most often addresses the means, not the ends.
To help illustrate my point, let us reflect on the ḥadīth in which Jibrīl (Gabriel), the Angel of Revelation, gazes upon Paradise and speculates dubiously on the likelihood anyone will enter it. In other words, Jannah is not practical!
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