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3 Apr
1. Sun-temple at Mathura.
2. Sun-temple at Bhita.
3. Sun-temple at Indore.
4. Sun-temple at Muni.
5. Sun-temple at Kanyakubja.
6. Sun-temple at JageiVara.
7. Sun-temple at Katarmala.
8. Navagraha-temple at Jageivara.
9. Sun-temple at Khetikhan.

10. Sun-temple at Jhunsi (Pratighanpur)

11. Gailgaditya-Sun-temple at Prayag.

12. Navagraha-temple at Garhawa.

13. Sun-temple at Garbawa.

14. Sun-temple at Singrora.

15. Sun-temple at Gaura
16. Lolarka Sun-temple in Benares

17. Barahpur Sun-temple

18. Sun-temle at Baharaich


19. Sun-temple at Amin

20. Temple dedicated to Aditi at Amin

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1 Mar
चलो आज सब राधा रानी की अष्ट सखियो के
बारे मे जानते है-
1. ललिता सखी-ये सखी सबसे चतुर और प्रिय सखी है। राधा रानी को तरह-तरह के खेल खिलाती है। कभी-कभी नौका-विहार,वन-विहार कराती है। ये सखी ठाकुर जी को हर समय बीडा (पान) देती रहती है। ये ऊँचे गांव मे रहती है।
2. विशाखा सखी-ये गौरांगी रंग की है।ठाकुर
जी को सुदंर-सुदंर चुटकुले सुनाकर हँसाती है। ये सखी सुगन्धित दव्यो से बने चन्दन का लेप करती है। इनका गाँव कमईं है। @OGSaffron
3. चम्पकलता सखी-ये सखी ठाकुर जी को अत्यन्त प्रेम करती है। ये करहला गांव में रहती है।इनका अंग वण पुष्प-छटा की तरह है।ये ठाकुर जी की रसोई सेवा करती है। @IndiaArtHistory
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13 Sep 19
How Ganesha became from Vighnaharta to Vighnakarta?
Read this thread

Ganesh is one of the principal Hindu deities. He possesses the head of an elephant with a broken tusk and the body of a potbellied human being. He is depicted both seated and ...

@LostTemple7 @iamrana
..standing with four arms and normally holds one or several items in his hands
He is the Lord of ganas (personal attendants of Siva), the master,the leader, the protector, and the companion among others to the ganas. He is the creator of obstacles and therefore called Vinayaka..
He is revered with several names like Gajanana (elephant faced), Lambodara (potbellied), Ekadanta (one-tusked), Vinayaka (leader of
obstacles), Vighnesvara (lord of obstacles),
Vighnakarta (creator of obstacles), and
Vighnaharta (remover of obstacles).
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22 Aug 19
Mast Qalander: read about it
In this ruins of the kotla lived a Mast Qalander. every day he would walk down to the tomb of Bhure shah in the vicinity of the Red fort and pray to the"saint with the fiery temper". A big-built man with a barel of chest and a shaggy beard,
his prayers were not the silent outpourings of a heart but the mutterings of one who had lost contact with his surroundings and lived in a world of his own. He would walk down to the shrine of Hare-Bhare and beat his 'chimta' (iron tongs) to announce his arrival.
The young were overawed by him and the old considered him to be someone from the past who had been visiting the jama Masjid area for long as one cared to remember. like Zanoni,he was likened to an order of mystics who thrive for centuries.
#islam #sufi #masjid #mastqalnder #Allah
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21 Aug 19
The Delhi that No-one Knows
Zodiac Temple ..
Ancient yoginipura has another small temple which some think is actually a Surya (sun) mandir.if so, then it is a place of special importance where all the nine planets of the Hindu mythology can be worshipped. Image
Surya,son of the all-conserving Mother Earth,was married to Sanjna, daughter of the maker of the universe, Viswakarma. She bore the Gemini twins (Aswini kumar) for the sun God but soon afterwards deserted him because she could not stand his brilliance. Image
@astronomysnaps @arpita_pedia @IndiaArtHistory @getmesomelatte @Go_Movie_Mango @MythologyMonday @ClassicalMyths In her place she left behind her shadow (chhaya).When Surya discovered this he went in search of his wife,found her in the Himalaya.He persuaded her to return and to facilitate their reunion, Viswakarma reduced the brilliance of the Sun so that it no longer bothered his daughter. Image
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20 Aug 19

Jain art is dedicated to an important religious tradition that follows the teachings of the Jinas also known as tirthankaras.

In Jain cosmology, 24 Jinas have existed to date.They show the way to escape lifetimes of suffering and misery, ....
and offer a path of liberation from the continuous worldly cycle of birth, death and rebirth
Jina images appear to be identical, although with subtle iconographic codes they can be identified.
@arpita_pedia @IndiaArtHistory @LostTemple7 @kamlesm For example, at the centre of this Jina’s image we see the conch shell, an attribute exclusively associated with Neminatha
Neminatha’s name is taken from the word ‘Nemi’, which means the rim of a wheel, one his mother dreamt of when she was pregnant.
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19 Aug 19
Maricha : Golden Deer Story in Valmiki #Ramayana
Ravan desired to kidnap #Sita, the wife of Rama and asked Maricha to help him in his task. However, he suggested #Ravana to stay away from any conflict with Rama and Lakshmana
@theramayana @idreamofghouls
Then Ravan blamed Mareecha for ill-will toward himself, and threatened him with death. He out of fear consented, though he looked for no less than death from Ram.

Maricha and Ravana flew to Panchavati. Mareecha transformed himself into a golden deer, captivated Sita’s attention
. He had the motto to distract Rama and Lakshmana away from the hut so that Ravan could kidnap Sita.

The golden deer lured Sita. She pleaded with Rama to capture it. Ram aware that this was the play of the demons, was unable to dissuade Sita from her desire....

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17 Aug 19
Antiquity and Origin of the Term ‘Hindu’

The anti-Hindu historians like Romila Thapar and D.N. Jha have opined that the word ‘Hindu’ was given currency by the Arabs in the 8th century.
They however, do not explain the basis of their conclusion nor do they cite any evidence in support of their claim. Even Arab Muslim writers do not make such an extravagant claim.
Another theory propounded by European writers is that the word ‘Hindu’ is a Persian corruption of ‘Sindhu’ resulting from the Persian practice of replacing ‘S’ with ‘H’. Even here, no evidence is cited.
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13 Aug 19
Perfumes and Oil from the Mughal Era.
Soap is mentioned in the Ain-i-akbari in the following words (about Bisar):"Lenar is a part of Mekhur division… These mountains produce all the requisite for making Glass and soap.

Bocarro in his report on Portuguese forts and settlements in india in 1644 also refers to "Sabas". precious scents of diverse kinds were in use.
Kautilya's Arthashastra gives a long list of Fragrant substances for toilet preparations.
The Ain-e -Akbari's account of scents is no less derailed.Their prices ranged from half a rupee per tola for sabad to 55 Rupees per tola for sandal-wood.Araq-i-sewti,araq-i-chameli, mosseri,and amber-i-asab were considered best among the different varieties of perfumes
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12 Aug 19
About Erotic Art
It is good to see some people are trying to work on erotic art and I encourage this. But what disappoints me is their presentation, especailly the contemproary art is very disappointing. Nowadays most of the Erotic Art I see is..
... more like porn drawings and compositions rather than an erotic art.Erotic Art is huge subject. It takes lot of understanding of visual presentation combined with aesthetics to make a beautiful erotic art. It is not just a simple narration of just ‘a fuck’.
Here,5 basic points of erotic art which should clear the grey or false notion and ideas about this beautiful art form.
1.Erotic Art and porn are not the same. They are two different concepts, as different as White and Black.This is the first basic thing one needs to understand.
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11 Aug 19
READ this Thread on Eid al-Adha (often translated as the Feast of Sacrifice) and Eid
al-Adha The Day of ‘Arafah is the second day of the Hajj pilgrimagei
It comes the day before Eid al-Adha, which coincides with the third day of Hajj.
@threadreaderapp #EidAlAdha #EidMubarak
ismillah er Rahman er Rahim [ In the Name of Allah, The One Who Acts with Mercy,The Source of Mercy].
All praise belongs to Allah. May Allah’s peace and blessings be on Prophet Muhammad and his family and on all the other prophets and their families. #EidAlAdha #EidMubarak
The Hajj pilgrimage is based on a reenactment of at least three events in the story of Prophet Abraham (pbuh). To sum them up, first: Abraham leaves Hagar and the infant Ishmael in the remote, barren desert.

#EidAlAdha #EidMubarak
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11 Aug 19
Sex is not simply a hunger to be satisfied. It is important that from adolescence onwards, a more mature attitude to see and experience sexuality should be nurtured.
C.c - @arpita_pedia
#sex #gay #Lgbtq #men2men #girl2girl #pleasure #desire #samesex
Sex should be experienced as a vital, dynamic aspect of human interplay, rather than just a physical act or episode in our own lives
#sex #gay #Lgbtq #men2men #girl2girl #pleasure #desire #samesex
The school of thought to be encouraged in this process should involve acknowledging, accepting and displaying confident masculine and feminine characteristics, without either provoking or submitting to erotic temptation. #sex #gay #Lgbtq #men2men #girl #pleasure #desire #samesex
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