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Generated over $25m in revenue through FB Ads • I help brands scale to 6-figures/mo with disruptive copy & creatives • Taking on 2 more clients 👉 DM me now.
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31 Mar
Video ads drive most of our sales on Facebook.

Here’s how we create video ads that convert 👇
#1 First things first - market research

Before you start creating your videos, you need solid market research to back it up.

Make sure the contents of your video reflect the demographics/psychographics of your customer avatar.

And that’s not all...
Nail down your:

-Big Idea
-USP/Unique Mechanism

You’ll need these to refine the message of your ad.
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30 Mar
3 reasons why you should always be testing ads:

-To find the angles that work best for your market
-To beat the performance of your current winning ads
-To get better results (lower CPAs)
What happens when you stop testing?

-ROAS suffers
-CPA skyrockets
-Ad fatigue
-Inability to scale
-No back up ads to offset weak performance

If you're experiencing any of this right now...
Here's what you can do:

-Create more ads based on angles that worked best (ads die, but angles don't)

-Improve ads that didn't perform as well as you hoped (but showed potential) instead of starting from scratch
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30 Mar
//The Media Buyer’s Kryptonite//

A thread
One of the biggest obstacles media buyers face is information overload.

It causes us to overthink,

Slows down our ability to make decisions,

And even holds us back from taking action.
We can get lost in all this data and our brains start to feel overwhelmed,

So we end up doing nothing.

I’ve seen this happen countless times and not only to beginners.

This type of analysis paralysis affects even the most experienced media buyers.

So how can you prevent this?
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29 Mar
If you don't understand how your campaigns are set up just from looking at your FB Ads dashboard.

Then you need a naming convention.

A naming convention keeps your ad accounts organized and makes managing campaigns easier.

Learn more below 👇
They work for a couple for things:

-Helps you make sense of what’s going on in your ad account in just a glance

-Keeps you and your team aligned with your strategies

-Easily identify campaign objectives and audience targeting

-Quickly find a specific campaign, ad set, or ad.
Here's an example naming convention template for campaigns:
-Traffic Temp
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22 Mar
How We Do Research For New Clients

A thread
The 4 main things we look at during our INITIAL research are:

But there are also others that we look into:
-Ad account's historical data
-Ad account structure
-Overall brand

In this thread, we'll focus on the four.
Let's start with the offer:

We ask a few questions that'll help us get to know more about the product/service we're selling.

We go deep into the details by asking things like:

-What's our client selling?
-What are the features and benefits?
-What's the USP? What's the UM?
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21 Mar
The 15 Copywriting Mantras

15 crucial copywriting lessons to build a 7-figure agency from scratch

// THREAD //
1) Worms taste better than steak.

I like steak.

but for some strange reason, fish prefer worms.

So when I go fishing, I don’t bring steak.

I bring worms.

Think about what your audience wants, NOT what you want.
2) Write like a 5th grader

Contrary to what you were taught in school,

Complex words ≠ Better writing.

Want to write better copy?

Dumb down your writing.

A 5th grader should be able to read your copy and understand every single word.
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23 Feb
If you’ve ever ran Facebook ads, you know how time consuming it can be - especially for beginners.

Here are 5 Tips and Tricks for running FB ads that I still use to this day:
#1 Got multiple creatives to launch?

Upload them in the media library first.

You don’t want to upload them one by one as you create your ads.

-Go to Business Tools
-Click Media Library
-Click the ad account
-Upload all your creatives at once
-Go back & launch your ads
#2 Want to edit the naming convention of multiple campaigns, ad sets, or ads?

-Select the campaign, ad sets, or ads that you want to edit
-Click the drop down icon beside Edit
-Click “Find and Replace”
-Replace the portion you want to edit with the edited text
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5 Jan
37 Random Things I've Learned In 2018 That Are Still Relevant In 2021

1. People care about how you make them feel and what you can do for them..
2. Love your parents.
3. Gratitude makes you so happy. I mean it.
4. Money is just a tool. Use it. Not the other way around.
5. Experience > Things.
6. Don't complain. It takes up so much mental energy.
7. Life is all about psychology (e.g. sales)
8. I don't know anything.
9. Life is beautiful (if you know how to live it).
10. Life is the movie. You are the director and the star. Make things happen.
11. Eat fruits before meals.
12. Exercise daily -- even if you don't want to.
13. Make your bed every morning, it's the first win you'll have in the day.
14. Listen to your gut.
15. Fight for your loved ones, not fight your loved ones.
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12 Dec 20
How I went from $0 to making over $25 Million for my clients while living in a third world country:

A thread on how one book and a missed party changed my life.
Before we begin, let me just say:

This wasn’t quick.

It took me 5+ years of when I started my entrepreneurship journey to get here.

And while not everything was pretty,

I did learn very useful lessons along the way:
When I was 17 I used to drink every day.


My friends gave me rides. Paid for my drinks. Took me out every day (and night).

Dream college life right?

I thought so too.

But something didn’t seem right.
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12 Oct 20
"Mark, why are you targeting the same audiences in different campaigns? Are they not going to compete with each other?"

A quick explanation (my thought process) below.

Thread. 👇
1️⃣ If I have a performing audience, I'll use that audience to test and validate my ads.

I don't want to test audiences + ads (or other variables) at the same time.

When testing, I focus on one.
2️⃣ Most of the time, the testing budget is relatively small for the audience.

For example:

If you have $20 for testing, and your CPM is $10, and the audience size is, let's say 100m.

You're barely scratching the surface.
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6 Jun 20

//How You Can Increase the Saliency of Your Ad Creatives//

Saliency is a necessary quality your ad should have for them to be noticed by your audience.

And there are three (3) HACKS you need to know to achieve this:

What are these?

1. Color
2. Orientation
3. Size

A common mistake newbie designers commit is overusing colors when designing an ad.

Stop using too many colors and start putting more emphasis on the focal point of your design.
You have to lessen the value of the surrounding elements so that you center if attention is clear.

Because if everything is equally vibrant, there’s no saliency.

Let me give you an example 👇
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11 Mar 20
//You won’t believe this… but one HUUUGE difference between making $30,000/month and $300,000/month is a creatives team.//

This is definitely true for our agency.

Let me explain more below.

You can’t scale to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month with creatives alone. You also need to have the right systems and strategies in place. But having a team who can execute effective creatives for your campaigns can help you out in a really big way.
So let me tell you why by explaining to you the difference between:

Mike, solo eCommerce brand owner vs. our advertising agency

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22 Nov 19
Are you randomly testing ads hoping and praying that you’ll someday hit gold?

Want to find the winning ad that would help you scale your campaigns?

If your answer is yes, then lend me 3 minutes of your time and I’ll make sure you won't regret it at the end.
Let's talk about testing.

I can honestly say that this has the power to change your business forever.


Because testing helps you optimize your ads before you launch them at a larger scale. (potentially saving you thousands of dollars).
PLUS it gives you the insight that you need to convert your traffic to customers.

New ideas are tested against existing ones (yours/your competitors’) in an attempt to out-perform those that are already in place.
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9 Nov 19

If you don't know yet, this metric simply indicates how much each click costs.

And it’s affected by a few things...

Keep reading to uncover what they are. 👇
- The Quality Of Your Ads -

Do your ads make your audience curious?
Do they make your audience want to see more of your offer?
Do they resonate with your audience?

Research, create your customer avatar and keep testing.
- Competition -

How many advertisers there are targeting the same audience?

How do you position yourself against other advertisers? How are you different?
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28 Oct 19

Facebook’s disabling a bunch of ad accounts (and even BMs) lately.

Last month, one of my clients got his main ad account disabled 3 times.

How we managed to get back on track?

Continue reading to find out.
It wasn't rocket science. We just followed this simple diagram (and more) to save our client's business from getting shut down.

Let me tell you more about it below... 👇
Last month, we only made $84,983.69 because the main ad account was banned a few times.

So we created a new BM with total of 5 ad accounts.

Let me tell you what each ad account is for. 👇
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5 Sep 19
👇 How to Create a High-Converting 1-Minute Video Ad 👇

This video has 4 components:

1. Hook – opener/attention grabber
2. Agitate – ask a question/show transformation/identify problem
3. Solution – what you are offering
4. Call to Action – what you want your audience to do

Hook (First 3 seconds)

Should be short and simple.

This is where most audiences are lost. So grab their attention -- and keep it.

Here's a do and don't:
Don't: introduce who you are or start the video with a logo.

This isn't about you, this is about your audience.

Do: Open up with a story (You can use the phrase: "When I was…") or ask a controversial question or something else.


"I have bad news..."
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17 Aug 19
- Facebook Ads Stuff -

I've tested a lot of ideas and strategies in the last few months.

Here are 5 lessons I've learned 👇
1. Give more focus on your creatives than on your copy.

Don't get me wrong, the copy is important. But in the last few months, tweaking copy isn't as effective as tweaking/making creatives.
I used to push for professional-looking creatives that stand out.

But no matter how many times I test it, Facebook users are more engaged with content they believe is posted by their friend.

In other words: use faces!
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