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7 Apr
News of many “maraming” PSG personnel getting COVID19 — the reason cited Bong Go for Duterte cancelling national address — shows clearly the perils of opaque governance and abuse of discretion by those in powers. Let’s review the timeline.
We know that members of the Presidential Security Group were vaccinated with Sinopharm, some as early as Sept 2020… (that’s a govt platform ha)
The PSG head, Durante, acknowledged it was a unilateral decision - they decided and implemented the plan without informing health authorities. He even boasted about troops vaccinating thenselves— “so easy”.…
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7 Apr
Reminder to remind govt: 1)Sinas COVID19 protocol violation... how many police/civilians infected in circle(s) of contact... also how many police execs held non-essential activities exposing peeps to COVID
Reminder to remind govt: 2) PNP-PDEA gun battle ... those responsible for violating manual of operations on both sides...
Reminder to remind govt: 3) Progress into murders, attempted murders of lawyers and judges
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6 Apr
Sirens wail, lights streak past in a blur. Vans screech, doors slam. Rescuers in hazmat suits evoke dirty wars in far off places.
I come for a health procedure, leave with good news.
But the air folds and ripples as the monster slithers by. (More)
We’re used to wails and screams during disasters.
The monster that stalks the land today crushes throats.
Voices drop, and drop, and drop, matching lowering odds, as word trickles in of a rejection, and another, and then another. (More)
Eyes track hour and minute lights on flat screens, imagining gasps, tears and clenched fists in tens of thousands of lonely pods.
A half hour cruising this village — former happy hunting ground for friends and lovers, colleagues and news sources —I count seven ambulances. (More)
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5 Apr
American Idol, 1st half of top 24: Alyssa Wray, Wyatt Pike, Grace Kinstler, Anilee List , and Willie Spence. The rest can slug it out for 6th. You can’t beat these 5. (Pike is country cross-over, saw some Keith Urban there). My personal faves: Grace and Alyssa
For the others... Andrea Valles made me forget for a moment my hatred of “Carless Whispers” and she’s got ‘tude. Love Deshawn’s voice but he didn’t show half of what he’s got.
Alyssa’s solo: that smooth glide from power note to lyrical whisper was the best. Few can beat her for presence. She’ll need to show more vulnerability to win loyalty. As for Grace, goddess! Joss Stone gave advice (like Katy gave Alyssa). Glad she took it.
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30 Mar
(Thread) Will say this about VP Robredo. (This isn’t about 2022 but the here and now)
Have heard some folks chafe that she isn’t charismatic, that her speeches don’t excite. Maybe so, if you want empty bombast and false promises. But she has shows great executive skills.
We’ve had enough excitement and posturing to last us four lifetimes. The VP takes time to detail - with facts and context - where some roots of problems lie. She prescribes solutions — some long-term, many immediate — and then quietly networks to put in place some solutions.
VP Robredo can’t do everything for everyone, of course, as she doesn’t run the country, has no power to marshall logistics, is ignored and even vilified by many top officials. But what the VP has done w what she has is pretty impressive.
If that isn’t exciting, I dunno what is.
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7 Mar
I hope the Supreme Court takes note of this. These are all legal activists. CRACKDOWN ALERT @karapatan southern tagalog describes the simultaneous raids as “tokhang-style” — similar to Duterte’s drug war operations. (Will translate in thread) At least 3 arrests, 3 dead.
For context: Raids immediately followed Duterte’s growl for troops to kill when they see armed rebels. But remember, a judge just threw out the case against Lady Ann Salem because, clearly, evidence of arms planted, testimony manufactured. Other similar cases also dismissed.
1. Steve Mendoza, EVP of Olalia KMU arrested at his house in Mamatid, Cabuyao around 3:15 am
2. Mags Camoral, BAYAN Laguna Spokesperson at former Union head at Pangulo F-Tech, arrested at the HQ of Defend Yulo Farmers in San Isidro, Cabuyao, around 4 am
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5 Mar
COVID19 surging again, vaccines coming in slowly — the powerful jumping the lines as usual. The favoured Duterte vaccine (initially used as SMUGGLED) still lacks documentation per FDA. You wonder how they green light purchase orders. But all Duterte can say is kill, kill, kill.
Duterte screams kill because, of course, it’s tokhang, jagainst perceived leftists this time. He orders troops to kill when they see armed rebels. But a judge just threw out the case against Lady Ann Salem because, clearly, evidence was planted, testimony manufactured.
Lady Ann’s case isn’t the first one thrown out because of spurious evidence. A series of court judgements have slapped police and the AFP with acquittals of their targets. Because their fiction won’t stand in court, they kill - after red tagging.
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4 Mar
Duh. Only idiots would buy into that “challenge” for VP @lenirobredo to accept funds from you to buy vaccines. Everyone knows how incompetence/corruption/lack of transparency caused the delay in transacting with vaccine makers and even friendly states. #DuterteLegacy
Memory lane. Duterte initially blustered against western vaccines in favor of those produced by his patrons, China and Russia. Slammed advance payments. We know how China ‘collects’ on favours and aid. Also it has been grossly lacking in transparency…
Memory lane. Why challenge the VP when the dudes in charge of the pandemic, your Tatay included, delayed negotiations with vaccine makers…
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28 Jan
Tyranny and corruption share a bed. (Thread)
The Red Tagging hysteria aims to divert attention from the Duterte regime’s wussy behavior towards Chinese aggression and the massive corruption by appointees who took advantage of a health crisis to line their pockets.
They now claim P15-billion missing isn’t, that it’s being “liquidated” by hundreds of hospitals. Like these were advances. But during the probe hearings and other times, other hospitals — including state hospitals — moaned about delays in reimbursements, as did the Ph Red Cross
The Duterte regime imposed a draconian lockdown starting March 2020. It dangled grandiose promises of mass hiring for contact tracing and for beleaguered hospitals. Duterte also tried to hold medical professionals with jobs abroad hostage to the regime’s theatrics.
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22 Dec 20
This is a thread on @EspinaNonoy ‘s FB which clearly shows what he means by a “mob howling for blood” — calling for summary execution of the killer cop. What follows is his post on the “attempt to twist the narrative of the uproar that followed the Paniqui executions.” (More)
The new lie, he notes, “blithely claims that so-called human rights advocates he been calling for the lynching of the cop and his kid while Duterte's disciples sought a trial.” (More)
“The truth is - and this is so easy to check on social media - the mob howling for blood, including that of the child, was made up of BOTH pro- and anti-Duterte partisans, though predominantly the former” (more)
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19 Dec 20
What really interests me is Vietnam: started its trial of a locally-developed COVID-19 vaccine Thursday... The country has kept its coronavirus tally to just above 1,400 cases and gone over two months without community transmission.…
Also ... “Last week, Indonesia received 1.2 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine made by China's Sinovac, with another 1.8 million set to arrive next month.” ... exactly how advanced (or delayed) is the evaluation and approval of potential vaccines in PH?
November — official DoH; in future tense: According to Galvez, the most critical stage is beginning phase of roadmap, w/c involves scientific evaluation and selection of vaccines. The DOH and the (DOST) are leading this phase.…
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19 Dec 20
The IATF is not running a tight ship ... could use the synonym “loose” to describe the quality of thought and logic of the country’s top leaders. That ball was dropped from up there and higher.… 3 mos after Pfizer approached but CDA not the issue here
Rappler has good report on convoluted procedures. Hardly a fan of Duque but IATF hand seen here… Duque often falls in step with the boss — who refuses to criticise him, eh?
Related to Duterte initially slamming western firms in Sept for seeking advance payment, the President eventually backtracked from stance in Nov. This is a Nov 19 story…
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18 Nov 20
Inefficiency is bad enough. Neglect and displays of cavalier response among top officials are worse.
Duterte's tries to mask failure by attacking those who stepped into the breach. This is criminal and unforgivable. #DuterteMeltdown (thread)
So many around the country still have to receive aid. Duterte wastes time with yet another angry rant. His sole goal — to hide the real costs of a presidency in perpetual idolation. That is why we got the #DuterteMeltdown
No one is surprised when Duterte hurls out one lie after another. It is the thing he's always done best.
Harry Roque issues an imbecilic response to sexist, vulgar banter of men amid groans for aid. Release of tension? Where does that logic lead to? #DuterteMeltdown
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21 Sep 20
#DefendPressFreedom #FightTyranny Living in the dark. A martial law baby’s story. (Thread)
The newspapers disappeared and the television went on the blink when I was in grade 3. Dad didn’t know how to explain events to kids who had learned early to be news junkies.
Why? we kids asked. How will we know what’s happening?
Dad, a journalist, groped for answers. He said Marcos could be hiding something or wanted to do things he wanted to keep secret.
Something bad? we asked.
Bad things?
We learned anyway from the people who came daily to consult with our parents.
Of people disappearing.
Of men strung up on poles as a warning to others fighting for the right to own land.
Of officials stealing public funds.
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1 Aug 20
The doctors were restrained in language but all together, that was a damning indictment of the government's pandemic response. And they were ready to skewer the expected knee-jerk spins. ECQ is not their end-all, be-all. (more)
They made it very clear that what they seek is breathing space for the country so they can help govt come up with a comprehensive strategy -- "sit down and plan with a sense of urgency" -- instead of this deluge of ad hoc, off the cuff orders, sometimes canceling out each other.
Dr. Limpin made it very clear that ECQ without corresponding changes to policies and how they are implemented will NOT solve the problem. But not to do anything and continue with govt's current path is a disaster in the making (if it isn't that yet). (more)
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6 Apr 20
I just published DELIVERANCE
The Philippines is missing a President. There is no leader. There is only Rodrigo Duterte thrashing around the swamplands of his Id, a gofer perpetually on the watch.
With 110 million lives on the line, he delivers a "report" that reels from one low point to another.
He talks of bladder woes, describes the remains of a novel coronavirus victim as "a dirty carcass."
Duterte yaks about everything, except what his government is doing to catch up with the backlog in containment measures, the protection of health workers and patients, and its obligations to hungry, stranded folk.
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6 Apr 20
Joshua Molo confirms a barangay official told him to stop with his "anti-government' posts and apologize to teachers or be arrested and charged for cyber-libel. (A thread, full text from Joshua, shared by @karapatan paralegal @thejoncallueng )
I am Joshua B. Molo, 20 years old, a Filipino citizen, and a resident of Brgy. San Fernando Sur, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija. Following the incident yesterday, it appears that numerous information have been circulating online and offline regarding my case.
So for record and clarification purposes, here is my account in full: 1. On Sunday, April 5, 2020, at around 12:00 noon, I was invited by village officials of Brgy. San Fernando Sur, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija to a mediation meeting on a blotter-complaint filed against me;
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5 Apr 20
(thread) On the harassment of UE Dawn editor-in-chief Joshua Molo:
Anyone can file for libel if he or she feels a person has falsely and maliciously attacked personal reputation. But the barangay’s response to the complaint went way beyond the bounds of this particular dispute.
Village officials of San Fernando Sur, in Cabiao, Nueva Ejica summoned 20-year old Molo, on Sunday, April 5,
Karapatan paralegal @thejoncallueng, who is handling the case, said the summons came after a former high school teacher filed a blotter accusing Molo of cyber-libel.
Calueng said the complaint stemmed from Molo's Instagram post, expressing dismay over former mentors’ harsh reactions when he criticized the government response to social welfare needs amid the novel coronavirus lockdown.
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3 Apr 20
The outpouring of love for the Tung brothers rivaling that shown for Vico Sotto :) In hospitals across the country, young doctors, nurses, technicians lead the way in demanding protection of their rights and the rights of patients. THIS GENERATION showing us how to do it. BOW.
Metro mayors, whatever their political parties, collaborate and learn from each other's innovations, and take time to acknowledge bright ideas across the metropolis.
Younger brgyy captains confront the President on premature claims and the red tape affecting delivery of aid.
I do not know the Tung brothers. But their wicked wit, harnessed for the family sardines manufacturing corp, combines humor and biting social commentary. They're also big donors in relief ops.
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18 Mar 20
#COVID19PH presser tonight...(thread) Govt has admitted missteps, mistakes... and credited those already helping the most in need. Struggle is important. 1) Regular, contractual and informal work sectors won important concessions from DOLE today
2) belated realization that health front liners need transport.
We see the private sector cooperating well -- if you had given hospitals early warning of a blanket transport ban, for example, they could have planned for housing earlier.
3) finally addressing holes in exemption ... for critical manufacturing sectors, logistics firms that make meds and health needs; aviation workers because need unhampered air and sea cargo. Tama naman that employers house these workers, for health's sake. Skeletal force
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17 Mar 20
A cry from a doctor in the province. She happens to be my daughter. She is also her own person, so much so that I learned about her post ten hours after. HOW CAN WE TEST OUR PEOPLE, she asks? Took screencaps because it's a long missive.
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