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Isha Foundation is a non-religious, non-profit, public service organization, which addresses all aspects of human wellbeing through Yoga & Outreach programs.
Nov 21, 2020 6 tweets 11 min read
Twitter has become an important public forum in our society and vital to our democracies. It's important to keep it clean of abuse, slander and vitriol. #EmptyTwitterTrash @TwitterIndia It is time this Nation reclaims public forums from vested interests who will stoop to any level to spread false narratives and lies. Public platforms @TwitterIndia should assume responsibility for the manner in which they are (ab)used. @thekiranbedi @kiranshaw @samirsaran
Nov 19, 2020 5 tweets 4 min read
“The transformation journey has not been easy. It happened on multiple fronts. The first, and the biggest task, was identifying the core issue,” says @realvarunberry, Managing Director, @BritanniaIndLtd. #IshaINSIGHT #IshaINSIGHTonline Image A case study with critical lessons indeed. What comes across as a solid quarterly win for Britannia was seemingly an outcome of sustained and relentless focus on key business operatives. #IshaINSIGHTonline #IshaINSIGHT Image