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4 May
What is Asthma?
It’s a chronic lung disease which causes breathing difficulties and affects sufferers to varying degrees, asthma is caused by swelling and inflammation of the air passages leading to & from your lungs to narrow.
This obstructs the path that oxygen takes to your lungs, resulting in shortness of breath. Asthma attacks can be physically & emotionally distressing. And in severe conditions, can lead to death.
Asthma is not usually curable but can be controlled to certain extents, depending on how it affects the sufferer. If asthma is controlled then sufferers can live relatively normal lives, although some triggers may have to be avoided.
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3 May
I get your point but you are missing the point.
When we say EndSars, does that mean there are no good police officers?
There good ones but which unit is majorly know for perpetrating evil? SARS
And they don’t come with a label of who’s good or bad.
Victims just know it’s SARS.
The same applies here.
Yes there are a whole lot of good men, but no woman would want to take the chance & risk her safety to find out who’s good or bad.
They just know men are scary because is mostly men that harm them & it could be any man.
So the onus is on us men to do better, to ensure women feel safe.
Fish out the bad eggs within us.
This issue is beyond just robbery, we talking rape, sexual assault & harassments.
Men don’t deal with these issues half as much as women do.

If I’m walking on the road...
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2 May
She shared her location
Told someone her whereabouts
Dropped the number of who called her
She did everything right
But she still got killed
What NEXT would we tell women now?
Don’t go out?
Barakat didnt go out but still got killed in her house
What NEXT would we tell women to do?
Maybe we would tell them not to walk or start flying so they can stay safe from being killed & raped since we want to ignore the perpetrators & face the victim.
Why don’t we tell men to simply STOP RAPING & KILLING WOMEN!
We need to DO BETTER!
It’s a hard conversation.
I don’t like having it too but it’s the hard truth and we need to start having these discussions!
It starts with You & I
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