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16 Jan
Amazon Selling

Book flipping from the dollar tree

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The only things I currently sell on amazon are books.

While I am working on getting ungated in brands I sell often, these are what I am currently allowed to sell


Books are what you will be allowed to sell when you make an account as well.
So how do you flip books from the dollar tree.

Pretty simple

Download the amazon seller app

Make an amazon seller account

Go to the dollar tree

Scan all of the books that they have
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12 Jan

For everyone who is interested in a vending business, I am going through all of the steps of creating one right now.


I want to show you everything so let’s talk about it

Your Largest costs are always going to be

- Transportation of the machine (if you have to rent a Uhaul)
- The Machine
- Product

I want to go over all of this with you all
Let’s talk about transporting them first

If you don’t have a way to transport the machine I would always recommend borrowing a truck from someone you know first.

If that’s not the case generally a 1 day uhaul rental will be fine.

P.S. rent a dolly as well
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