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27 Apr
I’ve had this on my heart for a while.

I think we as active Democrats need to better evaluate how much time we’re spending on Facebook + Twitter versus talking to voters via phone banks, peer to peer texting, + knocking doors.

Tweeting and memes will not beat Trump. (thread)
Recently I was added to a group on Facebook that I won’t name because I still think it’s a fine progressive group. Upon joining, I noticed the group was entirely made up of memes, articles, + videos.

Do not get me wrong, spaces where we can discuss common frustration are vital!
But when I make a post about a phonebank or direct action item in a group like this, it doesn’t even get half of the interaction a meme does.

I’m not going to lie, this has been frustrating for me to see, especially when I was an organizer who could’ve used more volunteers.
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2 Oct 19
I really, really disagree with the “let Trump tweet, it gives us a glimpse into his mind!” takes.

We already know how he thinks, or the lack thereof. Literally nothing is worth letting him threaten our national security and incite violence on here.
I also do not find Trump’s tweets amusing whatsoever. They scare me. And they should scare everyone else.

The fact that we’ve made this into a comedy scares me even more than the tweets themselves.

@KamalaHarris is justified in calling for his account to be suspended.
I think it’s really important to read @KamalaHarris’ letter to @jack because her calling for his suspension isn’t a talking point.

She has citations. She is serious. With the President threatening to murder the Whistleblower and those who come forward, this isn’t a joke.
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28 Jan 19
Being at Kamala’s rally yesterday was amazing except for the part where the leftist white guy behind me started screaming harassment at her, we had to chant “Ka-ma-la!” in an attempt to silence him, and I was all too reminded of this same situation happening to Hillary in 2016.
Not going to lie: I was very nervous that this guy was behind me and was afraid to say anything to him because we were packed in and I was surrounded by women. The security guard in our section eventually escorted him out which I was grateful for but it left me shaken a bit.
I worry for our female candidates, especially Harris being a woman of color, not because I don’t think they can take the heat but because there are men out there that are *really* mad there are more of them now. We haven’t really accepted that misogyny played a big role in 2016.
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23 Apr 18
"She was not accessible," they say, though she walked through rain to shake hands and listen to concerns.

There's a reason why you never saw these photos in the news or attached to articles. Let's make sure they are for the next female candidate who runs for President.
Going through hundreds of @HFA photos for @TATLGDoc has been a bittersweet experience. It reminds me of the good times but also, retrospectively, I realized that these photos were not circulated because it contradicted the campaign and woman the media painted.
What's passed has passed. It has been a year and a half since I stood in the crowd. But as I approach post-production for #ToAllTheLittleGirls, I'm reminded that we have to challenge our media now more than ever to show women as they are: candidates and beyond.
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24 Feb 18
Cathy Myers, Randy Bryce's primary challenger, is being told to "go away" and drop out.

This is exactly why I got so mad when the media normalized sexism when it was directed at Hillary.

Though more women are running than ever before, they're facing the same barriers HRC did.
I didn't even know that Randy Bryce had a primary challenger until today and I'm always on Twitter and going through the trending news stories.

Where is the national coverage for Cathy Myers? Why isn't her video being shared and praised?
I agree with what Diane said here. While I understand that #WI1 has national implications because whoever wins will challenge the Speaker of the House, this primary has become completely one-sided because of national discourse, which is steeped in sexism.
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28 Jan 18
When are Democrats going to understand that we didn’t lose the Oval in 2016 because we didn’t have the *middle class* on our side?

We lost because of voter suppression, foreign interference, sexism, racism, media bias. Not because we didn’t pander to ¡white! concerns enough.
A Must Read: “Here is the troubling reality for civically minded liberals looking to justify their preferred strategies: Hillary Clinton talked about the working class, middle-class jobs, and the dignity of work constantly. And she still lost.”…
Let’s be clear here: when we turn the discussion away from #DACA and to the *middle class*, we are turning our backs on people of color and deeming their issues as lesser.
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4 Sep 17
Tonight is one of those nights where I have to sit and wonder how there are still people out there bragging about not voting for Hillary. 1/
Let's face the facts: If Hillary were President, the headline tonight wouldn't be that the President is shredding DACA. I can assure you. 2/
Would things be flowers & roses? No. Would we be brunching without a care? No. But so many people would be safer under President Clinton. 3/
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