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27 Sep
I’ve been at baseball all day.

Are the idiots misunderstanding depreciation and tax loss carry forwards again?
I’ve read so many bungled tax analysis from the New York Times the past for years that there’s no reason to even read it again.

These people dont know how the world works.

- operating losses
- starker exchanges
- deprecation

This is how everyone does things.
Dude what if I bought a $500,000,000 building as a business expense and then wrote all off my taxes this year?

- No, you gotta take a little off every year over many years.


It’s really that simple.
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24 Sep

President Trump Declares WAR on Critical Race Theory after @realchrisrufo spurs him to action.

Join Chris and I as we discuss his work, his background, the new media universe, and CRT.



Audio download of latest podcast with @realchrisrufo

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20 Sep
Iz you a wizurd
Ok lol is this one better?

We had a family camp out in the back yard last night and we are having our morning coffee around the campfire.
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18 Sep
NEW! Is the Left trying to steal the election using Color Revolution strategies and tactics? Are they trying to disenfranchise Trump voters?

The esteemed @DarrenJBeattie and I discuss that plus philosophy, Trump, the culture war and a ton more.


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18 Sep

@DarrenJBeattie & I discuss Color Revolutions, their origin and how they may be deployed in the US.

There is a Playbook. The left is following it.

Some have said this is ludicrous. Let's dig in a little + see.

Video here.

Thread below:

2. There is a Playbook on how to over turn DEMOCRATICALLY elected governments who the Left doesn't like.

They call them Authoritarian.

What regions are they meddling in? Let's take a look...

"and, of course, events in the United States."
3. Is the Left concerned with preserving Democracy? Or making sure their desired candidate takes power?

Do they have any concerns for legality or the voice of the people?

Let's see...


Sound familiar yet?
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16 Sep
New studio set up will be done in about a week.
We’ve turned the entire basement into a home gym and a studio. It is dope.
I hired my son to build me a new computer. He’s an expert ya know.
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16 Sep
Coming up on JML:

@DarrenJBeattie on Color Revolutions

@ShidelerK on ANTIFA

@davereaboi on the Middle East

@LibertarianBlue on big tech tyranny

@realchrisrufo on CRT and the Feds

The best guests.

The most important conversations.


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16 Sep
Did you see @DarrenJBeattie on @TuckerCarlson ??

If want to hear more tune in Thursday at 1:00 PM EDT when he joins me on Jack Murphy Live.

It will be similar to my interview with Michael Anton: long form, free ranging, and uncensored.

Darren and I have had this planned for a few weeks.

Perfect timing.

@DarrenJBeattie understands our environment in a unique way.

Can’t wait to talk to him.

Subscribe and get notified when this begins:

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15 Sep
What if I told you that the same kind of people who make the climate change models also made the Covid models?
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13 Sep
One of the most substantive and timely podcasts I've done, with someone who was involved in the highest decision making in the land.

Trump National Security Council official Michael Anton and I discuss Flynn, BAP, Caesar, Civil War, Immigration, & more!

Michael Anton on Jack Murphy Live:

Audio Podcast Version

Jack Murphy Live with Michael Anton

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11 Sep
Read the great books
Learn valuable skills
Be prepared for violence
I want to found a boarding school based on these ideas.

Aristotle in the morning
Trades in the afternoon
MMA training at night.
This would be the perfect extension of my talent stack.
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10 Sep
I watched the clip from "cuties"

the dancing is, inappropriate to say the least.

but it appears the film makers feel the same way?

check out this reaction clip from WITHIN the movie: Image
From the film maker:

""And after that, they will see that we have the same fight and we are all together about that issue of hyper sexualization of our children and protect our children.""
I haven't watched it, and probably won't - but this more nuanced (shocker) than social media is making it out to be.

Sophisticated critical art often leaves interpretation up to the viewer...assuming the viewers are mature enough to have an opinion.

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10 Sep
General Flynn was sabotaged because the Democrats and Deep State had to get rid of him in order to push the Russia Hoax.

- Michael Anton
Full video here:

Audio only podcast version of my Michael Anton interview, right here:

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9 Sep
Is this working for you?

so it's not working for many of you but it's working for me all of a sudden.

has anyone had this much of an issue with persicope before?
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9 Sep
Will America Survive 2020? Special Guest: Michael Anton - JML #032 pscp.tv/w/cifFcTF4ZUtX…
Dang periscope removed this?
Periscope removed my interview with Michael Anton for some reason.

No worries.

Here’s the YouTube version!

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9 Sep
NEW! Will America Survive 2020?


The Jack Murphy Live Podcast resumes with special guest Michael Anton, a former NSC Official and speech writer.

His latest book: THE STAKES asks the question, is America past the point of no return?

Watch the podcast live today at 2:30 PM.

Get Anton's Book.

Be informed.

The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return

I'm doing something different today.

I'm doing another long form interview (Michael Anton) - but instead of recording uploading it later, I'm doing it live broadcast on youtube, periscope, and facebook.

Check it out!

Click here and set a reminder:

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8 Sep

I emailed the principal and he called me back. Gave me the long list of bullshit:

"just a conversation"
"focus kids on bias"
"create a safe space"

I told him that they were feeding the kids pure unadulterated racism.

He didn't really like that.
I gave him my perspective.

He didn't agree obviously.

He said he wasn't aware that they're feeding kids racism based on CRT.

He seemed surprised at how knowledgeable I was.

They slide this poison in to the kid's heads softly and use it as an opening to brainwash them.

He said they're going to talk about Kenosha.

I asked how they'd introduce it.

"A black man got shot in the back 7 times by a cop"

I asked what other facts they'd introduce.

He said it was up to the students.

I asked about Kyle.

"a white man shot three people"

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