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14 Sep
Qualities to look for in NFTs

⛓ on chain
🖼 good art
🌐 public domain
💻 open source
💎 unique
🤝 not anonymous
💗 healthy community
❌ not super markety
🧑‍🎨 committed artist
💸 you like it
💵 you can afford it
📉 ur cool if it goes down
not all of these qualities will apply to every project, so don’t use this like a checklist — it’s just a rundown of things that are good signals (in my experience) and stuff i look for

i’ll break down each of these items in detail in this thread shortly
⛓ on chain

this means that all or most of the project’s art and metadata is stored on the blockchain itself — this is good because the art is less likely to be lost, corrupted, or manipulated

examples: @blitmap, @ponderware, @lootproject

more info: blog.simondlr.com/posts/flavours…
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13 Sep
if you’d like to learn about Web3 and immerse yourself in the culture, ive acquired 3 extra slots for this reading/discussion group — would like to give them to LGBTQIA people or other underrepresented people in this space

reply below or DM me, and I’ll give them out in a bit
hey all, wow surprised this got shared as much as it did — i wish i had more to spread around, but for now i’ve sent 5 out to 5 different people who responded to this thread: etherscan.io/token/0x819b12…
if you didn’t receive, you still will be able to get the content later:

“Token holders get to participate in the live discussions with authors & experts, & get a full seminar-like in-class experience. All content otherwise will be released publicly for anyone to follow along.”
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13 Sep
MoonCats 101 🐱🌙

- Acclimated MoonCats is the official wrapped collection

- Wrapped MoonCats is the old unofficial wrapper, but still legit cats & can be Acclimated

- Most cats were rescued in 2021, but the project launched in 2017

- Cats rescued in 2017-2020 fetch a premium
MoonCats 101 (part 2)

- you can buy accessories for your Acclimated MoonCats using: boutique.mooncat.community

- you can evaluate the rarity of MoonCats using: mooncat.pro

- you can acclimate MoonCats using the official site: mooncat.community/acclimator
MoonCats 101 (part 3)

- the cats are on-chain

- it pre-dates CryptoKitties

- it’s one of the earliest Ethereum NFTs

- its creators are active and still building new things

- it has a thriving community
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13 Sep
can’t wait for walmart to announce they’re gonna do NFTs on cardano
to be fair, Litecoin does kinda feel like the Walmart of crypto
false alarm, bad intel, totally fake

but we all believed it cuz it sounded like something that walmart might actually do
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12 Sep
just fused my first @AvimeNFTImage
i like the art, the trait card mechanic, the customizability of them... and most importantly, how on-chain they are

1. you acquire the trait cards on OS or minting random packs of them on the website

2. you use the trait cards to design a custom avime by fusing them together Image
gas is higher for on-chain projects because the amount of data stored is higher, but that's a worthwhile tradeoff for the security and longevity of on-chain art for me
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29 Aug
someone is going on a late night @blitmap buying spree
i think the CEO of Figma (@zoink) just bought over 10 @blitmap
the wallet is funded by Zoink.eth

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28 Aug
say hello to my illuminati @astrocryptids

pink little Bambii is the leader of this glitched out crew
also just fyi, if ur not patient then @astrocryptids may not be for you — this project is very unique and not like all the other dime a dozen projects

read all about it here: cielxnoel.com/astrocryptids
if ur wondering why i called these “illuminati”:
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28 Aug
accounts to follow if you want to learn more about web3/crypto/NFTs:


(also look at who im following)
you’ll find some peeps on my list who aren’t on a lot of the other lists floating around 👀

there’s lots of talent that hasn’t gotten a big spotlight yet
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28 Aug
there is an exclusive @lootproject Discord server for Divine Robes holders:

it’s made by @shahruz, the mind behind @InternetCamera 👀
"why Divine Robes?"

not entirely sure, but the item class has a good spread of various rarities which makes it conducive for a subgroup to form around them
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28 Aug
geo.eth adopted 100 @astrocryptids today 👀
they paid $7,200 in GAS to adopt them 6 hours ago 😳
no one seems to know who geo.eth is, but they have a vast collection of NFTs, and i often see them collecting lots of noteworthy projects

they own 59 blitmaps
200 $LOOT
and a Pluto’s Quill

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27 Aug
mint at your own risk

1. go to etherscan link
2. go to "contract"
3. go to "write contract"
4. connect wallet
5. expand "Claim" function
6. enter a number between 1-8000
7. click write
8. if it hasn't already been claimed, u can claim for gas
if you see $2,000 gas fee or anything super cheap like $10, it means the number has already been claimed -- try another number
this is just an experiment, so keep that in mind and don’t be unwise
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27 Aug
maybe i should start holding “office hours” on twitter spaces where peeps can drop in and ask any questions about web3/NFTs/crypto
rainbow office hours 🌈
ok that had a big enough response immediately, so we’re doing it — first session starts in like 10 min
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27 Aug
u better not sleep on @EthBlockArt
y’all are minting artblocks, im minting @EthBlockArt
i see so many people complain about missing out on famous NFT projects but they’re also not paying attention to non-famous NFT projects

u gotta get in early b4 everyone knows about the project
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14 Feb
So you just joined @DispoHQ, but you’re having trouble getting started or have Qs. Here’s a how-to & FAQ 🧵

🎞 How do Rolls work?

Rolls are kinda like albums. By default, your camera doesn’t shoot to any roll. It shoots to the “My Library” tab.
🎞 Do I need to shoot to Rolls?

It’s safest to start out by shooting *without* selecting any Rolls on the camera screen. You can always add photos to Rolls after the fact by going to a photo in your Library and clicking the 3 dots in the top right.
🎞 Roles within Rolls

The person who creates a Roll is the “moderator” and can remove any photos or people from it. Any member of a Public Roll can invite people to join, but only the creator of a Private Roll can invite people to the Private Roll.
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13 Feb
Wondering what the hell this Dispo thing is that everyone is talking about? Here’s an overview 🧵

📸 What is @DispoHQ?

It’s a new social media app created by @DavidDobrik. It originally was released in 2020 as a camera app that mimicked a retro disposable camera.
🎞 Why do I need an invite?

The old Dispo app is still available in the app store, but that’s not the one everyone is talking about all of a sudden. There’s a new version that adds a social media component, and it’s currently in private beta for iOS.
🤔 How does @DispoHQ work?

You take photos through a tiny viewfinder window that looks like an old-school disposable camera. The photos are shot on digital “film rolls” that develop the next day at 9am.

No editing, no manual controls. You have to wait to see your pics.
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12 Feb
I’ve been working at @teal_hq for 6 months now, and I want to share what I’ve learned while working at my FIRST seed-stage startup and my first 100% remote company. 🌱🧵

Some of this may be news to my boss @davidfano 😂
1. You have to look out for yourself first.

It’s incredibly easy to lose sight of your own growth & wellbeing when working at a startup. There’s so much to do, and there’s a tendency to think you’re being selfish if you prioritize your needs. Don’t make this mistake.
2. If there’s a natural slow moment, don’t always fill it with more work.

Downtime & slow moments are rare at startups, so when they happen you NEED to take advantage of them. Don’t always let that vacuum fill up with more hustling. This is burn-out protection.
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12 Feb
Do you want more followers?
It’s interesting to me that follower count is one of the most explicit things about social media, but so many of us have shame around the idea of wanting attention or believing our work is “worth” being followed.
A lot of people are also unwilling to do “what it takes” to achieve a following. We as human beings like consistency and predictability... so people who stay “on brand” and focused on one topic tend to grow their following more.
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11 Feb
Reminder: you’re not actually addicted to screens.
Screen time is not your problem, it’s how you’re using your screen time.
The only way to make social media work for you is to DRAMATICALLY change how you use it. New wine, new wine skins.

Prioritize your needs, identify your triggers, ground yourself in a home base.
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