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Aug 6 5 tweets 3 min read
BREAKING: The Ukrainian government’s Ministry of Digital Transformation is conducting mass-reporting raids that were responsible for my multiple suspensions & permanent demonetization on YouTube.

Here is one of their trolls boasting upon learning that their raid was successful. According to the groups’s website, the Digital Forces of Ukraine, their founder Ivan Volkov is a Senior Project Leader at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. This is clearly a coordinated campaign that is being carried out at the behest of the Ukrainian Government.
Jul 13 4 tweets 1 min read
The Donetsk People’s Republic have prepared an execution yard for convicted foreign fighters. All 3 – 2 Britons & 1 Moroccan – have filed appeals. The convicts would be executed by firing squad if their appeals aren't successful.

The UK & Morocco could still save their lives.⬇️ Image A prisoner swap between the UK/Morocco & the DPR would prevent the execution. And it seems like the logical next step for the UK & Morocco to pursuit, considering they openly encouraged their men to join the Ukrainian foreign legion.

Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen.
Feb 27 4 tweets 1 min read
List of anti-Russia propaganda we have seen thus far:
- Ukrainian father crying as he hugged his daughter was actually a pro-Russian rebel in Donbas preparing to fight Nazi Azov Battalion
- 13 Ukrainian soldiers "killed" on Snake Island actually surrendered and are alive and well - Russian tank that ran over civilian car in Kyiv was a Strela-10 Ukrainian air defense system
- Photos of Zelensky in military garb with a helmet on are from 2021 border inspection
- Video of Ukrainian MiG-29 shooting down a Russian Su-35 was a Digital Combat Simulator animation
Jan 4 4 tweets 1 min read
Sen. Huey Long (LA) proposed the Share Our Wealth program in 1934:

- Progressive tax rate, cap personal fortunes greater than $9M ($180M '22)
- Limit annual income to $1-3M ($20-60M '22)
- Cap individual inheritances at $5M ($99M '22)
- Greater regulation on economic activity The funds would guarantee:
-$5K ($103K '22) household grants
-$3K ($62K '22) annual minimum income
-Free edu.
-Vocational training
-Farmer assistance
-Veterans' benefits
-Public works
-$30 ($650 '22) monthly pensions for seniors
-Month's vacation for workers
-Free medical care
Jan 3 4 tweets 2 min read
Communist streamer @InfraHaz has been banned from Twitch after smears from liberal BreadTuber 'Badbunny.' Odd thing is 'Badbunny' is the one who violated Twitch TOS by calling on her audience to brigade (mass) report Haz's channel.

Reinstate InfraredShow @Twitch @TwitchSupport Badbunny has been attacking Haz & harassing him nonstop. Her comments about him are racially charged, referring to his level of hairiness & racist tropes about 'sexist Arabs.' Badbunny has a history of racism toward Arabs as evidenced by her use of slurs. It's definitely related.
Dec 28, 2021 7 tweets 2 min read
AOC's TOP 2021 accomplishments:
- Voted 'present' on $1B in funding for Israel's Iron Dome & bombing campaign on Gaza
- Passed $1.9B Capitol Police & Security funding increase
- Voted Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House instead of forcing a vote on Medicare For All - Never said a word about Biden's illegal airstrikes which killed civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia
- Supported or voted to sanction Syria, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, Myanmar, Venezuela, Cambodia, China, and Libya — but never proposed sanctioning Israel.
Dec 21, 2021 6 tweets 1 min read
I'm getting smeared for stating that Benito Mussolini was a socialist prior to becoming the founder of fascism.

Before WWI, he was a socialist, a brilliant organizer, agitator, gifted journalist, and editor of the Socialist party's official newspaper. Mussolini's youth was marked by radical politics. Yet his comrades suspected he was less interested in advancing socialism than advancing himself.

Indeed, when the Italian upper class tempted him with recognition, financial support, & power, he did not hesitate to switch sides.
Dec 9, 2021 6 tweets 1 min read
Ghislaine Maxwell likely ran one of the most powerful Reddit accounts in history.

It was the:
- 8th highest ranking account in total karma
- 1st account to reach 1M karma
- Power mod for the site's largest subreddits

She posted almost daily until she was taken into custody. When she wasn't posting about the top news of the day, she often wrote about the ages of sexual consent, the supposed overreach of sex offender laws, pedophilia, graphic violence against children, "over-zealous" child protection legislation & advocated for the legalization of cp.
Oct 14, 2021 11 tweets 5 min read
WOW: Breaking Points just did a 14min pro-war propaganda piece against China with @jacobhelberg who is a mouthpiece of the military industrial complex & imperialist western governments. Helberg is an adjunct fellow at @CSIS, which is funded heavily by the following entities ⬇️ CSIS is a pro-war think tank propped up by companies such as Boeing, Exxon, Lockheed Martin, General Atomics, BP, Saudi Aramco, General Dynamics, Raytheon, BAE, General Electric, L3, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Gilead & far more. In other words, the who’s who of pro-war corporations.
Aug 6, 2021 9 tweets 2 min read
Trump policies that Biden has upheld or expanded:
- Increased Trump’s bloated defense budget of $704B to $778B
- Refused to re-enter Iran Deal
- Maintained immigration policy of separating children from relatives at border - Illegally bombed Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Iranian targets, Yemen *via proxies* — killing & injuring civilians
- Reinstated sale of $23B in weapons to UAE
- Continued ICE deportations
- Continued Trump’s mandatory minimum drug sentencing policy
May 25, 2021 5 tweets 1 min read
Biden’s 4th Month:
- Approved $735M in missiles to Israel amid Palestinian assault
- Will not pursue student debt relief, public option healthcare plan, or prescription drug price negotiations in upcoming budget despite campaign promises
- Deported 484,962 migrants as of May 20th - Reaffirmed support for Israel amid ethnic cleansing, occupation, genocide & massacre of 248 civilians, including 66 children.
- Blocked 5 UN resolutions condemning Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza
Apr 30, 2021 18 tweets 3 min read
Why would anyone say Biden has exceeded their expectations when this is what he did in his first 100 days? Thread ⬇️

- Increased Trump’s Pentagon budget to $753B
- Deported 302K people as of April 30
- Announced plans to likely finish Trump's border wall - Violated Afghan Peace Deal. US forces will continue occupation until at least 9/11/2021
- Sent advanced warships to Black Sea, escalating US aggression towards Russia
- On track to admit the lowest number of refugees of any US President
Apr 22, 2021 7 tweets 2 min read
Biden's Third Month:
- Increased Trump’s Pentagon budget to $753B
- Deported 127K people as of March 15th
- Sent advanced warships to Black Sea, escalating US aggression towards Russia
- Violated Afghan Peace Deal. US forces will continue occupation until at least 9/11/2021 - Announced plans to likely finish Trump's border wall
- On track to admit the lowest number of refugees of any US President
- Announced plans to likely finish Trump's border wall
- Continued naval blockade in Yemen which could cause 400K children to die of starvation this year
Feb 23, 2021 10 tweets 2 min read
Biden’s First Month:
- Supported 3,500 NATO troop surge in Iraq
- Approved $65M arms deal for NATO
- Approved $60M arms deal for Jordan
- Approved $85M arms deal for Chile
- Approved $197M arms deal for Egypt
- Maintained US support for Saudi “defensive” war in Yemen - Refused to end US-backed naval blockade in Yemen which is responsible for the famine
- Continued extradition of Julian Assange
- Hasn’t freed migrant children in cages
- Issued new ICE guidance to continue deportations after promising to halt them
Feb 21, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
I used to work as an interpretive specialist for the CA State Parks. It was my job to teach young people (5-14yr olds), from predominantly lower income areas in Compton & El Monte, about the outdoors & why it’s important to protect them. Image One of the most difficult parts of the job was helping students see “the outdoors” & “nature” when I was visiting their schools. Campuses in these areas rarely had any greenery, gardens, fields, or even trees. Something I definitely took for granted at the schools I attended.
Feb 15, 2021 6 tweets 1 min read
Joe Biden claims to be doing his part to end what the UN has declared as the world’s largest humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Sadly, his words are deceiving. Biden is only planning to end “offensive” operations in Yemen. And it gets worse, read on... (1/6) Why not end support for all military operations in Yemen you might ask? Because according to the Saudi-led coalition, the entire war in Yemen is “defensive.” Not to mention, the word “defensive” was used by the Obama Administration to enter the war in the first place. (2/6)
Feb 14, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
Biden has officially launched a Guantanamo Bay review board with the aim to potentially close the camp.

Remind me why we need a review to determine that indefinite detention without trial and the torture operations of this camp are major breaches of human rights? The prison costs over $530 million to operate each year, meaning each prisoner costs about $13 million per year. As of January 2021, 731 of the 780 people detained were transferred, 40 remain and 9 died while in custody.
Jan 26, 2021 5 tweets 1 min read
In Biden’s first 5 days, he:
- Lied about $2K checks
- Lied about public option
- Froze insulin/EpiPen rule that lowered prices
- Considering multi-thousand troop surge in Iraq
- Claims to “own” 1/3 of Syria & is stealing their oil
- Claimed Juan Guaidó is President of Venezuela - Appointed the who’s who of war criminals and corporatists to his cabinet
- Maintaining colonial Trump policies in Puerto Rico
- Won’t rejoin the Iran Deal without unreasonable amendments
- Maintaining murderous Iranian sanctions
- Invited Venezuelan coup leader to inauguration