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@NBCNews and @MSNBC correspondent. Author of New York Times bestseller “Separated: Inside an American Tragedy."
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8 May
NEW: @SecMayorkas brought me into his office and showed me a photo on his wall of a Haitian boy after 2010 quake. I asked why admin hasn’t given Haitians temporary protected status. He said “it’s still under review... certainly is uppermost in my mind.”
I first asked @SecMayorkas about TPS for Haiti when we spoke in March.
To learn more about the fight for TPS for Haitians, follow @GuerlineMJozef and @HaitianBridge.
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6 May
EXCLUSIVE: Biden admin may bring whole families to U.S. to reunite with separated children, not just parents. Task force is working on a process where “immediate family members," like siblings and stepparents, "can also apply." With @JuliaEAinsley. nbcnews.com/politics/immig…
In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Mayorkas said, “We are very much focused on providing stability to the reunited families, and not just for her but for the family as a unit,” referring to a mother who had just been reunited with her son. nbcnews.com/politics/immig…
.@MichelleBrane, ED of the task force to reunify families, said her group is working on a process where “immediate family members can also apply. That includes siblings, another, you know the partner or spouse, other parents if they're in the picture.” nbcnews.com/politics/immig…
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4 May
Thank you, Bryan, for sharing your story.
After three years, Bryan will be reunited this week with his mom, who was deported after they were separated by the Trump administration in 2017. Three other families will also be reunited this week. More in our latest reporting here, with @JuliaEAinsley. nbcnews.com/politics/immig…
Last night I mentioned to @maddow that Bryan, who was separated from his mom by Trump over three years ago and will be reunited this week, graduated HS early and just got a job working for a pro bono legal service provider for migrant kids. Here’s more details, from @ImmDef.
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3 May
NEW: Over 1,000 families remain separated after being torn apart by Trump at border. Good news: this week, Biden admin will help reunite four of them. Much more to do including "wraparound services" to help families heal, and potential investigation of criminality by Trump admin.
Here's our reporting on the first four reunifications, with @JuliaEAinsley. nbcnews.com/politics/immig…
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3 May
NEW: President Biden’s family reunification task force will reunite four families separated during the Trump administration this week, as more than 1,000 remain separated, according to @MichelleBrane, the task force’s exec director. With @JuliaEAinsley. nbcnews.com/politics/immig…
"We are happy that the first four families will be reunified this week, but this is only the beginning of a very long process involving more than 5,500 children," @ACLU’s @leegelernt said. nbcnews.com/politics/immig…
.@MichelleBrane said the task force is "looking into longer-term status" for the parents so they could remain and work in USA.

@SecMayorkas said, "We are continuing to identify families that were intentionally separated under the prior administration." nbcnews.com/politics/immig…
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28 Apr
NEW: I first met Anna, a U.S. citizen, and her undocumented mom at start of Trump admin. Checked in with them as she gets ready to graduate HS. They feel safer, but worry border politics could hurt her folks' chance at citizenship under Biden, leaving them at risk of separation.
Anna and her family will share more of their story tomorrow on @MeetThePress Reports, streaming Thursday at 8PM ET on @NBCNewsNow and available on demand Friday on @peacockTV.
Anna tells me she’ll be watching President Biden’s address to Congress tonight.
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23 Apr
Thank you @chrislhayes for drinking recycled Los Angeles toilet water with me tonight, and thank you @LACitySAN and @LADWP for giving us a taste of the future — one where climate change doesn’t threaten our water supply. #EarthDay on.msnbc.com/32CuqPC
More details here, if you’re interested. ladwp.com/cs/idcplg?IdcS…
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22 Apr
NEW: A climate change fueled
“megadrought” is putting L.A.’s water supply at risk, and the city has a plan to become “water independent” — by recycling wastewater. Whether you call it toilet-to-tap or showers-to-flowers, I drank it. Delicious. #EarthDay
Cheers, everybody. It’s actually remarkable to see the advanced process — micro-filtration, reverse osmosis, and UV disinfectant. Loved doing this story and learning more. I hope you’ll watch.
True, but only after some advanced cleaning by the good people of @LACitySAN!
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21 Apr
Forgive my dad-wear, but tomorrow on @TODAYshow and @MSNBC I’ll be live, back at this spot, for #EarthDay. Any guesses where?

Here’s a clue: we’ll take you inside one city’s ambitious plan to prevent running out of water in the face of climate change.
Another clue.
It is not a waterslide, no.
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12 Apr
NEW: Biden DOJ refuses to release key Trump documents about family separations. Among the unreleased documents is the agenda from a May 2018 meeting that included a show of hands vote by Trump officials on whether to separate families. With @JuliaEAinsley. nbcnews.com/politics/immig…
In requesting documents, lawyers representing separated families argued materials could show the officials intentionally sought to inflict emotional harm on the children and parents they separated. nbcnews.com/politics/immig…
The Biden administration did agree to hand over some documents, largely by unredacting previously redacted material. But DOJ argued in the filing that the government must protect the right of the government to keep certain planning documents confidential. nbcnews.com/politics/immig…
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8 Apr
BREAKING: According to a federal court filing tonight, parents of 445 kids separated at the border by Trump admin still have not yet been reached. Lawyers searching have made contact with parents of 61 kids since their last filing, when parents of 506 kids hadn’t been reached.
Of those who haven’t been reached, lawyers believe parents of 302 kids were deported, parents of 129 are somewhere in the United States and 
parents of 14 (down from 16) have contact information that has not yet been provided by the government to the lawyers. (h/t @JuliaEAinsley)
Earlier today, we reported the Biden family separation reunification task force has identified 5,600 “yet-to-be-reviewed” fillies for evidence of additional family separations by the Trump administration. nbcnews.com/politics/immig…
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7 Apr
NEW: President Biden’s family separation task force has identified 5,600 “yet-to-be-reviewed” files for evidence of additional family separations under the Trump administration, according to a senior DHS official who briefed reporters on the progress of the task force today.
“We found the list we had when we came in was not comprehensive and included large timeframes that had not been reviewed,” official said.

New files are from ORR, between January 20, 2017 and July 2017, time period not included in the lawsuit filed by ACLU against Trump admin.
Approx. 2,800 families were separated during Trump's “zero tolerance” policy, and lawyers said more than 1,000 had been separated prior to the policy’s implementation. The official said new files may reveal “a few additional families” who have not yet been identified.
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26 Mar
To get an up-close look at an increase in migration of *asylum-seeking unaccompanied minors* my colleague @BreakingChesky just reported Republican Senators are about to ride up and down the Rio Grande on @TxDPS boats outfitted with multiple .30 caliber machine guns.
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24 Mar
NEW: Biden transition officials say Trump admin delayed action on adding capacity for unaccompanied migrant minors. "They were sitting on their hands," one officials told NBC News. "It was incredibly frustrating." With @JuliaEAinsley and @strickdc. nbcnews.com/politics/immig…
Government official who served under both Trump and Biden said non-political staff also brought up the need to open more space. The official said it was "irresponsible of the Trump administration not to listen to us when we were throwing up red flags." nbcnews.com/politics/immig…
It was not until five days before the Biden inauguration that Trump's HHS Secretary Alex Azar finally issued a "Request for Assistance," which started the multi-week process of surveying sites to increase capacity. Biden opened Carrizo Springs on Feb. 22. nbcnews.com/politics/immig…
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24 Mar
Seeing former Trump officials suddenly defend a free press. The truth: yes, at height of separations they did let us in to CBP "epicenter," as Katie Miller called it, in McAllen. But never with our own cameras, and, as she told me then, to head off visit by Congressional Dems.
Later, in 2019, after Trump retreated on family separations and CBP facilities became horribly overcrowded, they did allow cameras into CBP facilities. Biden admin should do the same, and include local journalists.
On Trump admin "transparency," see this:
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22 Mar
People seeking asylum won’t stop because a U.S. president says stern things like “don’t come.” Obama tried — didn’t work. Trump separated families — didn’t work. It won’t work for Biden. Deterrence and punishment do not work. Thanks @TheView for having me.
Always appreciate speaking with you all @WhoopiGoldberg @JoyVBehar @sunny @ananavarro @sarahaines. Grateful for the invitation.
Here’s the second half of my conversation this morning with @TheView team about the situation at the border — we specifically discuss the leaked photos of the overcrowded Border Patrol facility.
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18 Mar
Biden admin is clear about wanting to build a fair, safe and orderly immigration system. But keeping reporters out of facilities currently overcrowded with children — preventing people from seeing what it is they want to change — doesn’t help their case.
I should also add, lawyers have not been able to gain access to the Donna facility -- only to interview minors detained there in a designated area.
To be clear: I'm not advocating for allowing outside observers to take and share photos or images that violate the privacy of minors. Simply for allowing outside observers to see the conditions the DHS Secretary says himself no child should be kept in.
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15 Mar
Early this morning I arrived here at NASA’s Ames Research Center, one of the facilities the Biden administration is considering sheltering unaccompanied migrant children at to alleviate the humanitarian crisis of overcrowding in Border Patrol facilities.
Here’s what @RepRoKhanna has to say about the possibility of the NASA location being stood up in his district, and the crisis in Border Patrol facilities.
There’s a protest scheduled for here later today. But not all advocates are opposed to this facility and the need for more HHS capacity, given ORR influx shelters get kids out of Border Patrol custody. sfchronicle.com/local/article/…
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10 Mar
NEW: Claiming the Biden admin is adopting an "open borders" immigration policy is ridiculous. I went to Mexico last week with @L_Toczylowski and @GuerlineMJozef, where we met @eeerox and saw a growing number of refugees and asylum seekers unable to enter the United States.
On the ground in Tijuana, we met many Haitians who have been waiting years to enter the United States. As @Haleaziz reports, many of those who *have* crossed out of desperation face deportation back to a country where they "may face harm." buzzfeednews.com/article/hameda…
I asked @SecMayorkas about the deportation of Haitians attempting to seek asylum last week. Here's what he told me.
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6 Mar
Here’s my unedited 20 min @SecMayorkas interview. We cover:

- Domestic terrorism
- Migration increase and tent facilities
- Title 42 expulsions
- Deportation of Haitians
- Family separations
- Ending family and private ICE detention
- Replacing USBP chief nbcnews.com/video/nbc-news…
Here’s where you can watch the full interview on YouTube.
A day after Secretary Mayorkas told me in our interview that ICE detention is “not where a family belongs,” in court filing, ICE said it is effectively ending use of family detention. Read more, from @JuliaEAinsley. nbcnews.com/politics/immig…
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4 Mar
Back at the border. Just wrapped a wide-ranging exclusive @NBCNews interview with @SecMayorkas about domestic terror, family separations, tent facilities, family detention, deportations, Title 42 and more. Will have the first clip on @MSNBC at 11AM ET. Hope you’ll tune in.
Yes, I cut my chin shaving.
On a potential criminal investigation of Trump officials as part of the Biden administration’s family separation reunification task force, @SecMayorkas: “Well, I-- I haven't excluded anything but what I'm focused on right now is reuniting the families.”
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