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16 Oct
Been trying to rewatch Terminator Salvation but I can only do it in very short bursts because it’s boring
The bit I just watched our heroes found a band of survivors. Survivors were like ‘dammit you’ll have brought the robots here but here have some of our food’. Robots turn up. Kill everyone. Heroes ride away going ‘WHOO!’ while everything and everyone blows up behind them.
This film is so bad. Terminator as a franchise is so boring. There’s no story to tell beyond the first two films. There’s nothing else you can do with it. The most recent film was fun, but it didn’t need to be anything to do with terminators.
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14 Oct
I’ve been vague about this on Twitter so far but in talking to my partner Sarah she wanted me to be very specific. Sarah has breast cancer. Stage two, the doctors say very treatable, we’re just waiting for more results before we know exactly what that will involve. 1/2
It’s a shock, obviously, and the not knowing for sure has been awful. The treatment might be long and at times uncomfortable. But now we know she’s taking it amazingly, and I know she’ll be okay. Cont..
The reason she wanted me to tweet this is to say that 1 in 7 women get breast cancer, and during the pandemic the number of people coming in for screenings have dropped dramatically. She just wanted everyone to check themselves regularly and don’t be afraid to talk to a doctor 🙏
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