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15 Sep
~*personal news tweet*~

I joined Team Biden this summer as National Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Director, and I'm here to ask for YOUR help electing @JoeBiden, @KamalaHarris and @TheDemocrats. There are only 49 days left until E-Day so it's urgent! Read on for the asks... (1/10)
For reasons too numerous for a tweet, this election MATTERS. As @JoeBiden says, the soul of the nation is at stake - we can't take anything for granted, and that means we need everyone who gives a damn about who leads this country to put some skin in the game. Here's how: (2/10)
We're encouraging folks to VOTE EARLY - whether in-person or by mail. But we have a lot of education to do - there are many first-time early voters & it's new in some states like MI + PA.

Ask 1: Help share iwillvote.com + ask friends to make their voting plan! (3/10)
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