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The level of lying and corruption in the Pf👀zr trials is off the charts! 😮
A trial participant got💉, then was diagnosed in hospital w/ vaxx caused pericarditis.
When he sued for his medical records,
Pf👀zr's doctor diagnosed him as paranoid!>
jackanapes.substack.com/p/is-subject-1… A day before the hearing (and a day after the change in AE status), Polack wrote in Augusto’s clinical trial records that he had had an attack of severe anxiety...and wrote that Augusto suspected a conspiracy between the 2 hospitals and described his anxiety as constitutional>
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Why is this "expert" establishment so far behind in Long Covid research #TeamClots?

"We’ve seen some patients with persistently elevated D-dimers months after COVID, and that makes us wonder whether they may have some tendency to microthrombi OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT"> Maybe it's the criminal company they keep?

Wilder: You recently co-authored a piece with Avindra Nath, M.D., from the NIH...

Spudich: [I gained a lot of] insight through working with Avi.

Like how to grift for NIH grants while people suffer and die around you?>
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The NIH's neurology division, NINDS commissioned a study on people who were injured by the vaxx.
They only enrolled 23 people, ghosted them in the middle of the study and then LIED about the results.

They said many recovered when over half of them are still suffering.> Possibly none of them are recovered. The NINDS refuses to share all the data with the participants and has stopped communicating with them, despite putting out the fraudulent paper.
Your tax dollars at work covering up the crimes of Big Pharma.>
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6 in 10

"In other words if you get the jab and then get infected you are very likely (SIX times in TEN!) to not build any recognition to the "N" part of the virus which is the part that does not materially mutate and thus recognition of same is the key to durable immunity."> Many of us were tweeting about this in 2020, asking why they designed the💉around the spike.

"and thus you will get serially reinfected every time you are subsequently exposed to any other variation that has a mutation in the "S" and "RBD" areas of the virus>
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👶 Hush Little Baby 👶

"a study from Australia’s Sydney University found an enzyme called butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) was significantly lower in babies who died from SIDS when compared to living infants and those who died from other causes. The enzyme plays a key role in> waking babies from sleep. Low levels can reduce their ability to awaken and alert parents to a problem.

“Babies have a very powerful mechanism to let us know when they are not happy...Usually, if a baby is confronted with a life-threatening situation, such as difficulty>
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Milk banks present the same troubling question that blood banks do, they aren't screening for spike protein or anti-spike antibodies. Recipients must assume donated milk is from a vaxxed woman.>
cbsnews.com/news/breast-mi… If pharma companies wanted to eliminate the control group of unvaxxed children, formula shortages that motivate parents to feed infants the breast milk of vaxxed women, would be helpful.>
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Bio Gold Rush

With scrutiny on the safety of J&J's Adenovirus Vector Vaxx it might be helpful to look back at some pertinent stories from the early days of VV gene therapy.

The rise, fall and resurrection of Jim Wilson is very interesting.

"As details about Gelsinger’s death> emerged the entire enterprize of gene therapy began to crumble. The Gelsinger family filed a lawsuit. Investor money dried up, and start-ups shuttered. Wilson found himself at the center of multiple investigations. He was stripped of his titles, his gene therapy center was>
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Ralph Baric denouncing the halt on gain of function research on lethal pathogens. When you realize that many of the viruses he lists are lab creations he's enriching, it's easy to see he is the director of bi0weap0ns research in the U.S.
#UncleRalpieHadALab #UNC #LabLeak #biowar
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"Those guardrails have worked really quite well"

Millions around the world are dead from a pathogen released from a CCP bioweapons lab doing gain-of function research with U.S. government funds and data directed by Fauci. #GuardRailFail #bi0weap0n
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Brokeback Media

One of the many problems with Trump is his rabid fanboys who just can't quit him.
Their orgiastic onanism makes them blind and lazy.

It's not 2016 anymore.

The CCP is now in possession of more sophisticated missiles and bio weapons than the U.S.> They are building artificial islands to take hegemony of the SCS. Their Fentanyl distribution, Belt and Road Initiative, Confucius Society and 1000 talents programs are actively exploiting resources around the world.
They brag about becoming the dominant super power.>
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Baby It's You 2

Researchers showed that infants whose moms received Covid💉in pregnancy had cord blood with high antibody titers. How might this relate to a rise in <1 year infant mortality?

"The results...reveal high titers of anti-S antibodies in cord blood after birth> suggesting that maternal immunization may provide protection to newborns through the transplacental transfer of antibodies.">
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🥁 Fernando 🥁

"They recruited people so fast.
I’ve funded clinical trials, I know how quickly you can recruit people and it is DOG SLOW.
This site managed to recruit people absurdly quickly in a week with just 1 person involved in the trial coordination, which is IMPOSSIBLE."> Site 1231 recruited 4501 patients, that is fcking incredible. That is 10% of the patients enrolled in the entire trial, all at one site, and they were recruited in 3 weeks. That's amazing...never heard of any recruitment this fast! FERNANDO POLACK, this guy's amazing."
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🍬 No Sugar 🍭

"Here we identify several small-molecule metabolites from human blood with effective antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2, one of which, 1,5-anhydro-D-glucitol (1,5-AG), is associated with diabetes...The serum 1,5-AG level is significantly lower in patients with> diabetes.
In vitro, the level of SC2 replication is higher in the presence of serum from patients with diabetes than from healthy individuals and this is counteracted by supplementation of 1,5-AG to the serum from patients...>
May 3 9 tweets 3 min read
The first tweets⬇️censored by Twitter show the SarsCov2 similarity to HIV.
SC2 shares several gene sequence homologs to HIV, this was shown by Pradhan et al. in 2020 and their paper was immediately wiped off preprint servers by Fauci's minions, to prevent understanding of the> virus as a bi0weap0n. The closer more researchers get to showing the similarity of SC2 to HIV and of Covid to AIDS, the more it shows #PradhanWasRight. SarsCov2 is a lab created organism. Further analysis shows the many lethal gene sequence homologs SC2 contains.
The unique and>
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I said to a follower last year: watch the Covid-vaxxed zoo animals, if they start dying, it will be a time frame indicator for human deaths.
“Upon necropsy, we found that she had multiple organ abnormalities, which, in turn, created a life-
valleycentral.com/news/local-new… ending cascade,” said...the Zoo’s Senior Veterinarian.
“The cascade began with FIBROSING heart disease, which led to renal failure”
It will be interesting to compare autopsy data on non-human primates to human primates.
Will it be similar?