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Husband. Father. 🇨🇦 Infantry officer. Recovering MA Student. Interests: tactical planning, SFA, air assault, C2, & human security. Team Oxford Comma.
Apr 24, 2023 • 22 tweets • 8 min read
1/ I've been a student of #airassault in the #canadianarmy for some time, and thanks to great sources such as this one, have done some thinking on the VDV assault on #Hostomel. TLDR: AAslt remains relevant. The attack failed because of Russian errors. 2/ What follows is a thread on some of the planning and execution errors in the #RFAF AAslt on Hostomel on 24 Feb 22. My intent is to make sure we don't take the wrong lessons from this battle, and ID some good ones. @RCAFOperations @101stAASLTDIV @16AirAssltBCT #canmiltwitter