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Mar 5, 2020 6 tweets 3 min read
The fastest formatter does no formatting at all!

I have created a #rustlang formatter for debugging #embedded apps (logs!) that's ~10 (? hard to quantify) times faster than the standard library's `fmt` module and uses way less bytes of `.text` / `.rodata` (and "bandwidth")

Here I "format" a timestamp and an `f32` value on a 64 MHz ARM CPU w/ FPU disabled in 6us. The formatted string is printed on the host (right)

`core::fmt`-ing the same thing (w/o a xfer) takes 57us. I must say `core`'s float formatting is v good but (still) uses 1KB of stack

Mar 3, 2019 8 tweets 5 min read
🚀 Excited to announce the second release (v0.1.1) of `cargo-call-stack`!


`cargo-call-stack` is a static, whole program stack analysis tool, and in this second release it went from "It works ... sometimes" to "this is awesome!"

Here's what new:

1/8 Less cluttered graphs!

The hash suffixes (e.g. ::h1337dead10cc4242) are not shown on symbols that are unambiguous. Plus only a single edge is drawn between two nodes regardless of the number times one calls the other.

Here's an example.