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Mar 24 9 tweets 4 min read
1/ Here is a video update on #DigiByte v8.22.0 as well an overview of the added complexities of core #blockchain protocol development. Short summary, we are working on it, this is most comprehensive upgrade ever for $DGB & we have ran into unforeseen bugs. 2/ When #Bitcoin first started it had 3,000 lines of code in 4 files. Currently $BTC core code has over 620,000 lines of code & DigiByte has over 700,000. In comparison the core Linux Kernel has only 63,000 lines of code. There is a massive amount of changes to review in 8.22.
Mar 19 9 tweets 4 min read
1/7 #Ethereum 2.0 is nothing more than the final step in creation of "Big Crypto" running on Big Tech's infrastructure all owned by Big Bank's. $ETH 2.0 incentivizes users to hand over private keys to centralized exchanges to stake for them. Here is why: zerohedge.com/crypto/ethereu… 2/7 In order to stake $ETH & run your own validator you need to stake 32 ETH. Thats roughly $95,296 as of this writing. How many people can afford that? Or, you can join a shared staking service, which all big exchanges offer, so you can send them any amount to stake for you.
Mar 18 6 tweets 2 min read
1/ If I had 10k $DGB for each time I was privately approached by very large & public groups to "buy" a controlling interest in #DigiByte I would be rich & DGB would have a $100 B+ mc. When I tell them DGB is truly decentralized & its not possible I never hear from them again. 2/ I can promise you many of the new "innovative" tokens that pop up over night promising epic visions of vaporware & all the sudden are worth billions are the same groups of insiders coordinating, paying so called "influencers" & paying kick backs to exchanges. Its disgusting.
Feb 12 5 tweets 1 min read
1/5 It’s painfully obvious many people have no idea how truly decentralized #blockchain tech actually works. Many great people are passionate about the idea, but most are misled by charlatans promising grandiose visions of vaporware… 2/5 Rule #1. If your blockchain or your blockchain company has a “CEO”… its not decentralized. Thats a single point of failure, corruptible by money, politics or personal pervasion.
Feb 12 4 tweets 1 min read
1/3 I want to say this to everyone. There are a lot of raw emotions around the world for this. As well as other matters. Mine included. I have had my reservations, but I have had more optimism for these guys than anything else for last couple years. 2/3 The government should not be getting involved in innovation like this. I have no idea what actually transpired here, but Americans and any other people on Earth should be free to innovate in what ever way they want. Its up to end users to trust and use what they desire.
Dec 28, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
1/ I believe that we will see a virus released on a #blockchain that actually brings it down in next year or two. Either by attacking select addresses & destroying faith in that chain. Or completely overloading the chain with tx bloat. Not likely w/ #DigiByte & #Bitcoin though. 2/ Imagine a virus in a smart contract that replicates itself via #NFTs & splits up a users balance to tiny transactions while replicating itself therefore adding trillions of txs to network in matter of hours grinding it to halt & burning all affected wallets funds at same time.
Dec 28, 2021 5 tweets 3 min read
1/ I never publicly talked about this because I didn’t want to be the one to seed bad ideas but now it’s been done. Due to the very broad attack surface of #Ethereum VM & solidity language it is very much possible to add #malware & #ransomeware to #NFT’s & smart contracts. 2/ This is one of the many reasons Satoshi removed many OP_CODEs originally added to #Bitcoin. Its also a reason we limited the initial release of #DigiByte #DigiAssets. Its a very real problem that will continue to grow as ecosystem grows.
Dec 28, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
1/ Contrary to the narrative put out by a few toxic people who want me dead or completely removed from anything #DigiByte… I have always stated any major changes to $DGB need to be data driven by hard facts & not speculative conjecture based on twisted delusions & ideas. 2/ A rushed, misguided & misinformed hard fork is the most dangerous thing which could ever be done to #DigiByte. A HF now will be 1000x harder than any in the past. I will always speak & act from a position of security & safeguarding the #blockchain.
Sep 10, 2021 23 tweets 9 min read
I want to give 22 fact based reasons why I will not be taking any COVD gene therapy jab any time soon. And why I have urged all friends & family to do the same. Having a clear open discussion on this is important for a free & open society. Please question & comment. 1/ All current vaccines under EUA ( emergency use authorization) have immunity from any & all liability from future damages. Get the jab, it makes you sick & you have no legal recourse. National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 protects approved jabs. fda.gov/emergency-prep…
Apr 18, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
1/ A Gov forced power outage in 1 province in China took out 40% of $BTC hash power & led to the highest (16 min) #bitcoin #block time intervals since 2009 & highest ever tx fees ($40+). There is a BTC difficulty adjustment bug. It's not a feature. BTC chain at 60% capacity now. 2/ We know this for a fact because the same diff adjust code was originally in #DigiByte & #Dogecoin. Sudden hash drops caused $DGB chain to completely freeze for 7 hours & $DOGE to freeze for 2 days in 2014. Numerous chains have all fixed this. $DGB pioneered the fix.