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2 Oct
.@Sethrogen asked me what Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar have said for me (and many Jews) to label them anti-Semites. It requires a thread.

It's not just what they've said, but what they've done & believe. It's why they made Simon Wiesenthal Center list of biggest anti-Semites.
Tlaib doesn't believe in Israel's right to exist, quite literally replacing Israel with a post-it note saying "Palestine."

She supports the anti-Semitic BDS movement & when colleagues condemned it, she employed the dual loyalty trope: ‘They forgot what country they represent.’
Tlaib promoted a blood libel smear against Jews. nypost.com/2020/01/29/rep…

She said that Israel "unjustly oppress[es] & target[s] Palestinian children and families. #FreePalestine" after Israel responded to 350 rockets were fired at them by terrorists.
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19 Sep
Here's what I think @realDonaldTrump should do.

-Immediately make SCOTUS nomination to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg to vote on in second term.

-Campaign on the issue. This will drive votes.

-Re-elect, get the conservative SCOTUS we deserve.
SCOTUS as election issue worked for Rs in '16. It motivated voters in some swing states & it should be *more* motivating now.

Hey FL, MI, WI: Do you want a PROGRESSIVE justice? It's a compelling argument from @realDonaldTrump.

Risky? Maybe. What do his internals say about race?
Is it closer than the national and state polls suggest? Then run on this issue HARD. It's already completely changed the election. It'll motivate the Left (and big money) hard. But it can also motivate the ones who were on the fence on the Right.
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22 Aug
KUOW reports @3DollarBillCine (Three Dollar Bill Cinema) fired an independent contractor for starting a recall petition against a Socialist Councilmember. Is this true?

In Seattle, it’s *illegal* to discriminate on the basis of political ideology.

kuow.org/stories/man-wh… Image
This cinema is a member of the @ffalliance. And @SeattleArts is a contributor to them.

I’m curious to see if they stand for free speech and will accept @3DollarBillCine group mistreating workers or if they’ll be silent.
I'm curious if @SeattleArts is permitted to sponsors organizations that appear to discriminate against employees. I'll be exploring this on Monday.
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11 Aug
Lots of rumors tonight on a big piece of news tomorrow... SPD Chief Carmen Best will resign tomorrow morning. Dori Monson is on our sister station KIRO discussing it right now.
This is obviously unconfirmed. If true it would be a huge blow to the SPD. But it could also lead to huge changes with residents finally speaking up against this Council nonsense.
And now I hear from a source saying the same thing. A lot of time between now and the 11am presser tomorrow.
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3 Aug
The union representing Seattle broadcast journalists told the City Council membership supports defunding the police. Now, they're backpedaling (poorly). KING 5 has called it out. KIRO 7 hasn't commented.

This nonsense erodes public trust in the media.

If the union either said the membership is against defunding -- or she shouted MAGA to the Council -- would members remain so quiet?
I suppose you can blame union protocol (is it?), but it seems weird that not everyone would jump at the chance to say this isn't reflective of their viewpoint. That they do, in fact, aim for objectivity.
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9 Jul
The director of the Office of Law Enforcement Oversight has been hit with alarming allegations of racism, transphobia & calling the deputies she's tasked with holding accountable "d***heads".

When Jacobs was having “a party for women,” she’s allegedly told colleagues that “she was intentionally excluding transgender women from her invitation.” One of the colleagues she told, according to the complaint, is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. mynorthwest.com/2004464/rantz-…
In one conversation with an Asian employee, the director allegedly noted that “an ideal Deputy Director would be a white man.” mynorthwest.com/2004464/rantz-…
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28 Jun
How did the media get CHOP so incredibly wrong?

On CNN, @dansimoncnn called it "more festival than protest." Daily Beast's @KELLYWEILL pretended businesses in CHOP "love" what was going on. She claimed to "debunk" stories of chaos within CHOP. /1
There has been a murder, attempted rape, rampant gun violence & lots of fights. Businesses just filed a class action lawsuit.

Some national reporters spent little time outside of their hotel rooms, pretending to cover CHOP. Some didn't visit at all. But they had takes! /2
Some saw @realDonaldTrump slam CHOP, so naturally, the reporters had to take the opposite position, serving as cheerleader for the movement, rather than objectively reporting.

Still others chose to report on what they *wanted* CHOP to be, instead of detail what it was. /3
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23 Jun
Another CHOP shooting this morning.
People note this is about two blocks away as if that means there’s no connection to CHOP. The hospital mentioned near the CHOP zone presumably for a reason but yes, it could be a coincidence that another shooting in an area where the police precinct isn’t fully functional.
And the spot outside the zone appears to be a pick up spot for safety. This from Seattle Fire.
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13 Jun
A fight broke out at CHAZ.

There are security/activists here who try to block all the videos so we can’t film. You can see the guy in blue constantly bump into me.

Meanwhile, some media outlets pretend none of this is happening.
This man kept bumping into me and @Julio_Rosas11 trying to block video. Image
After @Julio_Rosas11 got closer, blue activist started to follow him to try to block the view.
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10 Jun
I am buying one mourning badge for a @SPOG1952 / @SeattlePD officer.

The city caved to protesters but the policy allows them to wear this specific mourning badge.

You've asked how you can help so here's an easy way. Join me in supporting our police.

Thank you to Matthew who just donated $20!
Jennifer just contributed $140.00 -- rockstar!
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