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12 Oct
Please to read. The next conversation will be to split capitalism (the older ambient definition) from capitalism (the current, metrics-is-all, race-to-the-bottom, "but-the-shareholders" version).
Those who think about employees and how they function (incl. what used to be called HR) have been thinking about a lot of these issues for a long time. It's not that companies haven't known how to engage employees. It's that too many don't care.
The flip side of this (to @JillFilipovic's point) is that, on balance, people want to work. Not just because, money, but because of implicit value in the work. So it requires deep cynicism/ignorance/misanthropy for companies to create jobs that people hate.
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18 Dec 19

As many of you have heard, the Trump administration is considering tariffs of up to 100 percent on European wines. This possibility was floated weeks ago but in recent days, as a comment period and schedule have been finalized, it's clear this is a serious concern ...
It's also an existential threat to the broader U.S. wine industry—the thousands of people who import, distribute and sell these wines, as well as the thousands more who do logistical work: shipping, warehousing, etc. ...
The proposal would have devastating impacts to food and wine merchants and distributors in every state. And that doesn't even include the many thousands more people employed in restaurants and hospitality who face potential work reductions or job losses. ...
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