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My name is Jamelle Bouie. @nytopinion columnist. @CBSNews Analyst. email: jamelle DOT bouie AT nytimes DOT com. I don’t live in New York.
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2 Dec
If teachers molested children at the rate that police shoot people/excessive force, if there was no professional or legal accountability for it, if we routinely saw videos of it happening, if there was a subculture of pro-pedo teachers, then sure, this analogy would work.
oh, and also: teachers who tried to stop their pedo-colleagues were ostracized or fired, teacher unions were led by the most pro-pedo members of the profession, and popular culture was saturated with depictions of heroic pedo-teachers.
teachers with qualified immunity to molest children provided they had a reasonable belief the child was sexually interested in them, and some schools were teachers extract fines from parents by threatening to molest their children
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29 Nov
watching GODZILLA (2014) tonight and it is much better than i think i anticipated. i am very disappointed that there is no 4K blu ray, since the HD stream from iTunes leaves much to be desired.
oh my god yes. even a regular blu ray disc contains far more audio and visual information than high quality streams. there is no internet stream that compares to a 4K ultra HD transfer “streamed” from a disc
the other thing is there is really something to be said for owning the media yourself
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28 Nov
watching the first raimi Spider-Man and the thing about it is it’s so unmistakably a Raimi film in the same way that Batman ‘89 is so unmistakably Burton
and both sequels involve the respective directors just embracing everything that makes them distinct and idiosyncratic
cliff robertson doesn’t get much screen time as uncle ben but he does so much with the scenes he has
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25 Nov
what are you talking about?!? i literally just read a story in christianity today making the identical observation as Obama and quoting Hispanic evangelicals to do it! this observation has been a part of post election coverage for the last three weeks?!?
and there’s no condescension there either, he’s just talking!
this was published in october! tampabay.com/news/florida-p…
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25 Nov
“Quiet part loud” usually means “forgoing the dogwhistle.” Obama is straightforwardly echoing the words of Hispanic political activists and Hispanic evangelicals themselves. I would be interested to know what is offensive here. christianitytoday.com/news/2020/nove…
they are really running with “obama is an anti-hispanic bigot” because he noted that evangelical Hispanics — a group for whom the Trump campaign invested a lot of resources — are cross-pressured on social issues
even funnier coming from the guy whose website had a “black crime” tag
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23 Nov
“the earnest attempt to subvert and overturn the election didn’t pan out so the people who urged vigilance were being hysterical” is the probably going to be conventional wisdom for the professional contrarian set
ah yes, you got me, you are very clever and i am not.
i don’t really know who you are or what your deal is but “the vigilance of people concerned for the health of our democracy” doesn’t mean tweets, it means lawyers and poll workers and advocacy groups and organizers etc.
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18 Nov
“America, nobody can serve God and the military; you cannot serve God and money; you cannot serve God and mammon at the same time. America, choose you this day, whom ye will serve.”

This is pretty standard “you can’t serve two masters” stuff.
Clear in context that this isn’t “you can’t serve in the military and serve God” but “you can’t serve militarism and serve God”...which is true!
Interesting though to see whose religious beliefs are fair political game and whose are not.
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17 Nov
one way to definitely get another Trump — or just Trump again — is to pretend like he didn’t spend four years doing crimes
hey maybe one problem that needs to be solved is rampant criminality from the president and his family
perhaps one way to appeal to some of those 73 million is to show with evidence and investigations that the man they invested their hopes in was a crook who fleeced them at every opportunity
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17 Nov
It is I suppose a great example of the Twitter bubble that no one on here other than wonks seems to know about the $600/week federal unemployment supplement while out in the world that money kept the economy from crashing and almost gave Trump a second term.
I personally know a bunch of people who were clearing more during those months of state + federal unemployment than they did in their working lives up to that point.
Personal income went up and poverty went down this year as a result of pandemic assistance, and as a matter of political fundamentals, income growth in the first half of the year tends to matter most for evaluating an incumbent. Sorry you think the take is shitty though.
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17 Nov
looks like we found at least one attempt at fraud
they really wanted to steal this thing
we all know “voter fraud” is just bullshit meant to delegitimize any election republicans don’t win, but i am always a little struck when they outright say it
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15 Nov
malapportionment of the Senate would not be as a big of an issue if the Senate did not have a de facto supermajority requirement for legislation & if it wasn’t governed by party cartel. with both of those in place, however the Senate just acts as an intractable veto point.
not hard to imagine a Senate where weak party leadership meant all kinds of legislation got to the floor to be deliberated on and voted on with passage guaranteed by simple majority
if the senate is just going to be a veto point, rather than a governing partner, the best solution is to change the nature of the veto, such that one needs a supermajority to reject legislation from the House, rather than a supermajority to approve it.
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14 Nov
really feels like so many places won’t be happy until their cities are paved over with highways and parking lots
“our cities are concrete hellscapes but at least i always have a place to park!”
even in a place like charlottesville, it is an uphill battle to convince decision makers that actually, yes, you can have a vibrant downtown without building hundreds of additional structured parking spaces
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13 Nov
“i didn’t know you liked to get wet”
also, “he’s a habitual line stepper”
okay, one more: “cradle of fuckin civilization”
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12 Nov
the virus could probably win the 2024 GOP nomination tbh
“i disapprove of the virus’ killing spree but it supports pro-life judges and that’s enough for me”
“you know, i am uncomfortable with how the virus wants to infect my respiratory system and use me as a vehicle for its own propagation, but its tax plan would really help the economy”
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8 Nov
the congressional leadership strategy of running on health care did not work, AOC gave a constructive interview noting the ways in which moderate Democrats did not maximize their own advantages to their own detriment, and the response is to, i guess, double down on failure.
One helpful thing here would be if people got out of their feelings and actually read what Ocasio-Cortez said, which wasn’t “adopt my views” but “build campaigns that can actually reach voters where they are, especially digitally.”
As I understand it, AOC’s message is this: There’s nothing stopping moderate Democrats from building institutional capacity, adopting cutting-edge techniques, and modernizing their campaign infrastructure, and progressives are willing to help if they want it.
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6 Nov
I've said this a few times before but I am not so certain there is anyone who can replicate Trumpism and get the same political results except for Trump. Somehow, we still greatly underrate the extent to which Trump's sui generis celebrity is his special sauce.
Yep, tens of millions of people over the course of a decade watched a "reality" television show that relentlessly pushed the idea that Trump was among America's greatest businessmen. Who else has that kind of juice?
Some future Republican may be able to assemble a winning coalition for a similar politics, but I don't think we can just assume it will be Trump + competence, since I don't think Trump's appeal to marginal voters happens on the level of "normal" politics.
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6 Nov
rewatched MICHAEL CLAYTON and boy, this movie. it’s perfect. flawless. and those last fifteen minutes? sublime.
the crazy thing about it, upon this rewatch, is that in memory it feels like a movie that is constantly moving, but it actually has these nice moments where it just breathes and lives in the world its built.
it's a nearly two hour movie that feels barely longer than 80 minutes
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6 Nov
Want to say again that it is insane that a margin of thousands in a few arbitrary geographic units was the difference between victory and defeat for a candidate who won the overall vote by millions (and counting).
and everything you might want to say to defend it — “it protects small states and rural areas and makes sure the candidates visit all regions!” — is demonstrably false.
I don’t understand how this is “misleading” unless millions of votes suddenly don’t count because the percentage margin is < 5%.
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5 Nov
genuinely interested to know what prompted this one
more people than you'd think imagine me as a very angry, negative person and i find it fascinating.
update: i asked and he answered.
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5 Nov
Have been making my way through every legal thriller I haven’t seen and I cannot believe there wasn’t more hype about DARK WATERS.
another good entry in this genre: THE REPORT! also has a lot of very excellent yelling by adam driver, one of cinema’s great yellers.
well from this current watch i really liked PRESUMED INNOCENT and PRIMAL FEAR. classics i’ve seen before include THE INSIDER and MICHAEL CLAYTON.
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