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#BTC BEST SOV. Financial access to the unbanked via crypto/blockchain. Don’t trade TIME for FIAT 🙅🏻‍♂️
Jun 22 8 tweets 6 min read
@CelsiusNetwork - Risk Assessment

- Minimal exp to #UST (Pulled out of #Anchorprotocol early following risk mitigation process)
- No directional exp to #luna
- No forced selling of stETH at discount (withdrawals paused & @Mashinsky stated 'plenty of ETH').

- Current Discount is 5.4% (and closing) on ~$400M-$500M = ~$25M
- Discount represents ~0.25% of $10B in AUM.
- Discount likely has a floor (arbitrageurs/speculators will intervene as PoS date approaches).
- Plenty of FUD online around this low risk exposure.

Jun 21 7 tweets 4 min read
@CelsiusNetwork - A look forward:

- They come up w/ a plan to return $$ over time to anyone that wants to withdraw (highly likely IMO since they are illiquid, not insolvent)
- They stabilize the business (albeit smaller) while the market bounces back pre-election US

- $CEL continues to trend 🆙due to #CelShortSqueeze, slow release f/ App, higher trading volume, yield from cxCEL deployment, and more utility
- They uncover/prove coordinated FUD campaign & market manipulation that regains some of the trust lost (perhaps some $$ too)

Feb 13 7 tweets 3 min read
@CelsiusXDeFi future is so bright!!

Mixing and matching ASSETS and PROTOCOLS to take your liquidity where it will be treated best represents such a massive market that it is difficult to grasp the potential.

It will be particularly beneficial to $CEL token.

@CelsiusNetwork team is not hyping this (conservative on the regulation side), but I see yield paid on $CEL going up in the next few months (along with its demand) as the #CEL treasury is more efficiently deployed.

Feb 2 4 tweets 2 min read
Short story about my mother-in-law.

She is a 70-yr old Argentinean whose husband recently passed away. Worked all her life to raise 4 kids. Middle class. Her income consists of only a portion of her husband's pension fund that does not keep up with 50%+ inflation.

She had a small amount of US$ stored under the mattress to protect it from bank/government confiscation (as history taught her). I convinced her family to open a @CelsiusNetwork and deposit 75% USDC/25% CEL token.

Dec 25, 2021 8 tweets 5 min read
In ‘18, I found @Mashinsky & @CelsiusNetwork. I believed in the mission & bought $CEL.

My first loan was supported by a signed document 🤯. It was early days. I watched #cel do nothing for months, but I believed.

Then, Series A came around and I doubled down. Thanks to Alex for allowing me (and 1,000 others) to participate at a low valuation.

I continued believing in the mission despite the bear market.