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I like having a little anonymity in an exhibitionist world. You don't know who I am ? I guess then we're even.
27 Nov
Crash course on well-done tests for all, i.e. useful for patients, doctors and researchers.
(sub available)

@PanData19 @NickHudsonCT
If you are interested.
(2020-08-24) History of the performance of Covid-19 tests at IHU Méditerranée-Infection
(2020-09-25) Are antigen tests effective (vs PCR) ?
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26 Nov
@sabhlok Then I am the one who's incompetent. I have not been censored on MeWe and was thinking it was from it. Wrong inference. No excuses.

I actually started checking for myself the first time you talked about it a few weeks ago.
@sabhlok Still, MeWe ToS does * not * cover freedom of expression, only (data) privacy and censorship seems to occur on that base.

Maybe @markweinstein can help us here on that matter ?

Here are the questions I asked on MeWe:
// nxt
@sabhlok @markweinstein (Q1) Why conflating FoS and privacy when we know that users will understand "public free speech" not "sandboxed data (speech) privacy" ? //nxt
- mewe.com/values
- rappler.com/technology/soc…
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25 Nov
In xtreme cfg (25 cm apart, aerosols emitting 3000 times more micro-particles/sec than speech), barrier effect was compared with a particule counter w/ integrated pump (6 chan) placed at the lvl of the mouth. 6 different protective configurations were tested repeated 10x.
- The only protection of the recipient shows a much more effective attenuation by the face shield 54.8% than the mask 21.8% (including for aerosols of less than 0.3 microns; p = 0.003)
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22 Nov
Marseille (France)

> The number of cases is collapsing at an astonishing speed

...and this team knows how to test seriously - check my previous posts on the subject

(sub available)

-- Cases falling fast and before news lockdowns ImageImage
-- The medically NULL effect of restrictive social measures is proven (as long as we look at objective data - always with THE SAME PARAMETER OF MEASURES since January, ... //next Image
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20 Nov
Masks for prevention of viral respiratory infections among health care workers and the public

PEER umbrella systematic review / July 2020


@sebrushworth @naomirwolf @WENDLINGJeanMi1
"This systematic review found limited evidence that the use of masks might reduce the risk of viral respiratory infections. In the community setting, a possible reduced risk of influenza like illness was found among mask users.
In health care workers, the results show no difference between N95 masks and surgical masks on the risk of confirmed influenza or other confirmed viral respiratory infections,
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18 Nov
Dr. Roger Hodkinson is spot on except for aerosol transmission is almost nonexistent, and it is mostly surface transmission (wash your hands).
Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons committee in Ottawa, CEO of a large private medical laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta and Chairman of a Medical Biotech company SELLING THE COVID-19 TEST:
"M. Chairman, this is Dr Hodkinson. [...] Thank you very much and I do appreciate the opportunity to address you on this very important matter. What i'm going to say is lay language and blunt. It's counter narrative and so you don't immediately think I'm a quack,
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17 Nov
(1) The Great Reset discourse seems to be a direct transfer from the Genesis flood narrative. Aberrations in both cases.
(2) While important, traditions aren't silver bullets. They can't produce civilizations lasting more than 350 years.
(3) Very few exceptions have existed. One worth citing is the ancient Greek civilization but it was a blend of traditions, democracy and openness to some degree.
(4) Evolution is Individuation in time. The article misses that understanding individuation is key for our evolution.
- Horst Bredekamp (Darwin's Corals)
- Schopenhauer's Opus or B. Magee (The Philosophy of Schopenhauer)
- Sloterdijk (Spheres + Rules for the Human Zoo)
- G. Simondon (translated by Taylor Adkins 2020)
- A Lima-de-Faria (Evolution without Selection)
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29 Oct
You are right but kicking (even politely) a wasp nest doesn't help imo. More studies for you below.
Shield masks are indeed a great alternative to mitigate several issues.
(1) mitigate pro vs anti masks
(2) we all are touching our masks all day l. They can't stay in place (talking, coughing, reflexes, ...) & it is a major issue when one knows surface is the real issue not air
If you haven't already, you may want to follow Dr. @WENDLINGJeanMi1

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18 Oct
How to be a globalist neoliberal MD....

We can go a long way w/ such warrantless statements.

"If you are overdosing, it is your fault drug addict! Why should I help you and risk my life for you?"
"If you have cirrhosis , it is your fault drunk addict! Why should I help you and risk my life for you?"

"If you have HIV/AIDS, it is your fault sex/drug addict! Why should I help you and risk my life for you?"
"If you have a weapon wound, it is your fault gangsterism/extremist addict! Why should I help you and risk my life for you?"

"If you are drowning, it is your fault water sport addict! Why should I help you and risk my life for you?"
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18 Oct
@boriquagato @NegDiscountRt @KrutikaKuppalli Indeed, real data has not changed . Quite the contrary.
Good job @boriquagato (read the all thread and haven't found misog/racist argts only globalist neoliberals w/o education > Nancy Cartwright + Chomsky > Still the best in Phi of Sci)
@boriquagato @NegDiscountRt @KrutikaKuppalli My guess is that they do not like Cassie Jaye either.
@boriquagato @NegDiscountRt @KrutikaKuppalli Covid 19 by aerosols in planes! IMPROBABLE according to this study
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17 Oct
"Author Adam Pottle is fighting his publisher to change an illustration accused of conveying a stereotype of Asians in his new children's book."
Oh yes ? Allow me to explain then...
(1) Japan is divided like any other country but the fact remains that I personally know a Japanese woman who wears the kimono - and yes they are those who maintain ancestral rituals and traditions
(eg tea ceremony, Judo, Kyudo that I myself have practiced and I know for a fact that one does not need to be from Japan to wear a Kimono but to follow and live the values of the dojo, etc.).
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14 Oct
@peakpilot @WENDLINGJeanMi1 The problem is that scientific activity is not equipped to answer generalities such as "do masks work?" It can only say things like "is it leaking in this context", "does it stop a particle in this context", etc.
@peakpilot @WENDLINGJeanMi1 Also, studies were mostly about chirurgical masks but now that there is so many type of masks it makes things even more complicated.
@peakpilot @WENDLINGJeanMi1 In a controlled environment, masks and face shields prove to offer some protection, but I agree that in an unpredictable / chaotic environment, masks provides no benefit - at the very least I am waiting to see well made studies on that.
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13 Oct
COVID19 analysis by @WENDLINGJeanMi1
- Air (aerosols): Extremely rare
- Surfaces (macro-droplets): Often!
- Faeces and waste water: Epidemic tracking!

(1) Wash your hands a lot!

(2) There is also a need to change the narrative from **masks for all** to **face shield for specific groups** (healthcare workers, elderly, fragile people, food shops workers, etc.)
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9 Oct
@NickHudsonCT D. Nabarro is saying he will do lockdowns again if needed ("flatten the curve") and that he hopes not to encourage it again. He is an evangelist of the Global Goals org aka "no return to the old normal, we are now in the new normal".

He is a true believer.
@NickHudsonCT He belongs to the infamous GoalKeeper cartel, as all politician in Occident do as far as I can see.

Truly despicable.

@NickHudsonCT What will it be ?

- Freedom to be healthy (fact)
- Inhibition to be healthy (fallacy)

Answer can be found in the seminal work of Henri Laborit
- ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P…
- iass-ais.org/proceedings201…
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9 Oct
@NatCitizens I will not until you give some serious explanations on the meaning of "Let's learn to live with the virus" in the video.

@OnCall4ON @Milhouse_Van_Ho @peakpilot
@NatCitizens @OnCall4ON @Milhouse_Van_Ho @peakpilot If it means this, I am against it.
"All the vaccine scenarios will require that the mitigation measures employed worldwide continue for a few years at least. [...]
@NatCitizens @OnCall4ON @Milhouse_Van_Ho @peakpilot Often it is difficult to offer solutions, but it is straightforward in this case: interventions that have been in use since early in the pandemic, most crucially physical distancing and hand hygiene, must continue indefinitely. [...]
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