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7 Jul 20
@KanumaSangamam @PRVerma09408380 @ShefVaidya @sangamtalks Kanuma I made a promise to 'fix' maths from a bed in an emergency hospital ward in March 1983. I was told I might never walk again, so that's why I started my quest. I didn't set out to make money and I'm not now. I'm not 'playing' as you call it. Unlocking maths is my life work.
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3 Jul 20


Seeking symmetry is a key unlocking doors of discovery in physics and primary level maths.

E.g., 5 – 2 and 2 – 5 BOTH ⇒ a signed 3.

We see symmetry when Brahmagupta's SL3* is applied.

⁻2 – ⁻5 = ⁺3 = ⁺5 – ⁺2
⁺2 – ⁺5 = ⁻3 = ⁻5 – ⁻2

* Google it


⁺5 – ⁺2 = ⁺3 = ⁻2 – ⁻5
⁻5 – ⁻2 = ⁻3 = ⁺2 – ⁺5

In Bharatiya Maths Class 3 #podometic, children learn the physics first, then the maths.


With the Happy Harappan Brick & Hole Game!

From these physical foundations, we then move onto...

"Representations of Negative and Positive Quantities on a. 'Brahmaguptan Plane' for India's Primary Classes" (Google it)

Like Brahmagupta in 628 CE, Śrīpati’s also defined zero as the sum of two equal negative and positive numbers in his 1039 CE treatise Siddhāntaśekhara.
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29 Jun 20

Indian ship building? Harappan Era!

World 1st dock? Gujarāt 2400 BCE.

Quality? 🇮🇳 ⛵️lasted 5 times more than Euro⛵️!

Steamships? 🇬🇧 banned 🇮🇳 shipbuilding investment.

13th C. Marco Polo on 🇮🇳 ships⬇️

Marco Polo on India?

"the richest and most splendid province in the world," one that, together with Ceylon, produces "most of the pearls and gems that are to be found in the world."

Hmm. Did someone say "Crown Jewels?"

The 🇬🇧 stole India's wealth & destroyed Bharatiya Maths 😡
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31 May 20


Is it child abuse?

Brahmagupta's 18 laws of zero, negative & positive are the ONLY foundations of maths that should be taught in 🇮🇳 primary classes.

The legacy of the
🇬🇧 British is maths that gives many children nightmares.

E.g., -7 IS NOT < -4.

Why is -7 > -4?

The square of a larger number is greater than the square of a smaller number.

7 × 7 = 49
4 × 4 = 16
As 49 > 16
7 > 4

-7 × -7 = 49
-4 × -4 = 16
As 49 > 16
-7 > -4

-4/-7 = +4/+7 as both ratios of top to bottom are the same.
-4 is < -7 just as
+4 is < +7

In both ancient Chinese and Indian maths, a larger number subtracted from a smaller number of the same sign changes the sign of the answer.

+4 – +7 = -3
So +7 > +4

–4 – –7 = +3
So –7 > –4

A debt of 7 is greater than a debt of 4 so –7 > –4.
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25 May 20
10,000 🇮🇳 RETWEETS NEEDED! 🙏

Brahmagupta's 5 ślokas are a ZIP FILE 🗜️ hiding universal mathematical and physical foundations.

UNZIP into 18 LAWS + Āryabhaṭṭa & Bhāskara = India's NEXT GENERATION FREE MATHS @ podometic.in

Sign petition @ change.org/Brahmagupta📝
The Indian government might make a MISTAKE & update it's primary level maths WITHOUT dropping Broken British maths and incorporating India's TRUE maths foundations!

No @ncert negatives are NOT less than zero and they're taught BEFORE fractions!

I'm here to help for FREE
Why is media hiding this? 🤔

"My research concludes 5 Sanskrit ślokas (18:30–34) containing 18 laws of maths from 🇮🇳 Brahmagupta's Brāhmasphuṭasiddhānta are worth more than the entire elementary maths education literature of the 🇬🇧 British Empire."

See j.mp/Arith2Podo
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23 May 20

ZERO the HERO fixes 2000 years of math confusion!

The most confusing concept in mathematics is why ⁻1 × (–1) = ⁺1.

First, we start with Brahmagupta's correct definition of ZERO as the sum of equal negative and positive, such as 0 = ⁺1 + ⁻1.

Then, we use a correct definition of multiplication a × b in which ZERO reappears.

Thus, a × b equals either 'a added to zero b times' or 'a subtracted from zero b times', according to the sign of b.

So, with ⁻1 × (–1), we have ⁻1 subtracted once from 0.

Now, as 0 = ⁺1 + ⁻1 we subtract ⁻1 from ⁺1 + ⁻1 and get ⁺1 + ⁻1 – ⁻1 = ⁺1, thus seeing why ⁻1 × (–1) = ⁺1.

To see an empirical proof why ⁻1 × (–1) = ⁺1 goto slide 82 of the presentation at bit.ly/NewMaths
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23 May 20
FYI, the division of a circumference into any integral number of petals is trivial when you use rope as per the 800 BCE Śulbasūtras.
I hope this diagram helps explain how to draw any number of petals around a circle regardless of whether they are prime or not.

Remember, the Greeks banned India's use of rope, saying only a straight edge and compass could be used, so many solutions in geometry were NOT found!
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14 May 20

🇮🇳 Namaste Shri @narendramodi ji 🙏

the most loved Indian PM for decades?

arithmetic built without 0, confuses & is rule-based 😭

podometic built on Brahmagupta's ZERO Ganita 😃

Full Maths4Modi video in Tweet 2/2

Dear PM & @DrRPNishank @ncert

India’s ZERO was misunderstood in 9th c. Arabic world.

So, ZERO as a placeholder went to Renaissance Europe yet its true NUMBER SECRETS did not!

See the SHOCKING new research + PROOF now @
📽️ 🎥
Dear @narendramodi

I quit my job & sold my house to finance find & fix Indian maths. India CAN be a Vishwa Guru again!

Worth Rs 10 lakh crore plus to other countries for the future prosperity it unlocks, I gift podometic.in to you

Please lead the way with a reply 🙏
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7 May 20
VOTE! 1/5
Should British be SUED for BAD maths?

It's said only 'smart people' understand maths.




Colonial maths is built on Greek maths from 300 BCE missing negatives, one and zero as numbers!

For example the British multiplication DEFINITION is an INCORRECT translation of a 300 BCE Greek definition. (@jcrabtree research @ j.mp/BV1570)

Brahmagupta's 7th Century LAWS of negatives, positives and ZERO the British BURIED were a MILLENNIUM MORE ADVANCED! Image


The British used Greek, Latin and Arabic manuscripts to assemble its elementary maths.

Yet, ONLY #SANSKRIT described the laws of negatives, positives and zero!

The Greek, Latin and Arabic maths texts NEVER agreed with our laws of physics. India's Sanskrit maths DID! Image
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26 Apr 20
After almost 2600 years of western maths, it was to be found impossible to square a circle with Ancient Greek tools of straight edge and compass.

What if we used rope & pegs like 🇮🇳 India's Śulba Sūtras that remain untaught?

You CAN square a circle.

This image proves it! Image
Rare video of Vedic construction, from a thousand bricks, of a fire altar in the shape of a bird!

Performed by Mambudiri Brahmins in Kerala, southwest India, in April 1975.

In Bharat 800 BCE when the Śulba Sūtras (rules of rope) were written ropes were used for altar construction.

Is there a reason why @ncert isn't teaching #Indic maths?
Here 2 Help!

Link⬇️gives a 2nd proven way for circle squaring.

Please Share 🙏
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15 Apr 20
1/6 वैदिक काल के बाद, ब्रह्मगुप्त ने शून्य आधारित गणित की रचना की थी। जो लंबे अंतराल में खो गया था, पुनः प्राप्त कर लिया गया है.... ब्रह्मगुप्त के शून्य, सकारात्मक और नकारात्मक नियमों को आज भारत में नहीं पढ़ाया/बताया जाता है। podometic.in
2/6 (Namaste) 628 ई. में ब्रह्मगुप्त ने सकारात्मक, नकारात्मक एवं शून्यके नियम बनाये.... 200 साल बाद, अल-ख़्वारीजमी ने बताया '1' को संख्या नहीं माना जाता था। सन 1228 में जब यूरोप में फिबोनैकी सीरीज के साथ शून्य आया, लेकिन उसमे ब्रह्मगुप्त का शून्य की परिभाषा नहीं थी। सन
3/6 (JAI HIND!) 1570 में हेनरी बिललिंग्सले ने गुणाकरने की अतार्किक परिभाषा दी, जिसमे भारतीय शून्य का उल्लेख नहीं था, लेकिन ब्रिटिश साम्राज्य ने उसको यूक्लिड के नाम पर वैद्यता दे दी, जो आज तक पढ़ाया जा रहा है। podometic.in
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15 Apr 20
वैदिक काल के बाद में ब्रह्मगुप्त ने एक शून्य आधारित गणित बनाया। लंबे समय से खो दिया है, यह अब पाया गया है ...
भारतीय मैथ्स की कहानी ब्रिटिश एंपायर केप्टेक!
ब्रह्मगुप्त के शून्य, सकारात्मक और नकारात्मक नियमों को आज भारत में नहीं बनाया गया है!
628 ई। में ब्रह्मगुप्त ने गणित को जन्म दिया जिसमें नकारात्मकता, सकारात्मकता और शून्य के नियम थे।
200 साल बाद, अल-ख्वारिज़मी ने कहा कि 1 'संख्या के बाहर' था।
1228 में ब्रह्मगुप्त की शून्य परिभाषा अनुपस्थित थी क्योंकि फाइबोनैचि ने 0 को यूरोप में पेश किया था।
1570 में, हेनरी बिलिंग्सले ने गुणा की एक अतार्किक परिभाषा (भारत के शून्य को याद करते हुए) का आविष्कार किया और ब्रिटिश साम्राज्य ने इसे यूक्लिड के रूप में पारित किया। यह झूठी परिभाषा आज भी बनी हुई है।
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11 Apr 20
1/7 Hidden Maths Easter Egg!

For most of the past 2300 years 'maths' = Euclid's of Alexandria. Alexandria was named after Alexander the Great & Greek was spoken throughout the Roman Empire at the time of Jesus. So, Ancient Greek & Latin were the churches' language of 'science'.
2/7 Early Christian bibles were written in Greek. Catholic Church is Roman. Roman Numerals promoted.

No room for #Sanskrit in science! Bharat loved #ZERO and #INFINITY. SACRILEGE! Only (western) God is infinite and zero (the void) is the realm of the devil. HINT Bharat = Devil.
3/7 #ZERO must not be a 'void/shunya'. We will use it ONLY as a placeholder. Think! Bharat's 'opposite numbers' are called NEGATIVE numbers = bad! #Brahmagupta wrote rules of positive, NEGATIVE and the VOID. Horror!
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