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9 Dec
In August 2016, Illinois election officials publicly disclosed that hackers had breached their voter registration system in June that year. 8/29/16 1/…
Bloomberg has called Illinois ``Patient Zero” for Russia’s attack on our election system. 2/…
Per Bloomberg, the Illinois breach helped federal agents track where else the hackers had gone. They developed “digital signatures,” including the Russian hackers’ IP addresses, using evidence from the breached Illinois computer banks. 6/13/17 3/…
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7 Dec
Jack Posobiec was involved in making the “Stop the Steal” hashtag go viral. So was an attorney named Will Chamberlain who later acquired a TPUSA affiliated media platform called Human Events, which now features Posobiec (an infamous liar & Roger Stone protege) as an editor. 1/
3/ I wrote about many of Posobiec’s lies here.…
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7 Dec
Worth a try - but probably not.
I like it - partly cuz it’s net lights which made it sooo easy. But it looks kinda crappy up close bc it’s net lights.
These are our Halloween lights, and I do love them, but family said thumbs down. And they really do look crappy up close.
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6 Dec
Preparing the public for Trump’s surprise PA victory on those paperless voting machines in 2016.
When will @FBI say whether it forensically analyzed voting systems in PA (& elsewhere) after the 2016 election? When will someone in a position to elicit an answer ask the FBI that question? All we know is that the DHS didn’t look. What about the FBI? @POTUS, we deserve answers.
Trump’s operation was all over PA.
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3 Dec
😳More ominous news for Jews in America. Mike Flynn, who says that America should have only “one religion,” recently spoke at a John Hagee church. Hagee claimed that god himself had sent Adolf Hitler, to persecute Europe's Jews & so chase them towards the "promised land", … 1/
2/ … , the only place, per Hagee, that god wanted Jews to live.
3/ I had not heard of John Hagee before. I learned this from @brucewilson.
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2 Dec
This seems like a frightening development from the MAGA loving Florida Governor who legalized running over protestors & requiring that students & teachers register their political views. 1/
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2 Dec
@B52Malmet Mike Flynn said it: one religion (Christianity) and a very extreme version of it, meaning oppression & discrimination against people who are LGBTQ or practice a different religion. They also want to dismantle most federal agencies & federal regulations. No more DOE, EPA, SSA. 1/
@B52Malmet Immigrants are screwed. Protesters & opponents of the regime will be screwed & silenced. I imagine there will be show trials of some leading Democrats, though I’m less sure if that. 2/
@B52Malmet Definitely more book burnings & rewriting of history. Muslims will face the most discrimination, but it will bleed over to Jews as well. I worry that Jews will be pressured to go “home” to Israel (even if they are American citizens), but I’m not sure about this part. 3/
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1 Dec
Mike Lindell is a grifter & an empty suit. But @rawstory itself falsely claims that if the voting machines themselves don’t connect to the internet, “the ‘hacker’ wld have to go to each electronic voting machine in each polling place in every state.” 1/…
In fact, @rawstory’s claim is one of the original (since debunked) lies that drew me to election security advocacy in the first place, as I wrote here. 2/…
If you want something shorter, I wrote this a few years ago. 3/…
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30 Nov
“Biden’s Global Democracy Summit Raises an Awkward Question: Can Ours Endure? In the past year, the prospects for improving American democracy have dimmed considerably.” By @suehalpernVT, 11/30/21 1/… via @NewYorker
2/ “In March, …, Freedom House, a democracy-watchdog group, ranked the state of democracy in the US well below that in Chile, Costa Rica, & Slovakia, citing gerrymandering, the influence of money in politics, and the disenfranchisement of people of color…”
“‘A change of president is not gonna make [these issues] go away,’ Sarah Repucci, the group’s VP for research and analysis, told the Guardian at the time.” Indeed, in the months since Biden took office, the prospects for improving American democracy have dimmed considerably.” 3/
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30 Nov
“In an email he sent Aug. 18, 2016, to Bannon under the subject line, ‘Congratulations,’ Stone wrote, ‘Trump can still win — but time is running out. Early voting begins in six weeks. I do know how to win this but it ain’t pretty… 1/…
…Campaign has never been good at playing the new media. Lots to do — let me know when u can talk.’

Bannon responded, ‘Let’s talk ASAP.’” 2/
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30 Nov
“The similarities between Gamergate & the far-right online movement…are…in no way a coincidence…Steve Bannon had a hand in creating…Milo Yiannopoulos, who built his fame & Twitter following by supporting and cheerleading Gamergate.” 12/1/16 1/…
Gamergate, as I understand it, was an online harassment campaign against women gamers. The proponents of Gamergate attacked in swarms, using death threats & doxing 2 terrorize their targets who fled their homes. This apparently provided the basis 4 the MAGA movement’s tactics. 2/
.@radicalizedpod did a fascinating episode on how the MAGA movement apparently evolved from Gamergate. You can watch here. cc: @Heidi_Cuda 3/
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29 Nov
Please follow Jim Stewartson on Medium. Please follow me there too & on Youtube. We cannot afford to put all eggs in the Twitter basket. Links below. Thanks. 1/
3/ I will update this soon.…
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29 Nov
“Trump Commerce Dept. official Adam Hageman,” a former employee of @charliekirk11’s @TPUSA, which has partnered w/ #Pizzagater Jack Posobiec, has been credibly “accused of ‘sharing a child pornography video & commenting…on sexually abusing children.’” 1/…
Article by @TheDailyEdge 2/
Adam Hageman didn’t act as a lone wolf either. It’s an alleged child pornography ring involving firmer GOP staffer/ RNC aide Ruben Verastigui. 3/…
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29 Nov
Anyone know where this photo of Frank Scavo (who organized buses on January 6 & has ties to Bannon & the #MAGAMoonies) came from? Tony Schaffer is pretty high up the food chain for a low life like Scavo. It’s odd. 1/…
The photo was posted by @RightWingWatch, but it doesn’t say where it came from. Also, who is the guy in the middle? 2/
Here’s my article on Scavo. 3/…
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28 Nov
When Mike Huckabee’s “friend Josh Duggar admitted to molesting 5 young girls, including 2 of his…sisters, the former…Governor wasn’t quite so harsh. According to Huckabee, ‘Josh’s actions... (were) ‘inexcusable,’ but that doesn’t mean ‘unforgivable.’” 1/…
“Having been told that molesting kids was not quite as bad as letting them listen to Beyonce, Josh Duggar was absolved of his sins and sent back out into the world.” 2/
“Soon afterwards, it was revealed that the ‘family values activist’ was also active on Ashley Madison, ‘a web site created 4 the…purpose of cheating on your spouse.”
Six years later, … Duggar is back in the news after being arrested on federal child pornography charges. 3/
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28 Nov
I wrote this article compiling some of the ways in which far right “digital soldier” Jack Posobiec has normalized antisemitic behavior. #PosobiecIsASchmuck 1/…
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28 Nov
This email cache re: Mike Flynn’s early involvement in the Trump campaign & communications w/ Russians is 🔥 5/3/21 h/t ⁦…
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28 Nov
It never dawned on me that cows might attack until Lacey woofed at a “pack” of them w/ calfs yesterday. The giant cow was PISSED & wouldn’t let us pass. She came right up to us & bristled & huffed like a bull. We froze. 😳 1/
Every time we took a step forward, the giant cow bristled. I seriously don’t know what we would have done if another larger group of people hadn’t come along. We were able to blend in with them and walk past the cows to our car. Who knew? I did not. 2/
I read later that if this happens you should let go of your dog bc the cow will chase the dog instead of you. But what if you love your dog? And it was only a few woofs. 3/
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28 Nov
Lin Woods has turned on Mike Flynn, and just posted a screenshot of a message from Mike Flynn implying that followers of QAnon are a bunch of “kooks.” This is not making Flynn any friends on Telegram. 1/
So Flynn has fled to a social media platform no one has ever heard of. 2/
Meanwhile, the Overstock guy who “romanced” the Russian spy says that Sidney Powell has been accusing him of poisoning and raping her. 3/
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28 Nov
I cannot think of a better example of poetic justice than Mike Flynn having to defend himself against a supposedly false conspiracy theory that he secretly worships Satan. 1/
In all fairness, Mike Flynn should let his followers decide what’s true and what isn’t. Until #Satangate is proven to be false, it’ll remain a story. #Satangate 2/
I got the screenshot in post 2 from a tweet by @jimstewartson. 3/
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