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Law Professor and author of BIG DIRTY MONEY (Viking 2020) and OTHER PEOPLE’S HOUSES (Yale 2014). Pronouns: She/They.
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May 18 11 tweets 5 min read
On Capitol Hill at the “Taxpayer Fairness at the IRS” hearing.

That’s @BillPascrell chairing the oversight subcommittee of @WaysMeansCmte. Building has been closed to the public since Covid began, but a very polite staff member escorted me in. ImageImage 🔥NEWS. Chair @BillPascrell called on @POTUS @JoeBiden to fire the current IRS Commissioner (hired by the former President) and quickly replace him.
May 14 22 tweets 8 min read
@JoyceWhiteVance Here's what was on that piece of paper Joyce. I'm just gonna tweet it out!

Good afternoon! You have seen me before. I usually talk about corruption and money. Big dirty money in fact. Everything from toxic mortgage meltdowns and corporate con artists to tax evasion schemes.

@JoyceWhiteVance So why am I up here today to talk about abortion rights? Specifically the leaked Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade claiming it was wrongly decided?

Apr 22 105 tweets 17 min read
🧵Here we go!

It's the 14th Amendment Challenge to the candidacy of Marjorie Taylor Greene's candidacy

1/ Image "This case has been proceeding at a very rapid rate," says Judge Charles Beaudrot. He is now reading into the record his decisions on evidentiary matters based on a conference they had yesterday.

Apr 11 6 tweets 2 min read
🎭 This semester I am auditing via zoom, “Shakespeare and Political Spectacle” — a graduate level course designed and taught by the incomparable Linda Charnes.

Taking this seminar is one of the best decisions I had ever made. And not just because Professor Charnes received the 2021 James Holland and David Morley "Career Distinguished Teaching and Service Award" at Indiana University.

Apr 9 8 tweets 4 min read
The @katiephangshow is opening strong with the most important question for us now. What can the West do to prevent more atrocities in Ukraine? Image Don Junior text messages show that Trump and his allies were working to overturn the election even before the results were officially called. Image
Apr 4 42 tweets 17 min read
We are fighting for an America “where it’s not impossible for people to escape poverty and to live a life of decency” — @RepRaskin

@PatrioticMills conference “Oligarchs vs. All of Us: The Fight for Power & Money” “Midas disease is deadly to those who contract it and their societies” — @Sarah_Chayes

Those afflicted take over government to ensure they maintain their wealth
Apr 1 10 tweets 4 min read
Absolutely thrilled to be at the 25th Annual Critical Tax Conference. Villanova Law School Dean Mark Alexander and Professor Joy Sabino Mullane welcomed us. My first in-person academic gathering since Covid. We begin with Profs Christine Speidel and Lev Book in conversation with Nina Olson, the former IRS Taxpayer Advocate, now Executive Director of the Center for Taxpayer Rights

Mar 24 4 tweets 2 min read
✔️ Washington Post has corroborated the Ginni Thomas story. @realBobWoodward and @costareports on the byline… Image ‼️ Image
Mar 23 4 tweets 2 min read

“One of the senior Manhattan prosecutors who investigated Donald J. Trump believed that the former president was ‘guilty of numerous felony violations” and that it was ‘a grave failure of justice’ not to hold him accountable’”… ✍🏽
Mar 23 69 tweets 17 min read
🧵 Get Ready for Day #3 of the #KBJConfirmationHearing

1/ Chair Durbin has gaveled in. After opening comments by Durbin and Grassley, Senators Osoff and Tillis will have 30 minutes.

After that every senator is entitled to 20 minutes, but he hopes they will yield back their time.

Mar 22 91 tweets 19 min read
🧵 It's on. Day #2 of the nomination hearing.

Today the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee will have 30 minutes each to question Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.


1/ Chair Durbin welcomes KBJ and warns her that today is a "trial by ordeal." Addressing his colleagues, he said, "Speeches don't have to be eternal to be immortal."

She smiled

Mar 21 103 tweets 24 min read
🧵Here we go! The hearing has come to order. Chair @SenatorDurbin welcomes Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

1/ Durbin asks audience to be respectful. Starts opening statement. Thanks Jackson for her appearance.

Mar 18 4 tweets 1 min read
🗨️ Before ducking behind a rock, l'll own up to liking this @nytimes Editorial Board opinion.

However, I wish the survey distinguished between home, public spaces, and work.

1/… At work few people (other than the boss or someone with tenure) are really safe to speak their mind for fear of getting fired or demoted or passed up for advancement.

Jan 17 4 tweets 1 min read
Days before HLS commencement in 1993. Legally blonde before it was a thing. I think you took this photo @harlan1968
Jan 11 4 tweets 2 min read
🍑BREAKING: ⁦Exclusive from ⁦@maddow⁩. Donald Trump’s lawyers have met in person with Fulton County prosecutors in connection with his pressuring Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger to “find” votes to falsify 2020 election results. Big step. Image Another detail. Rachel reminded us of Donald’s unhinged statement from December happened within days of attorneys meeting with Fulton County prosecutors Image
Jan 6 31 tweets 6 min read
Fantastic speech by @VP Harris

"January 6 reflects the dual nature of Democracy; it's fragility and its strength. The strength of Democracy is the Rule of Law . . .that elections should be free and fair, that corruption should be given no quarter. . .it empowers the people."

1/ "And the fragility of Democracy is this; if we are not vigilant. If we do not defend it, Democracy simply will not stand. It will falter and fail."

Jan 6 6 tweets 2 min read
I trust Merrick Garland. Words matter to him. He gave us his word.

Here are the key promises and priorities I heard:

"Those involved must be held accountable, and there is no higher priority for us at the Department of Justice."

1/ "Those who assaulted officers or damaged the Capitol face greater charges. Those who conspired with others to obstruct the vote count also face greater charges."

Jan 4 4 tweets 1 min read
🩸Jury found Elizabeth Holmes guilty on three counts of Wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud (18 U.S.C. 1343 and 1349 respectively).

We cover both offenses in my Corporate & White Collar Crime casebook (and class).…
Dec 14, 2021 28 tweets 10 min read
Looks like a bubble. We have been here before. “The only people to walk away unscathed are the big guys. . .If you put your money in Stablecoin, there’s no guarantee you’re going to get it back” — @SenSherrodBrown… And Senator Toomey offers up what sounds like industry talking points. Years from now, when all this comes crashing down, pundits will say “no one saw it coming” and the taxpayer-backed bailouts for the big guys will commence

Dec 10, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read

SCOTUS refused to hear the DOJ challenge to the TX law banning abortion after 6 weeks. And Court ruled on the challenge by Whole Women’s Health (abortion provider) to the Texas law. They left the law in effect. BUT …..

1/… Case can go forward against executive licensing officials who may or must take enforcement actions against the petitioners

However, SCOTUS dismissed against the court clerk, the judge, and the Texas Attorney General, and against a private individual defendant.

Dec 5, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
At the walking start for the Safe Passage Hot Chocolate Run to support victims of domestic violence. Together we raised a record-breaking $805,439!!!  Thank you for being a part of this. ImageImageImageImage Finished the 3K and now the “fun run” begins ImageImageImage