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4 May
Dear @KSSKhawaii, I have been listening to your morning news show with @PerryAndPosse (and Price, RIP) since kindergarten. I've always adored the show, and it stoked a lot of curiosity in me as a student. 1/n
This morning, @PerryAndPosse started a news segment recapping that @GovHawaii had given a briefing saying that there would be no official changes to COVID policies because cases are "stuck at a high level." 2/n
@PerryAndPosse went on to say "Cases? What do we care about cases? Are hospitals full? ICUs full?" (Good question: @CovidActNow data that statewide ICUs are at 55%, but on the Big Island they are *full*, and there's insufficient data for surging Kauai and high-case Maui.) 3/n
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