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Film/creative director @activatefilm • Climate change & disabled disability Rights • Pākehā • UN Disabled constituency @cop26 https://t.co/qUDP7Psd1v
17 Mar 20
I find the knee-jerk reaction from climate orgs about caronavirus, decarbonisation & climage action really concerning, as disabled climate activists are being left out of the conversation, and the result is harmful and ableist narratives.

For decades, disabled people have been portrayed as disposable across society, and this has been reinforced by mainstream environmental campaigning, particularly on issues like straw bans, plastic packaging, & public transport.
These campaigns have consistently painted a story of disabled people and accommodations or tools we need to survive as lazy, or inherently against climate action. It's meant that many disabled climate activists have been left out, and campaigns have caused our communities harm.
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