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feminist activist | tech, memory, sexuality, art, movements . co-founder @takebackthetech @numunfund @designarkib #feministinternet. anak malaysia. art - madmeg
Mar 25, 2021 40 tweets 28 min read
Listening in on this and trying to livetweet, cause I miss it :) #CSW65 #feministinternet The last 10 years have seen a lot more feminist engagement with the internet.

Feminist Principles of the Internet is key to own political journey (feministinternet.net)

- @lulifera

Mar 12, 2020 40 tweets 13 min read
Someone asked me for advice on remote meeting since I’ve worked in a virtual team for more than a decade. With more online gatherings becoming more likely w/ #coronavirus, thought wld turn this into a [thread] instead.

Some lessons learnt on having #remotemeeting 1. Decide which platform. Generally, find the most appropriate tech (rather than the most shiny one of the moment). Some things to consider:
- Need to set up accounts? (e.g. Skype)
- Need to d/l an app? (e.g. Zoom, Goto meeting)
- Heavy machine power to run?
Dec 4, 2018 19 tweets 8 min read
To all who have been circulating the letter written to the media that exposes the experienced systemic culture of #sexual harassment in @BFMradio, you need to stop and check the impact of your actions

(thread) @BFMradio :: The letter is addressed to members of the media. Not to members of the public. Regardless of good intention, fwding the letter to those other than intended reader is to violate the writer’s agency. If you want to help, don't start by disregarding what the writer intends.