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12 Jan
Heres my take on election Talk.
Liberal MP's have been all over social media creating havoc, spreading misinformation, basically being useless
I think somethings up, this diversion is too make ppl look the other way from something coming down the pipe
Maybe an election
But here's another theory. Vaccine procurement, soon there will be other companies vaccines coming on board and Canada may be on line for More.
Trudeau and his cronies are playing the old,
"Under promise over deliver game.
Suddenly there will be lots of supply to swamp provinces
The ability to get vaccine in arms will be an issue..Trudeau will play the "I told you I could get vaccines card"
He will be made out to be a HERO, call an election based on that all while not having submitted a budget to Canadian's for over 2 years.
Idiot voters will reelect him
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