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13 Sep
One for the @OlympusDAO OHMies.

More recently there have been some comments that $OHM is already exhibiting stability during its ‘expansion phase’.

Here are some metrics to evaluate ‘stability’ through the eyes of an Insto investor:
OlympusDAO is currently in its ‘expansion phase’ (EP), where its objective is to bootstrap the network. During the ‘mature phase’, the protocol will then focus on stabilising the $OHM price.

There is NOT an expectation that $OHM should be stable during EP.

Generating OHM’s beta to Bitcoin and Ethereum over rolling 30d periods, there is a decreasing trend towards zero, highlighting OHM’s return profile becoming less influenced by $BTC and $ETH Image
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26 Aug
IDO of @bnplpay happening on Sept 14th on @thorstarter

Here are my 'intern notes' about the whitepaper bnplpay.io/docs/bnpl-whit…

Interested to see this one play out.

1) Objective: Create a relatively more efficient method of banking compared to the traditional banking world.
2) Ecosystem information: Comparing both worlds, within the BNPL ecosystem, Node Operators (NOs) are ‘Banks’, BNPL tokens are like bank equity/shares, Stakers are like shareholders. Thus, the more stakers staking tokens, the more equity in the NOs = lower credit risk for lenders.
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29 Jun
A preliminary assessment of @thorstarter .

A very interesting project to tackle the ‘long-tail’ assets for the @THORChain network.

TS team feel free to correct anything I’ve mentioned :)
1. What is it?

a. Thorstarter (TS) appears to reflect features of an early stage venture cap (VC) fund, whereby portfolio managers (Council of Asgard) are tasked with vetting portfolio (launchpad) projects to invest in.
b. Portfolio projects will be those deemed beneficial to driving value to @THORChain .
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22 Aug 20
I’ve finally finished my 4-month pilgrimage of accumulating $RUNE. I see four simple drivers for holding a position in @thorchain_org which are adaptions from my position in @synthetix_io

Single chain chaosnet is close and multi-chain chaosnet Q4! Gametime 🚀🚀

Thread 1/x
1. Tokeneconomics – There is some form of intrinsic value (IV) to $RUNE, being multiples of the value locked within the network. More value locked = increase in $RUNE IV. How this plays out in free-markets is still untested, although the presence of determinism is attractive.
SNX adaption: SNX has IV by fees being generated in the Synthetix network. Increase in trading fees = increase in IV of $SNX
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