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17 Oct
I wrote a thread describing some of the process that has indoctrinated so many of our loved ones into what I’ll just call the Cult which has captured at least 25% of our population.

The follow up question is of course, what do we do about it?
I have some thoughts. 🧵
Cults isolate from the outside world and they require a constant reinforcement of doctrine.

The Cult does this online by creating an alternate reality.
It’s insulated, self-reinforcing and self-policing. Dissent is not tolerated, nor is unfiltered information from outside.
The Cult itself is a honeycomb of sub-cults segmented by a number of demographics and phobias. Individuals may be part of many sub-cults although a large percentage focus on one and get radicalized on a specific “issue.”
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17 Oct
“I’m an atheist but it’s true and that makes me cringe and sad and i’m so sad about that guy and he is not a racist lol but he has a good job in his job lol”

What the fuck?
“I’m an atheist but it’s true and that makes me cringe and i believe it lol i don’t know why he was so sad and i didn’t want it lol i don’t even have a big deal with it anymore and i’m is a lie lol”

This AI sucks.
First one from GPT3. It’s real:
“I’m an atheist but I like the idea of praying,” he says. “I think it’s a lovely thing to do. I’m a very spiritual person.” It’s a surprising admission from a man who is about to launch an atheist organisation to rival the Catholic church.”

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16 Oct
Cults indoctrinate their victims into behavior that makes them as horrifying to “normies” as possible.

This is by design. You are supposed to hate them and to shun them. You are supposed to think something is wrong with them.

Something is wrong with them. They’re in a cult. 🧵
CW: Violence and child ab*se
Nothing explicit but it’s not easy material.
Cults exert “undue influence” — a softer, friendlier phrase for “brainwashing” (which is also problematic because it sounds like your brain is minty fresh by the end.)

Either way, it’s mind control. If you want to understand what we’re experiencing, get used to that idea.
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16 Oct
WTF @RollingStone?
This article is dangerous nonsense.
This guy either has no clue what he’s talking about or he’s minimizing it on purpose.

“In our collective hysteria over the QAnon phenomenon… we’ve lost sight of the weirdness of the people” is victim blaming bullshit.
So 25% of Americans were just “weird” to begin with @JoeUscinski?

This dude is trying to make you believe something other than what your eyes are telling you. This is NOT just the same old conspiracy theorists having their day in the sun.

It’s. a. fucking. death. cult.
Also, why is he downplaying the obvious and deadly role of social media algorithms in the brainwashing of America?

Here’s me getting sucked into QAnon from a brand new twitter account in a few minutes.

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16 Oct
This is why Mike Flynn won’t be with his QAnon family in Vegas. He’ll be with an even worse set of criminal propagandists in Utah.

Anyone attending this will be psychologically injured. These are the worst of the worst.

This shit should be illegal.
I know because I watched dozens of them. This shit is punishing and dangerous even when you know what it is.

The audience is hypnotized, traumatized and gaslit with powerful deceptive propaganda. There is nothing American or moral about this.
Here is Scientologist Leigh Dundas using what she learned from David Miscavige to brutalize this audience with lies.

She should not be anywhere but prison. She is a terrorist.
And please absorb the fact that QAnon General Flynn is collaborating with Scientology.
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15 Oct
Translation of @JosephJFlynn1:
- Mike Flynn got caught as Putin’s asset and confessed
- Mike started QAnon
- We started a charity for ourselves and QAnon filled it up
- We got a QAnon lawyer to get the DOJ to drop charges
- This worked better than we imagined
Here is @JosephJFlynn1 on Patriots Soapbox, the headquarters of QAnon in 2018 and a 24/7 brainwashing channel. The latest Q drop is in the corner.

Joe is telling a sob story and begging for money for Mike Flynn’s “defense fund.” He’s on for almost two hours.
Here’s @JosephJFlynn1 calling theocratic fascist cult leader Mike Flynn “an idealistic Boy Scout” and bragging about Mike being “honored” by the Council for National Policy organization, Phyllis Schlafly Eagle Forum.
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15 Oct
TFG sent an “Official Trump Issue Poll” to his cult.
Let’s take a look.

Question 1: Do you identify as an American or a Democrat?
Well, shit. 🤔
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14 Oct
This is the kind of school board we’re all going to have unless we get the fuck off our asses and defend our democracy.

“That’s come up” is a certainly a reference to nazi shit she’s been exposed to after getting sucked into QAnon.

A brainwashed nazi in charge of “instruction.”
.@telegram was a cesspool before 1/6, but when FB and Twitter finally got rid of the overt QAnon accounts and “Q” stopped posting, *everyone* went to Telegram. For months it was pretty chaotic.

The nazis had a feeding frenzy of new confused brainwashed recruits.
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12 Oct
Working on some crazy shit rn.

Now I have clearer view of “dominionist.” Turns out they can have all sorts of conflicting beliefs but work together toward theocracy anyway.

They all think their flavor of god will prove them right. They can’t wait for “toldya.” (Rev. Moon) Image
I’m going to tie a few things together in this thread. Bear with me.

Erik Prince and Betsy DeVos’ father Edgar Prince was an ardent supporter of dominionist causes. James Dobson was close to the Princes. He will come up again.
npr.org/templates/stor… Image
Edgar Prince was also a longtime member of the dominionist Council for National Policy #CNP

The CNP, along with all dominionists, exists to turn America into a theocracy. The founder Tim LaHaye was an antisemitic doomsday cultist who wrote fan fiction about “The Rapture.”
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11 Oct
“Q” is a LARP — live action role play. It never existed. There was a team of people who wrote the drops.

But, if there were a Q, he’s going to be on TV tonight.
For this occasion only, I will punish myself and live tweet #FishstickNazi @TuckerCarlson’s show. 😬
Switched over to Fox and immediately saw them blaming COVID breakthrough cases on weed, which is pretty funny because I just got high af so I can get through this with my sanity.
This is like the soft anti-vaxx propaganda before Tucker hits you with the hard stuff.
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11 Oct
I see the cult is trying to achieve martyrdom for Ashli Babbit again. She was not a martyr but she was all these things:
- Insurrectionist
- Criminal who should be in prison
- Victim of Justifiable Homicide
- Dissociated victim of cult indoctrination
- Previously normal
There is not a simple answer to Ashli Babbitt or other cult victims and never will be.

She should have been punished for her crimes. But before QAnon she was a veteran and a teacher — not a maniac bent on killing Nancy Pelosi.

We need to understand this or we lose the war.
One thing I hear is “Why should I feel sorry for them?”
I never suggested that you should. Or that you should feel any differently. Being around cult members is traumatizing and exhausting. They suck.

But we can’t discard 30% of our population. We have to deal with that head on.
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11 Oct
Well there it is. #FishstickNazi @TuckerCarlson and QAnon traitor General Michael T. Flynn.

Look, the fact that these two actual terrorists are going to be blasting literal nazi ideology to millions of people should be entirely unacceptable, if not illegal.
We need a popular uprising by the sane in this country. We need to start drawing some lines in the sand.

This should not be broadcast. It is incredibly dangerous to platform Mike Flynn on a major network. He is waging psychological war on America. Literally. And he’s winning.
He will talk about how super Catholic he is and how he loves Jesus to diffuse my tweet below.

He will tell sympathetic stories about his Mom and Dad and his dead sister. He will not talk about his beliefs in theosophy and how he tried to bring it to a Christian Church.
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10 Oct
Ron Watkins is in Arizona. This was at C2 Tactical, a shooting range in Scottsdale.

@FBIPhoenix he has 438k followers on @telegram. He overtly planned and paid people to go to DC on 1/6. He ran the website for QAnon. He is a dangerous sociopath inciting violence. Take him in.
I really don’t know what else you need @January6thCmte @FBI

I caught him offering to pay people to go 1/6 on via Twitter. He was involved in operating QAnon. He wants violence.
I started seeing this shit before I had my fucking coffee this morning. It’s not a joke. These people are being brainwashed to believe civil war is both inevitable and beneficial.

Ron Watkins is a big part of it. He must be taken off the fucking streets.
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10 Oct
Absolutely shameless.

The very last thing that “Q” ever posted was a link to a MAGA music video set to “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

Note the woman who took this is an Erik Prince operative and a Russian honeypot. True story.

Also @GeorgePapa19 and Simona. 😂
Here’s a bunch of other losers at NaziFest.

My old buddy @JosephJFlynn1 who blocked me after I owned him too hard is there. If these people weren’t so fucking dangerous, they would just be pathetic.
Here’s some more Russian assets at NaziFest.
Laura Loomer, Mindy Robinson, Carpe Donktum, Nick Fuentes. ImageImageImageImage
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9 Oct
I knew about Mike Flynn’s involvement in the white supremacist psyop #MAGA3X. I found their planning documents below. I have 46 of Flynn’s tweets promoting it.

But this is important. Mike Flynn pushing #MAGA3X at a Trump rally a week before the 2016 election.
To this day, Flynn is allies with his #MAGA3X buddies. Posobiec, Cernovich, Jeff Giesea, Peter Thiel and a variety of other anarchists and white nationalists.
Just last week literal nazi Jack Posobiec winks at his followers about “Q.” Jack knows full well that Mike Flynn and #MAGA3X started QAnon.

Just as he knows that #MAGA3X started Pizzagate — because Posobiec was the star of the show.
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9 Oct
This story is disinformation, written by someone who does it a lot. This article is a *defense* of treasonous fascist Mike Flynn.

It tries very hard to portray Flynn being attacked by “QAnon believers” which is just a straight up lie.
The title, the subtitle and the picture are designed to make it seem like Flynn is a victim of “QAnon believers.”

No, @willsommer, it wasn’t “QAnon believers.” The QAnon believers are defending Flynn.

Mike Flynn started QAnon with #MAGA3X. He IS QAnon. But you know that.
This is inaccurate and misleading. I found the interview on UnveiledTV BEFORE I found the interview with Clare Prophet. That’s important because it shows Flynn was intentionally lying about the prayer.
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9 Oct
Mike Flynn posted a series of videos this morning which explain his fascist plan to destroy democracy. Here he posts a child being indoctrinated into anti-vaxx disinformation by his mother.

This is why they are attacking schools.
They want our KIDS.
Mike Flynn also posted this — I will only show a short clip — of this doctor lying in great detail about the dangers of masks and vaccines.

This is deadly propaganda. Mike Flynn is almost certainly vaccinated and is simply using these ideas to KILL PEOPLE.
This is a call to violence. Flynn is intentionally and effectively whipping up his supporters into a murderous rage.

I don’t even have to look at the comments to know the threats of violence will be there.

He wants WAR.
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9 Oct
This explains a lot. I’ve been looking into Tim LaHaye, founder of the Council for National Policy #CNP.

He was allied with the Moonies in the 80s, led a protest of Rev. Moon’s jailing, and received financial assistance in return.
Thread on the #CNP.
Also follow @anelsona and @davetroy for more.

The CNP was designed from the beginning to push us toward the Rapture — a relatively new invention of Christian doomsday cultists — where everyone “saved” by Jesus will rise up to meet him.
Tim LaHaye was a master propagandist and wrote a series of books to promote his ideas of the Christian apocalypse.

The books detail LaHaye’s specific fantasies about the Rapture and the End Times.

It is fundamentally white supremacist accelerationism.
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8 Oct
Hey @MSNBC and @DrJasonJohnson, with respect, this is completely wrong. It wasn’t “QAnon rumors” that found that Mike Flynn is an occultist, it was irrefutable video evidence.

You can find it below. If you’re going to take my story without credit, at least get it right.
That’s the problem with shitty tabloid stories like this that minimize and misinterpret real information.

This doesn’t help. It makes it seem trivial. It is not trivial. It is dangerous and harmful to millions of people.
This was right before his occult prayer at the Christian church. This man is responsible for a huge part of the disinformation emergency we face.

It is important that we expose him for the psychopathic traitor that he is. He is trying to destroy democracy.
@maddow @JoyAnnReid
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8 Oct
Rut roh Mike Flynn coming up on MSNBC. Something to do with “Satan.” 🤭
ICYMI, it *might* have something to do with this:
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8 Oct
I see all the gatekeepers are out defending inaction by our Congress and law enforcement as some sort of secret master plan to arrest everyone — you know, later, when all the RICO paperwork is done.

Bullshit. There is no secret plan. They are doing nothing.
“It’s Mueller Time!”
Remember how that went?

The naïveté is staggering. Merrick Garland is not going after the people who planned this. Neither is Chris Wray.

@TheDemocrats are the ONLY thing between us and fascism. They must #EnforceTheSubpoenas or we are fucked.
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