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Fellow, George Washington University's Program on Extremism. UC Berkeley alumna. Cats are badass.
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23 Feb
I'm watching the Joint Oversight Hearing on the Jan 6 security failures. The attack is being characterized as an insurrection by white supremacists and other extremist groups. Downplaying militia, Oath Keeper, III%er, and QAnon roles means that they still don't get what happened.
Our elected officials and possibly our federal LE leaders need a crash course in Anti-Government Extremism, how it relates to white supremacist groups, and why distinguishing between the groups matters (different goals, victims, and methods.)
Violent right-wing extremism is a big umbrella that is *significantly* larger today than it was four years ago.

Under that big umbrella, there are several subgroups:

White Supremacists
Anti-Gov Extremists
Single Issue Extremists
QAnon believers
Unaffiliated pro-Trump supporters
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11 Feb
The DOJ has asked the fed court to detain Oath Keeper leader Jessica Watkins prior to her criminal trial.

The filing: seditionists.com/watkinsdetain.…
"We are sticking together and sticking to the plan."
"Get it Jess. Do your fucking thing."
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9 Feb
Man charged in US Capitol riot worked for FBI, lawyer says

One of his email accounts is "the_spy54@****.com." He was born in 1954.
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1 Feb
FBI report warned of ‘war’ at Capitol, contradicting claims there was no indication of looming violence washingtonpost.com/national-secur…
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11 Jan
1st Special Forces Command investigating PSYOP captain for involvement in Trump D.C. rally militarytimes.com/news/your-mili…
A disinformation specialist who fell hook, line, and sinker for a ridiculously obvious disinformation operation.
Officer resigns as Army investigates her involvement in Washington rally that led to U.S. Capitol riot cbsnews.com/news/emily-rai… via @CBSNews
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5 Jan
Proud Boys leader arrested for allegedly burning Black Lives Matter banner at DC church cnn.com/2021/01/04/pol…
According to DC Metro Police PIO Officer Sean Hickman:
In the past, Proud Boys have been enthusiastically supportive of the police in cities where they rallied and engaged in street violence.

In recent weeks, that has changed.
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30 Dec 20
Girlfriend warned Nashville police Anthony Warner was building bomb a year ago, report shows tennessean.com/story/news/cri… via @Tennessean
Feds investigate evidence Nashville bomber hunted ‘lizard people,’ other alien beings

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25 Dec 20
Explosion rocks downtown Nashville on Christmas morning abc11.com/explosion-rock… via @ABC11_WTVD
Do parked RVs often just blow up?
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24 Dec 20
He's buried here if someone wants to leave some flowers and thank him for his service: findagrave.com/cemetery/44812…
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22 Dec 20
‘Moorish sovereigns’ try to seize $4.5 million Woodway home - heraldnet.com/news/moorish-s… via @snocaleb
"General delivery" is also a common sovereign citizen tactic. They believe that using a street address makes them subject to federal and state jurisdiction. Sovs often use "general delivery" and put their zip code in brackets. [94104] Image
Rural sovs can usually get away with "general delivery" but city sovs won't realistically get their mail without an address, so they compromise by adding c/o in front of the address.

Some Moorish groups have the c/o preprinted on their ID template. Image
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10 Dec 20
Portland, OR thread.

Two years ago, the Kinney family lost their home in a foreclosure. The family, represented by their non-lawyer son, a sovereign citizen, tried to fight the foreclosure and in September, they were evicted by the police under order from the court.
The Kinney family had lived in the home for decades, but had taken out loans and then refinanced those loans to pay for their son's legal bills.
In response to the eviction, local activists took up the cause, and over the next few weeks, support grew.

The home and the surrounding blocks, have now been taken over by protesters as a autonomous zone, similar to what happened this summer in Seattle. koin.com/local/multnoma…
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2 Dec 20
The We The People Convention (WTPC) took out a full page ad yesterday in the Washington Times calling for martial law. This has been endorsed by the recently pardoned Michael Flynn, Trump lawyer Lin Wood and former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell.
The text of the ad is quite remarkable. Since I see a lot of people posting excerpts, I'm going to post the entire manifesto here. This is part 1.

You can see it on the WTPC website here: wethepeopleconvention.org/articles/WTPC-…
Part 2.
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13 Nov 20
Thread for the "Stop The Steal" pro-Trump rally scheduled for Saturday, November 14th in Washington DC.
I'd hoped this would die down as election results trickled in, but it seems to have legs despite the lack of actual election fraud evidence.
It's being pushed by a number of mainstream and fringe figures.
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7 Nov 20
Boogaloo-linked Gilroy man headed to trial over threats to Santa Clara County health officer mercurynews.com/2020/11/06/boo… via @mercnews d
This guy doesn't really fit the Boog profile. A 55 college math professor from a mid-sized town.

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6 Nov 20
Action News has learned that police got a tip about a group, possibly a family, driving up from Virginia in a Hummer to unleash an attack at the Convention Center where votes are being counted in Philadelphia.
The suspect in the video is not dressed as militia.
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5 Nov 20
So "Stop the Steal" has emerged as the newest pro-Trump theme for a guy whose book is entitled "The Art of the Steal."
304,000 members is a lot of activity for a group started yesterday.
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4 Nov 20
I woke up this morning to an undecided presidential election, an incumbent who declared victory nonetheless, and a fresh cup of coffee.

Not great, but not unexpected.
And then I logged into Facebook.

Good news, though. At least I should be getting fewer hate messages that all look something like "How dare you downplay the fact that militia terrorist are 100% guaranteed to take over polling places by force, you f***ing, fascist, militia-sympathizing c**t."
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1 Nov 20
Video: Trump Supporters Tried to Run Biden Bus ‘Off the Road’ rollingstone.com/politics/polit… via @RollingStone
There's a group of people on Facebook claiming to be driving the trucks that harassed the campaign bus.
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31 Oct 20
Are kids even trick or treating this year? If so, how are you handling it if coming into contact with germ infested princesses and pirates isn't your thing?

My plan is to put a bowl of candy on a box at the end of my well-lit driveway with a sign.
I don't even like children, but, damn, it sucks to be a kid in 2020.
Two Halloween stories from my youth. My mom said, "Never ever accept anything that isn't a wrapped candy." Well, we lived near a prof baseball player named Steve Garvey and he was handing out signed baseballs to trick or treaters. I dutifully handed mine back to him.
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